Justin Bieber Hit Paparazzi (Video)

Exaggerated animation video of Justin Bieber hitting paparazzi by Next Media Animation TV.

Justin has been accused of assault after an altercation with a paparazzi while he was out to see a movie at a mall in Calabasas with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The paparazzi blocked Justin’s car before he got out and allegedly beat him up, losing his hat and shoe in the ensuing scuffle.

JELENA left the scene before a lawyer showed up and convinced the paps he may be able to make some money by suing Justin.

The paps called an ambulance and paramedics arrived to treat the wounded pap for alleged chest pains before he was taken to hospital and checked up and released.

  • Belieber


    • Truth hurts/

      Really, it is pretty clear from my perspective. Justin should be punished and the supposed prison sentence of six months fits the bill.

      • Believe in JB

        Yeah…. rly wish people wud stop defending justin when he does bad stuff.. just cause he is famous doesnnt mean he should treat people badly

      • Irish Belieber

        Were not trying to defend him. Gosh, we know as a FACT that Justin would NEVER do this. Like the rumors about Selena pregnant y’all said it was true but in the end…FALSE!
        Mariah Yeater pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby and guess what? it was FALSE!
        Gosh, beliebers believe in Justin. And this is animated. -.-
        They were lots of paparazzi’s there and not one of them got it.

      • Believe in JB

        @Irish Belieber

        You do realise there is eye witness accounts to the assault. He could get sent to prison for six months.

        Look at the latest news outside this website.

      • Nicki

        nice that you guys can see the difference between a computer animated video and a real video…kids today. you play too much games!

      • zoey

        true i totally agree

      • Amber

        Who would believe this load of shit? It’s just an animation. And it’s kind of funny

      • Scott

        I dont even like justin one bit but you can clearly see that guy did it all on purpose. He is just money hungry. I think the paparazzi need to do time in jail for lying and for acting like that mirror hurt him at all.

  • Kaia

    This is such a lie. Justin would never do that.

    • Believe in JB

      You dont know him personally !!

      • Irish Belieber

        Oh yeah, so much for believing in Justin. -.-

    • justin bieber is hot

      i know. A recent news i looked up said ” The paparatzzi was faking the injury and just wanted bieber’s money”

  • Irish Belieber

    @Believe in JB
    Alright, Justin is worth 65million+.
    Has millions of fans, fame everything. Now, why wouldn’t non-beliebers try to get some cash out of him? Why couldn’t the person video it? huh? These are rumors. Here it from the actual person first.

    • Irish Belieber

      People would really go as far as that to get money.

      • justin bieber is hot


    • Jbiebz0xoxo

      that is very true

  • Swaggy

    Why is everyone making a big deal? If I were punched by Justin I’d never wash my face

    • Irish Belieber

      Lol <3

    • Justin Bieber Ninja


    • jenny

      I freaking love this comment! :)

  • JB-fan*

    Chill out ppl. He’s NOT going to prison! Lol. Lots of celebrities have been in scuffles w/ paps, and nothing ever comes out of it. Unfortunately, things like this are going to happen. Won’t be the last time. Some of these paps are disguisting. They follow you around, literally everywhere u go. And ask rude, personal questions, say mean hateful things, Just to get a reaction. They have NO self respect or self dignity. If I were Justin, this would have happened a long time ago. I feel for celebrities. Constantly having everything they do, everywhere they go, under microscope. They can’t even go out to eat without the world watching.

    • Justin Bieber My Future Husband


  • Amber

    just so you know, there are pics of all of it. it did happen

    • abc

      where? you only see them arguing but not fighting

      • Former Jb fan

        CCTV footage shows him running from the scene of the crime.

  • Justin Bieber Ninja

    The pap needed that!Justin,I`ll love you even if this is all true!I Love you from the sky and back!I Just love you alot!I JUST LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT,JUSTIN!Once a fan,always a fan!

  • Mitchie

    This is so stupid, how can you make a dumbass video like this if you dont even know what happened, this is making it look way worse than it was probably was.

  • lizzymusicgal68

    i think he did im upset with him

  • kirsten

    Wheres the CCTV footage? where’s actual evidence he beat him up? Also one minute he threw his shoe at him the next minute he’s ripping out his heart. Basically someone came along and said dude it’s justin bieber sue him for all you can. Am I the only person who thinks its oddly coincidental for a lawyer to just happen to be there and see the whole thing? I bet this guy would’nt have rung police and ambulance if it wasnt for this lawyer because he knows A. it wasnt serious and B. it was his fault.

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    oh justin

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    Paparazzi are cry babies.Even if Justin didn’t do it, still.That man just wants publicity and fame and money! Don’t you see?!?!?
    Justin probably didn’t even hit him.He just chased him.He didn’t do anything to the man… and yet,the man calls 911, and pretends to be injured.He probably just put fake blood on his leg.! How could Justin punch a leg?!? Now,don’t you see that man just wants money,fame,and fortune?!?!? Trying to get publicity sucks! It just means you’re a wannabe.
    I don’t even think Justin layed a hand on the man.Just some dope idiots.

  • elane sanxyes

    justin fica com selena por q ela e so uma passagem pro seu verdadeiro amor!!!elane.

  • david b conway

    dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i know how how much of your pepole here just do,nt what me here so much and i do,nt blame any one about that , but the question , i have for justin bieber it,s not worth it just to start any fight with a pap,s or a dorp or a butt hole just like that pap,s just because they will start any thing to hurt justin bieber they might hurt his girl friend just to get even with justin bieber , and please tell justin bieber this as well , love david conway

    • david b conway

      i just wish i was a body gruad to both of them on,line ,love david conway

  • zoey

    wow and selena is suppose to be his girlfriend. she really left him to deal with the problem by his self :(. she could not risk getting sued / lose that $.

    • nicole

      what was she supposed to do? She got out of the car and ran after him. Selena was a great girlfriend. without her the situation could have escalated. She was there to calm justin down.

    • Amber

      To be honest that video was kinda funny

  • zzswsggy

    I’m not defending Justin because he did do something wrong but people are taking this out of porportion because sometimes the pap needs that but that is no reason to hit somebody I am a full beliber but justin I can’t defend u hear

  • Alexis_Beliber

    I honestly don’t know if Justin would do this.. He has kept his cool for 4 years! Why would he just break down and assault paparozi now?

  • david b conway

    im so sorry for starting a problem just on this web site just do,nt hate for ever please , love david b conway

  • 1DSwaggie

    Everyone needs to just calm down. We are not for sure if Justin did this or not, but personally I don’t think my bby would do something like this but than again you never know. If he did do it, it was for a reason. He’s just tired of the papz all up in his face and they can just become so annoyong. If Justin did hit that guy, he had to do something to piss Justin off. I mean, there was plenty of papz so he wasn’t just gonna pick one pap to hit for no reason, right?? I don’t think Justin did that tho so for everyone who does, you deserve to get hit in the face with a potato. YOLO

    • elizabeth

      i agree with u 100%

  • essie j

    learn how to speak english first and then make a crap video ….and there is no picture that shows justin beating that paparazzi ….he just warned him …i wish justin killed that man ….love u jb 4 ever :)

  • Belieber4Life

    So many People get in fights with the paparazzi and just because its the amazingly talented Justin Bieber they think they can take advantage of his fame!! I don’t know if he did anything or not, I wasn’t there, but from what I heard the witness told the paparazzi that if he reports it to the police he can get money! Poor Justin is getting used by everyone because he is famous! Leave the poor guy alone, sometimes he just wants to have a day to himself!! The guy is not dead, and not even close to being hurt so i dont see why He would get arrested! Stupid paparazzi why don’t you guys find yourselves a better job then stalking famous people and making up fake stories!

  • Balor

    Hey if there was no pap than we would not know if he is still living
    Who is with me

    • Biggest Belieber!

      fair point but they can get so annoying and their just aggravating him and it’s not fair! Justin is just a normal 18 year old hottie who is living his dream…. i hope to be exactly like him one day!! These stupid stalking paps really need to back off or this will happen again and it will probably be a lot worse!! This idiot of a man is suing Justin for shit he didn’t do! I know there is no proof but i believe in him all they way, he keeps my world spinning!! i love you Justin…… you make me believe even when people tell me that my dream of being an international pop superstar wont ever happen…. i just think of Justin’s life before he got signed and the stuff he used to do like busking!! i’m sorry this is so long but i hate it when these paps always get so up in celebrities faces…… they don’t know how annoying it is! Justin if you’re reading this……. your biggest fan is right here and on your side………. xxxxxxxx <3 i love you to the milkyway and back……… love rachel leeds<3 xxxxx

  • KitKat

    I get it, any regular person needs their privacy and everyone deserves it. If he did hit him, with or with out, a bag, Justin is still the victim he probably asked him to leave or maybe the guy was always following him and he was tired of it.

  • justin bieber is hot

    The paparazzi faked the injury and just wanted bieber’s money. Justin bieber barely punched him, no markes or anything. He just wants to sue justin for his money. DAMN the paparazzi.

  • elizabeth

    i think that the paparazzi got wait we wanted his becuase they always have to be in ever stars bussiness like really give the stars same space you guys always have to be stalking then everywhere they go.. if they were not the paparazzi who would they be really they have to live on stalking the stars no matter where they go… its like Justin bieber and Selena went here lets go stalk then and take a picture on everything they do… why dont you paparazzi lay of the stars really

  • Voice of Reason

    But why bother trying to talk any sense into thick skulls of such a moronic community.

  • Voice of Reason

    I’ll type it again because my comment didn’t appear. Would Justin Bieber do this – probably. Could he do this – Ha ha, that’s funny. Of course not. That 90lb f@ggot couldn’t beat up a 13 year old. Clearly, he’s incapable of doing such a thing. Did he try? Perhaps. Now this guy is trying to get some money out of a failed attempt at assault.

  • Voice of Reason

    This site is garbage. So from what I’ve gathered, a “Belieber” is someone who is obsessed with the kid to the point they’ll say ridiculous things in his name. You all need to gain some perspective on life. Watch some real news or something rather than pop media trash.

  • Young Rockman

    If I was rich as those stars, I’d hire “people” to paint balloon bomb, pepper spray, cut their tires, tar and feather ‘em and just plain whip their a$$es!

  • Zaraya

    I honestly think he did it but hey they deserved it for being assholes all the time so maybe u should back off or he is really gonna beat your ass