Justin Bieber Boxing Training w/ Mike Tyson

Justin swung by Mike’s place during the weekend of the Billboard Awards to say hi to the Tyson’s family. Mike took him straight to garage and had him hit the punching bags.



  • justin bieber the third

    this is the kind of people justin shouldn’t be hanging with violent people like tyson or lil wayne or chris brown a girlfriend beater. thats why we get to see violent justin because he hangs with black violent people.

    • i am me


    • Roxy Star

      “black violent people” DO YOU KNOW HOW RACIST YOU SOUND HOW FREAKING DARE YOU lil wayne may done some bad things he’s learned from them, chris and rihanna are great friends and tyson is a cool dude, How could even say that justin cant hang with them you are so racist and jerk for that, do you think justin should just hang with only white people then since he soo cant hang with black cause we black people are soooo bad, what kind of a person are you HE CAN HANG OUT WITH THEM CAUSE THEY ARE HIS FRIENDS, you dont even know him so how dare you try and pick who he CAN and CANNOT associate with SHAME ON YOU

    • JaylaBieber

      F/ck you and your racist a**.
      I agree with Roxy Star. He can hang out with whoever he wants!

    • :)

      chill out go some where with all that bs like 4real that is just ignorant. your a racist, black people can’t help their skin color, and I’m sorry that you have to live your life when every time you see a black human being you think violence, thankfully Justin….isn’t ANYTHING like you and when he sees someone he doesn’t judge them by what they look like. Get over yourself and start living a productive lifestyle.

    • Justin Bieber Ninja

      @Justin Bieber The Third
      Please!Stop judging people by the way they act and the way they look!
      Don`t be judging anyone in any way!It is rude to judge people in any way!

      • Justin Bieber Ninja

        @Justin Bieber The Third
        By the way…Let Justin do what he wants to do!Let him go and hang out with anyone that he wants to!Let him go and NOT hang out with anyone if he wants to!It is Justin`s life!I Don`t mean to sound rude!Sorry If this sounds rude!

    • Jsha

      Are u mad? I mean what are u saying ‘black people violent ‘. This is not true that black peoples are violent. even u r saying about mike tyson, lil wayne,chris brown such a big celeb. Justin can hang out with any person if they black or white. So bad thinking u have.

    • maddie bieber


    • ChandlerBrookeBieber

      Racist. Just plain racist. Not all black people are violent. I mean look at Beyonce. Shes black and shes not violent. (not that i know of) tons of people love and support her because shes talented and beautiful. So @justin bieber the third : Dont judge a book by its cover, K? K.

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • xavier jackson

    im not violent i may be black but im not violent

    • :)

      I’m black too, and i wouldn’t hurt any one.

      • maddie bieber

        me too tht the heck was that suppossed 2 mean im nowhere close to violent

  • trent

    just because lil wayne committed a crime or c brown hit his girlfriend doesn’t mean that justin will do the same. unfortunately justin has a little bit of temper. do to the fact that he’s always working. same thing happen to every child actor/singer they burn out and there only way out is blow some steam unfortunately a paparazzi was on his way.and what i meant by he’s always working he works a lot and don’t have much time to be with selena or his mom or his family he’s always making business stuff. but don’t worry he won’t go to jail a judge probably will send him to a anger management class sound ridiculous but they usually send guys who go berserk on others.

  • JaylaBieber

    He looks like Lamar Odom in this video. Only because he’s kind of in the dark.

  • M&M

    this i so off topic, but i have so much against jasmine v for so many reasons

  • Tami lewis

    well let”s just hope that justin doesn’t get in the habit of this ! I would hate to see another good kid go bad. it is pretty normal in his business. I hope you get a grip on this Justin! know it’s gotta be hard with a camera in your face all the time , but that comes with the famae my dear. you are darling ! Hang in there

  • gia

    Justin is so DREAMY LOVE U Justin

  • julie

    omg im in kick boxing kool

    • ignore the haters

      OMG, justin u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot , i love u soooo much, dont worry guys ,justin is just maybe a little pissed at something , that’s why, everybody needs a way to express themself , when im pissed i cant let out my anger on anyone or else ill just get grounded and get more pissed…. u get it, so i just let out my anger on my pillow, so luck for justin he has the f!ckin’ paps to let out his anger on , u get what im saying right?, so bottom line dont worry , he’s still our kidaruhl jb.

  • ignore the haters

    why does my comment says awaiting moderation

  • Justin Bieber Ninja

    Wow!I Wish that I Could box just like Justin!I Don`t box good!Justin is great at boxing!BUT…I AM GLAD AND FINE WITH WHO I AM!I AM GLAD TO HAVE BIEBER FEVER!

  • dr.bieber

    haahhaa definetly learning some skills to use when fighting with the paps!! love you biebs

  • Jarimar

    Ayeeee Justin looks so hot!!!
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  • The M Legend



    May be that Mike Tyson after a meeting with Justin Bieber will be less agressive.