Justin Bieber’s Forbes Photo Shoot & Cover 2012

Justin Bieber ranks third on FORBES’ annual Celeb 100 issue, and with $108 million in earnings over the past two years, he’s one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers.

See more photos from Forbes’s cover shoot, below!


    • He’s wack??? If you think so ! Wat the fuk are you doing on this website !!! Is a website JUST for Justin Bieber so why bother be here to hate on him !! Like live him alone !!! Ur just jealous.!! Ugh FOKING haters !!!

      • Oh save it,David!
        I don’t see you famous,rich,having a mansion,and dating a pretty actress so you’re the wack and should shut up!!!
        If he’s ugly,then why does he have over 20,000,000 followers on twitter and why is half the whole world calling him hot!??!?!? EXACTLY.I’m sure only one woman calls you handsome and hot and that’s your mother who should’ve slapped some sense into you!!!
        For prom,I bet you took her!!!
        No one cares about ur damn opinion and by hating on him more,makes him more famous,dipsh*t!!!

      • that was not me by making that comment here , some else is prenttening to be me here , love david conway

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    • Okay.
      First off, did you not here me last time?! I said I’m in my late teens! Not 5!!!
      And I am usually a nice and sweet person!!! But,your mother and father have raised satin!!!
      He is not gay!!! He has a girlfriend and you don’t even know him so how do you know he’s gay!!! U critizism!!

    • that is not me by saying that to justin bieber i will not say justin bieber is gay at all just on this web site , love david conway

  2. Justin ur soooo amazing and sexy…. I ♥ you so much …………… All the haters will regret saying bad things about you ;)

  3. He looks good in his suits. I don’t think its his most comfortable, personal style so he should wear what he wants, but he looks good in a suit. So grown up!

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