Justin Bieber Buys $6.5M on LA Home in CALABASAS

Justin Bieber has finally snapped up a multi-million-dollar property.

According to the LA Times, Justin splashed a cool $6.5 million on a 10,000 square foot pad in the Calabasas area. The LA property is reported to have seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a guest house, movie theatre, library, wine cellar and swimming pool.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.43.40 PM

Do you think Selena will be moving in?

  1. i think he’s going to move with her. that house is not for one person. and 6.5 million that house looks less than that. if i was justin i send my lawyers to check if it is the real price.

  2. If selena move’s in with him everything will be horrible HOPE SHE DOESN’T MOVES IN…. only cause they are going out doesn’t means justin is going to take care of her grow up and buy your own house girl… BUT IF THEY BOTH MOVE IN THAN CONGRATS!!! :D

    • True dat!!! Justin can’t always take care of her she is a women already so…. yeah!!! But she is pretty and nice… :D

      • But, Justin already bought a house for Pattie.
        I would be happy for them is Selena moved in, I mean c’mon.
        I’m sure Justin would agree!

      • what does “taking care of someone“ gotta do with her moving in? When two people move in together it’s not about one taking care of the other, it’s because they wanna live together and spend more time with each other. What’s the point in Selena buying her own home if they wanna live together anyway.

      • justin bought his mom a house and he bought that one for himself if he ask selena to live with him is his business. plus she has an option selling the house that she current live in. plus selena can cook i heard that in an interview thats a plus for some guys me i like the girl who is independent woman. but in reality i think they should wait at least in there second year to move together.

      • pattie doesnt live there! Every true belieber knows that Pattie has a NORMAL house that he grew uo in! DUH! and she has already moved in so…

      • Yah Selena and Justin er the best together.
        If u can not be happy for him than don’t be a fan with him.

        I also have Justin bieber tickets I am buying them next Saturday I am so happy

  3. Wow awesome. That should be me jj just kidding. Honestly that house is amazing wow hopefully i can be the girl version of justin one day but ive got to keep dreaming n believing.

  4. I don’t think that Selena Gomez will be moving in.
    That’s Justin’s house… not for him and his girlfriend’s.
    He should have it all to himself no matter how big it is,or he and his family could live there.
    I don’t want Selena to live there because, she never gave him anything and she’s rich enough to get her own house… she’s rich just like Justin… But,him buying a billion dollar house just for Selena?! No.That doesn’t go as planned.
    I don’t remember one thing she gave him.For his birthday,all she gave him was a visit and a kiss.That’s all.Justin spoiles Selena.He gave her 3 trips to Mexico.
    He takes her places to restaurants cuz she’s too wack to drive herself to get her own food,and where ever they go,It’s Justin who buys everything.Selena nothing!!!
    I just hate that Selena never bought him anything especially a billion dollar house.
    And that means he could just spend all his money on her?!?!? That’s not how it works in the relationship world.

    • She doesn’t drive herself anywhere, she doesn’t buy her own food, she makes Justin do everything. The least she could do is get herself her OWN d@mn house.

      • Wow.I got alot of fans. :)
        But,It’s true.I love Selena,but she should do things herself.
        Love you Selena.You’re pretty and beautiful.Justin’s lucky to have you. xx.
        But try to start doing things yourself. :)
        Luv you Sel.Love you love you!!! :D
        Beautiful.I wish you were my 3rd sister and Miley was my second.I’d have 3 sisters.Because i have a real sister.
        Actually,in the real world God made us all brother and sister. :) I think. ;)

      • what do you mean she doesn’t drive anywhere? there was a recent photo of her in her car and she stopped at a gas station! quit making up false information. You do not run Justin’s life. If they decide to live together more power to them, you have no control over their lives you’re not God

      • @swaggie
        Do you really have to sit there and stalk everything I do and say? F/ck off, asshole! Did anyone say they were God? Did anyone say they controlled Justin’s life? No.

      • @abc, “that’s not going as planned,” is true!
        I’m listening to myself!!! Cuz I could say whatever I wanna say!!
        There’s no way that i’m hating on Selena Gomez!
        @swaggie,you’re so unbelievable!!! I didn’t say I was going to run Justin’s life and if I did,I sure wouldn’t have him living like this!!!!
        I know I’m not God,so shut up.No one was talking to you,and I wasn’t talking to you!! Was I?!?!? NO! Yea!
        “There was a recent photo of her in her car and she stopped at a gas station!” Yeah! ONE TIME.And,I bet you’re just telling me that because you wanna be right.I googled Selena and looked at everything Selena Gomez and I didn’t find a photo of Selena in her car.Why do you care if you’re wrong or right?! Nobody is perfect! Everybody makes mistakes! People learn from their mistakes!! That’s how they learn.
        I’m not trying to be right here, because I AM right.
        So, @abc, @swaggie, get out of my life and get back into yours.
        I aint hating on Selena.I like her.So get out of my life!!!

      • HarryStyle’s girlfriend you need a chill pill. what’s the matter with you kids not being able to handle opinions back? if you don’t like what others have to say then don’t say anything duurrr!

    • YOU DONT GET IT! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if selena moves in it isnt coz she has no house coz she does BTW!! it is a relationship STEP! she moves in coz she loves him! True she never did anything for him but still! She’s probs so POOR she doesnt want justin to see her DUMP! LMAO #JUSTSAYING

      • Where the f/ck do you get off shutting people down like that? @dra is still a real belieber even if she doesn’t like his girlfriend. People like you get on my nerves. Always going around saying, “Oh, if you were a real belieber you would like his girlfriend!” Real belieber my a**. Justin doesn’t care if we don’t like who he dates. The only thing that makes someone a REAL belieber is if they support Justin’s music and him. FTR: I’m not talking about his personal decisions because that’s none of our damn business.

    • IF I ASKED U TO STOP LIKING JUSTIN BIEBER WOULD U STOP??? THATS STUPID! HE ISNT GONNA STOP CUZ U SAID SO! @Mexican belieber… listen to her! shut the f up! he loves her so THERE! He isn’t gonna love you more if you keep hating on the gurl he is head over heels in love with!!! use ur head a bit belibers!!!

  5. For some people here that don’t know what an opinion is.I’ll give you the definition:
    Opinion: Someone that believes or thinks.Has their own rights to freedom of speech.

    THAT’S WHAT THE DEFINITION IS OF “Opinion” read it again if you don’t understand.

  6. I’m going to get my key in the mail, too! Don’t worry Justin! I might be all the way on the other side of the U.S, but that won’t stop me from hoping on a plane and flying over to you! I’m coming! Just wait. And when I move in with you, I’m going to invite Beliebers over!

  7. That house is MASSIVE!!!!!!!!
    Hell to the NO for Selena moving in with him. That’s just gonna cause more drama with this fanbase. Ever since Justin dating Selena, there’s a lot of drama of Jelena. And the fact that we have to deal with Justin’s new pictures everyday with Selena around him
    Iike a lost puppy is pissing me off.

    • no disrispect @devara but the only people causing drama are beliebers like your self. they just going out to places like every couple out there. also if you don’t like the post about them don’t click on them.

    • Everybody is hating on Selena because she dating justin none of you are not.Its not right that she deals with being hated no reason at all.There happy together and if you are real Justin Bieber fans you will be happy for them too.And what did she do to deserve to be hated.

      • @Keayra Perez
        Take a step back. Not everyone hates her because she dates Justin. If things had been different in the past, I’d be all for it. Beliebers are to support Justin and his decisions. I don’t mean his personal decisions, but if you all want to do that..that’s fine.

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