Justin Bieber Good Works Award! +VOTE Now!

Watch Justin Bieber video (above) discussing charity and the pleasure of giving back, then vote for him, click here. After you vote, you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards!

“Help PoP win $10,000 by voting for our friend @JustinBieber to win the @Billboard Good Works Award! ow.ly/aBZUc Vote often!” -PencilofPromise

      • @david,once u say that he’s gay,and u say that u love him,that just makes you gay,stupid!!! GO TO SCHOOL SMART ONE.

      • David B conway…. Should go back to school… Cause Justin Drew bieber is soo not gay at all… And anyway he is dating Selena Marie Gomez… And you are so mean to say that about justin… You are just jelous of justin drew bieber… Cause he has lot going on with him and he is a very good singer and a very good dancer as well………………….. Vote for justin cause he is the best……..

  1. Good Job Justin! Way to go keep it up! Maybe you should start going to nursing homes. My Grandma is in one and about to pass away! :( But good job justin keep it up! I LOVE YOU!!!

    • oh shut up old man. he isnt gay. listen me ok, this site is for beliebers olny not jb hater okay. u r annoying old man who talk shit bout justin. nobody at here like u dude. nobody dont want u here. oh mr conway, u r annoying. YES U R. I DONT CARE WHT U SAY. U NEED LEAVE THIS SITE

  2. @david,You’re so ignorant! This fansite is for beliebers,not gaY old men like you!!
    No one likes u here , so just leave!! Justin is not gay.If he was,he wouldnt have a girlfriend.
    Atleast Justin has a girlfriend!!! You’re the gay one with no wife,life,or money!!!!!

  3. I’m gonna be famous soon! My mom and dad said I will be famous!! Can’t wait!!! Follow me on Twitter @arijanacarijana,once im famous,I’ll be saying that im the girl on Justin Bieber Fansite.I’m gonna be a young girl.!!!

    • U have to follow me please!!! I just lost a follower.I have a green egg and it’s @arijanacarijana.

  4. this story bout i beat this loser [david]
    david; hi be a friend
    me; no nd i defeat u stupid old man
    me plush david down
    me slap his face
    david [cry]; why do this 2 me
    me; i hate u. u cant defeat me cuz i am more strong than u
    me plush david down again
    me hit david
    me; listen david u need leave on this site never back ok. bye annoying old man

  5. Go juƨτɪи вɪεвεя u r sooo gonna win i will vote for u with my laptop bb ipad ect i will vote for u with all my electronics till u win !!!! GO juƨτɪи вɪεвεя !!! I ♥ u!!!!!!!

  6. will done justin we r all so happy for u hope u have a gd life we love u loads n I hope that one day my mum will let me come see u at one of ur shows

  7. hi justin i love you soo much and my mate does and we want to see you soo bad and my mum will let me come on my own and i can’t wieght

  8. i wish i could meet justin bieber he means more to me then my cat and i consider him as my son and i would only give him away if god wanted him and thats all i luv u jb and it would mean more then the universe to me to meet u. i know alot alot of things about u but ive never been to a concert and i luv u some much on my bday my mom brought a cardboard cut out of u in and i cried. and we had a cake with your face on it and alot more stuff,plus plaed your cd. if u could just do this one thing for me i would scream please consider reaing this. :0 BALIEBER FOR LIFE! NO LIE I HOPE

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