Justin Bieber – Turn to You Lyrics

Listen Justin’s new song “Turn to you” below. He wrote and dedicated this song for his mom Pattie. The track is released on Mother’s Day to help raise money for single moms. You can download the song via iTunes. All proceeds from the track benefit Bethesda Centre, women’s shelter in Ontario that provided aid to Justin’s mother during her pregnancy. The facility is in danger of closing if it doesn’t raise $1.5 million by May 31. Help Save The Center!

Justin tweeted:

“#TurnToYou is out in some countries. Out later tonight in US and Canada. Help moms in need. Give them strength. thank u mom.”

Justin Bieber – Turn to You Lyrics

You worked two jobs
To keep a roof up over our heads
You chose life for me
No you never gave up
I admire you for the strength you instilled in me

You were so young
You were just my age when you had me
Mom, you were so brave
There was nothing that would stop or get in our way
And I know you will always be there for me

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you 3x

It was ’94
The year that everything started to change
From before, You had to be a woman
You were forced to change your ways
To change your ways

Then you found the Lord
You gave your life to Him
And you could not ignore
The love he had for you
And I wanted more of your heart

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you.

I don’t know what I’d do if you left me
So please don’t go away
Everything that you are is who I am
Who I am today.

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you. 3x

Cause I, I turn to you


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  • marwah bieber


    • marwah bieber

      love it

      • Someone

        To be honest … I loved boyfriend …. But i don’t really like this song :( sorry …

      • Rue b

        Well @someone this song isn’t for us it’s for his mom and the other moms…as loń as they actually like it

      • HaileyLovesJustinBeiber

        LOVE IT so emotional and BEAUTIFUL! <3 <3 <3 <3 I baught it on ITunes

    • lanilove15

      dont fight

    • i love jb

      i love it as well he is soooooooooooooooo good i love him i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee allllllll his songs ps u are a goooooood frend from grace p.s send me an emayal back ok love u all but hate allllllllllllll bullys

    • tony haddad

      very slow no like boyfriend , live my life, never say never and baby


      this song is deep and i felt it even though im not a single mother
      justin goes 2 deep

    • Bieber Beauty


    • Ernesty Valencia

      nice song <3

  • sofia

    I LOVE HIM. and this song is so amazing. <3

  • Georgia

    <3 <3 <3



  • NiNi

    Beautiful song. Not alot of artists can right great songs like that. some people right it for them. jb is awsome.

  • Bieber Luver

    This proves to people he is still kidrauhl.

    • HaileyLovesJustinBeiber

      Yes thank you :) Love it :) <3

    • iloveujb

      what does that mean he’s more of man than he was before this changed him in a positive way

  • GabbyluvsCanada

    This made me cry like no joke. My mom means so much to me. I can’t. I just can’t. I love this song soo much.

    • N@TASHAA#

      uu juss canttt whatt ??? BAFFLED …. uu freaak got me all worked up & confused

  • renesemee

    Imma sing this to my mom

  • Girl Beliebers

    I loved;)

  • belieberforever

    i llllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee this song!!!!!!

  • Hana

    I love it! I think it’s such a sweet song! Love the lyrics.! <3

  • liz loves bieber

    its ahmazing!!! I gotta say he did very good on this!! I absolutely <3 it!!

  • Ukmumbelieber

    The song is truely amazing its OUT in UK!! I cried after 10secs!!! Justin is so connected with his music i fall in love all over again when he sings!! #TurnToYou out in few hours in USA & Canada!

  • jess

    in my opinion it was alright. I feel like this song he should have just sang to her maybe in more of a private setting. Not a song i’d you to try and gain more supporters. The idea of the song is amazing and heartfelt, but with his songwriting abilities, i expect more. I feel like it could have been better written.
    For instance, taylor swift has extremely personal songs, but they are better written to make them appear deeper. Like she uses metaphors and stuff. I think if he want to step up his game, his lyrics may need to become more complex.
    Idk how to say this. Hope i put my thoughts out accurately. Didn’t want to be rude because i love justin. Just my personal opinion.

    • Maddi

      I get what you’re saying somewhat but i mean he has a younger audience he didn’t wanna make the song too complicated.
      i think the song was very personal and appropriate enough to put out
      don’t expect so much
      he’s human

      • Azaria

        Jess, you had it right. It’s artistic to hide things and be poetic with it. It flat out says exactly what’s going on, and it doesn’t work too well. And Maddi, the fact that he has a young audience means nothing really. Kids, teens, and adults will learn lyrics no matter what they are. He can be creative with his wording and still make sense. Sometimes it’s better to hide meanings in songs.

    • JB-fan*

      i kind of agree. Not too great, lyrically anyways. I’m not knocking the song at all. I think it’s incredibly sweet to do this for his mom. I think the reason he released it, instead of keeping it private is for 2 reasons, 1st- to let the world know how much he loves & appreciates his mother’s struggles and sacrifice, and 2nd- to help raise money for charity. I mean, you can’t knock him for that. And I’m not saying you were. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Believe!! Counting down the days. :)

    • Xxxxxjustin bieberxxxxx

      This song is great and touching love it xxxx

    • human

      i agree too i really like this song its good and touching the only thing i would say is that its not general like the chorus is but some of the verses like when it says the year he was born i mean not everyone was born the year or were young moms i love the song i just wished it would be able to relate to more moms not just his

      • jess

        thanks for y’all agreeing or being understanding to my opinion!
        Hoping for some better material on the rest of his album!

    • maddie bieber

      i think he put the song out cuz the place where his mom went for single moms is in danger of closing so he’s trying to raise money

      • stella

        I think lyrically, it sucks.. and the catchy part is only the ref. but I was so touched by this song nonetheless. As a non-belieber.. I salute you Justin! ALWAYS LOVE UR FAMILY PEOPLE!

  • belieberforever

    I ♥ this  soooo much i =-? It’s so sweet and i ♥ juƨτɪи вɪεвεя !!!

  • iOwnJerryBieber

    OMB brb *crying* !

    • Karina

      me too!
      this song is the most beautiful song that i hear !! <3


    Why just why mmhmm shout out to the to dram queens on this site harry girl nd number1#bieberfan (trouble)

  • narmadha

    sweet song justin
    you are so amazing

  • Maddi

    hands down best song written by him. :’)

  • J-DASH

    nice song

  • Nalina bieber

    It’s awsome song Mom Patte.She would be very Happy. Mom Patte You are the luckest mom in he world .Happy mother day to u

  • katie

    I love this song i conected with it i fell the same way about my mom justin did a great job on this song

  • Azaria

    I don’t feel like this song was meant to be heard. It’s far too personal, and lyrically fairly weak. I really feel like he should’ve sang this to his mom and left it at that. It just, feels amateurish, albeit personal. I like the chorus, but honestly, this is the worst song I’ve heard by him. I’ll support him, vocally and musically it sounded fantastic, but I did not like the lyrics at all.

    • Bieberfan

      Shutt the f*** up this song is amaizing if u really love ur mom u would understent the song b***h

      • Bieberfan

        I am not a belieber but this song is damen good i LOVE it !!!!!! A mom means everything my mom i dont know what i would do with out her she is like…
        my everything

  • medina

    justin is amazing and i’m a big fan but his voice has change so when i listen to his song he sings like before

    Cause I, I turn to you
    What do you think? do you like the song?
    Leave a comment down below!
    sorry if i didn’t write good i don’t speak english very well

  • SJustinBieber

    I think it is heartfelt and for all you who think the lyrics aren’t complex enough or aren’t mature, this is his life story of his mom and him…..I know you expect more but if you were his mom…would you say the lyrics suck…NO! I will support Justin no matter what he does. Who cares if the lyrics are bad they came from the heart!!!!!<3

  • Rudy

    a song i would sing if my Mom needs me, i’ll turn to her, if she goes away, a song i will sing for her. thank you JB, for a wonderful song and lyrics, i’m truly a fan of your work and music. i won’t truly forget.

  • Victoria

    It’s a rwally sweet and amazing song!! I love it, and Justin!

  • Number1bieberfan

    I no im not a mother but the lyrics brought tears to my eyes

  • Chandan roy

    Thank u so much justin for u’r this song…….. I love this song so much…..and i also love my mother so much!!!!!

  • Chandan roy

    It is one of the best lyrics i think………….thanks justin……………