BF Model Says Justin Bieber Can’t Freestyle Dancing

One of the models in Justin’s music video “Boyfriend” told that Justin can’t freestyle dancing.

The 20-year-old Cheyenne Depree (picture-left) admits Justin is a great singer, but dancing??

“This has to be the best video I’ve ever done. Justin and his crew were awesome. I felt like a queen, they pampered us, we had lots of food, just Bieber, he’s a really cool kid. Most stars aren’t very friendly, but he’s very personable.

“His dancing, uhhh, it’s good because it’s choreography. He’s a choreographer dancer.

“I can freestyle. Justin can’t really freestyle; you get what I’m saying? He can’t go off the top of his head.”

Watch the video interview!

103 thoughts on “BF Model Says Justin Bieber Can’t Freestyle Dancing

  1. biebsisamazing

    um she hasnt seen him always,he can,not that hes not talented if he cant but theres vids when hes younger&he can&just vids which she hasnt seen

  2. amandda

    haha.. i already knew he can’t freestyle :p beliebers don’t get angry by what she said bcuz it’s actually true. Justin is not a bad dancer, he can dance, but when it’s choreographed. MAYBE he can freestyle a bit, but not good enough to be called a freestyle! :)

  3. Jess

    Oh no watch out…here comes the hate !!

    As for me, i think justin is a really good singer, but not that much of a good dancer, and yeah, he can’t really freestyle. But i still like him

    PLease don’t hate on these girls, PLEASE

  4. RILEY

    Suchy anggra or how the ever u spell it got damn name do le a favor nd stop being a HATER!! Nd ur not a true belieber cuz true belieber like Justin song mo matter well I can’t say that 4 all but I know I do



    2. BEJIN

      hey.. HARRY!!! want a helpful tip. GET THE FU*k of this website piss baby! Justin isn’t gay.. if anything you are harry dic*! How about you go to a fan site for you weird directioner! IF you don’t like Justin then get off of this website dont ruin the purpose of it…..hes not gay. And its not nice to refer to someone as gay when you don’t REALLY know them. ur just a nother stereo type! dont f’in hate appreciate!!

    3. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

      Its prob a poser guys! To the harry gf poser: then go to a f**king one direction website to ruin shit face!

      1. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        This fake is such a poser!!! I would NEVER write that Justin is gay!!!
        Okay,listen name copier,you’re sh*t,no one likes you,and I think you’re a hater of Harry Styles and ur tired of me talking about Harry But,Justin DONT’ like u,and ur fake shit.Nothing but,crap being throwned away in the toilet.Also,we ALL know ur just a poser and a jealous b*tch.

      2. BEJIN

        sorry for going all out on you Harry Style’s Girlfriend……… fricken posers on here :I lol :)

    4. goldeneda-beliber x3

      you have problems about yourselft !! you should go doctor and get out here!!!!!!! SHUT THE F**K UP!!

      1. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        About me?! K? Listen,someone put my name up and pretended to be me so don’t think it can’t happen to you!!! I’m seriously going to punch the sh*t out of you!!!
        U DON’T KNOW ME SO GTFO!!!

  5. senna

    shut up saying how justin cannot freestyle if you think that then y u in his @$#! video! like get a @#$ life he is the best dancer sorry 4 being mean but i just lose it sometimes @#! off you may look nice but really! maybe your a bad dancer and wish to dance like him!

  6. #BieberForever

    Justin is a singer, not a dancer. Also, his dancing isn’t that bad! He’s a good dancer! She didn’t need to bring up her opinion on his dancing, but whatever! #Swag

  7. Turn To You!

    guys…seriously. get a life and quit fighting. Justin wouldnt want people fighting,yeah.,be the bigger person and quit fighting. show people that beliebers arent a fighting fanbase…smh! I LOVE JUSTIN. THATS WHY I DONT FIGHT. so what if hes not a good dancer? hes one of the best singers ive EVER heard!

  8. ♥Beliebz♥

    Ahh well. Either way, we support him for his voice, not dancing. (Well, okay, his dancing is SEXY, but…lol just agree) xD

  9. jbsnumber1fan

    shes a slut no offense, i know if u ppl disagree ur gonna gimme so much hate arent i right?

  10. RILEY

    She a rude person 4 saying that ND y does she MAKE-UP the prettiest. Make up a girl can have is a smile

  11. Rosalina :P

    Bitch justin isnt a dancer hes a singer u hoe! His dancing on boyfriend was way better than ur old, tired, ratchet, and dirty dance moves! I can free style too! I can do a backflip, shuffle, jerk, dougie, head spin, i can even do a carwheel, flip backwards, and do a split! I bet u cant do none of that! Ur rude as a mofo! U prob jealous can he dance better and he has more ass than u and selena combined! Take that bitch!

    1. Rosalina :P

      Even Dirty Lint Afro (girl on the left) here and Pressed to Tight Face (girl on the right) are beyond prettier than u! Ur nick name is Stupid Fake McTiny Ass Hoe!

    2. Brenda's FAVORITE Boyfriend Ever! (aka Wyatt)

      Lmao u owned her!!!!!!!!! Omfg! Nice nicknames! Omg rosalina i cant breathe! :’D

    3. Rosemary is hotter than Todd

      I agree wyatt! Rosie hun u owned the bitch! U were acurate as f**k! I love the nick names lmao! Im crying :D

      1. Its a me Rosalina :P

        Thanks :D
        I was a stand up comedian for a talent show at my school. I got everyone laughing :D

    4. Jene Bieb

      stop hating, and no you can not dance, anybody can bullshlt over the internet. You’re the kind of fan that justin doesn’t want to have in his life. dumb and obsessed.

      1. Its a me Rosalina :P

        Excuse me?!?!?!?!!??!?!? Listen here u little stupid ass face i can dance stupid! Im energetic and i used to take gymnastics so yea i can do all that! Yea ive done alot of stuff before like take gynastics, be in the basketball team, i was a comedian for a talent show, i even danced (not ballet or any girly type of dance) for my schools talent show and me and my team won, ive bungee jumped, sky dived, and sky surfed i bet cowards, smart asses, and puss*es like u cant do all that and im olny 14! Ive used a machine gun, ak 47, a pistol, a bazooka, rocket launcher, and bb guns! And dont start saying “oh u never done it before u liar” cuz i did and u dont know shit about me so ur just acting like a smart ass talking bullshit here and take stupid guesses about me! Bitch i bet u a lazy fat ass who never ever washed a dish in thier life and cant even dance!! Now stfu Fat Mac and go back to eating your buffet of big macs, choclate cake, brownies, 2 whole chickens, and 3456789054764676459654674045 mcdonalds chicken nuggets! Kay u mad cuz u working at mc donalds like a loser and im soooooooooo gonna be a rapping astronaut!

      2. Brenda's FAVORITE Boyfriend Ever (aka Wyatt)

        @rosalina atta girl! Fat Mac lmao hahahaha i bet u were a funny comedian! That Jene Bieb just got owned!!!!! Hahaha i like ur comebacks, harrys gf, and brenda;s combacks! Hahhaha bitch u got owned ooooooooooooooooooooooo snap! :D

      3. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Hahaha that’s my girl rosie growing up! U too harry’s gf! Those r my girl!! Growing up :’)
        I love ur comback! Fat Mac hahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahah lmao :’D

      4. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        Rosalina can sooo do that all!
        U guys are just jealous that rosa is wayyy better than you!!!
        Leave her the freak alone!!! I’ve had enough of you fake bickes!!!

  12. Bieber Luver

    Justin can do the dougieand others; he may be able to freestyle, the girl might just think he isn’t good at it.

  13. Harry Style's Girlfriend

    Justin’s a singer,not a dancer.Especially not a break dancer.
    I’m perfectly fine taking some critisicem here cuz:
    1: I never said anything bad about Justin.
    2: I am not afraid to say what I think.
    And,I think.. posers are crap! And TRASH!!!

    1. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

      Ikr nd we dont talk much anymore. R u ignoring me, wyatt, and rosalina? :/

      1. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        No.I’m not ignoring you guys.
        It’s just that my brother is always on and I have to wait for a while (or more)
        But since he got a new controller (also last controller) he’s not on here anymore.
        So,I try not to get on too much cuz i never go outside and excersise and sometimes my parents listen to music for a few hours but,I’ll still be on here and chat ill try to get on asap (as soon as possible).I promise im not ignoring you. Or the others.
        And,O.M.G. What a huge problem I’ve got!
        I hate how Harry doesn’t know me so he’ll probably find the one girl he could be with,and yet He’s never met the “someone special” (me)
        I hope very very soon Harry will meet me and I’ll be that (Special Person) All along.
        Damn.If only I was just 18 for a couple hours to…. be with Harry!!! :D
        Any suggestions Brenda?

      2. Its a me Rosalina :P

        Hey its me rosalina, Wait i think im the olny one named Rosalina. Oh well. Have u tried getting backstage passes to their concert and you can meet harry and get married :)
        Honestly i think 1D is ok. Ive heard worse like Rebecca Black ewwww ._.

      3. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        Thanks,rosalina.If only U were my neighbor.So we wouldnt have to talk about this here. :O And lol.

      4. Wyatt's SEXy Boyfriend named Brenda

        Yea get concert tickets or if they perform at Mtv awards, Kid choice 2013, Grammys, or watever and just go there and meet him and live ur dream :D

      5. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Stfu u poser!
        Harrys gf have u tied talking to him on twitter to get his attention and maybe go to his concert and meet him. :D

      6. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        No brenda.I follow him in twitter and I write him things and he never responds.
        Whenever I see Harry’s face and his smile…makes me wonder,I love him.But,I mean nothing to him. :(

      7. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        Ok I know ur a poser…. brenda would make me feel happy.She’s like my cousin that ive never met,and also.
        She’s too cool and nice to ever say that.

      8. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        Oh well thnx! And,I hope you and Wyatt will have a happy wedding and honeymoon!!!
        KK.How about this? I am Harry’s gf,Rosalina is Cody Simpson’s girlfriend.
        And brenda is Wyatt’s girlfriend!!! That way wen ppl say we’re lonely we say,“we’re taken!”
        So,I’m mrs.Styles
        Rosalina is mrs.Simpson
        And,well i don’t kno wyatt’s last name but,brenda is his wife!!! :)

      9. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Lol okiedokie. Just call me Wyatt’s Wifey since thts wat hes calling me :P

  14. Maritza loves JELENA

    Brenda harrys girlfriend is is ignaoring becuase your a bully and a cyberbully. Have any of you people seen what she posts here abou selena and wishing that she should die in a hole with a pole in her ass! You, Wyatt, Todd,, Rosemary, and Rosalina are all bullies and you know it! You think your cool by posting garbage about threating someone and talk smack about someone they dont know! Im not saying u should like selena or jelena. Im saying just to respect her. U have a big mouth for a 17 year old! You are prob jealous cuz she is dating justin, shes ritcher, and prettier than you!

    1. Its a me Rosalina :P

      Maritza plz im not a bully! Me, Rosemary, Wyatt, and Todd didnt say anything mean or offensive! Ur full of shit Brenda is the one talking “smack” about jelena and selly! I actually help others dumb shit!

    2. Its a me Rosalina :P

      Tbh not to sound mean but……. You kinda remind me of Dirty Lint Afro and Stupid Fake McTiny Ass Hoe. :)
      (the girls in the video)

      1. Its a me Rosalina

        Omg im laughing at u Maritza! If Rosemary, Todd,Me, and Wyatt talked crap then what did they say that got ur titties ina bunch? Cuz my friday was going great by playing oreo in my 3rd period and hang with friends till u assholes come up and talk shit

    3. Harry Style's Girlfriend

      Okay listen here,Child.I know you’re a child cuz your spelling and punctuation is all wrong.I think you’ve got the brain of an 8 year old.
      I am not ignoring brenda or anyone else.My gang is not someone I would ever fight with!!!
      Also,how is brenda a bully? or a cyberbully? I’m not ignoring her cuz she’s in my gang… I think you’re the bully because you don’t know WHO you’re talking to!!
      YOU don’t know Brenda either,so what gives you the right to call her poor,jealous,or prettier! Brenda is pretty,not ugly.She isn’t poor.If she was poor,she would’ve not had a phone right now.
      Brenda is not jealous of Selena cuz she’s with Justin because brenda is perfectly happy with Wyatt!!!
      You don’t know brenda,so you can’t judge her!!!

    4. Rosemary is hotter than Todd

      excuse me bitch?!?!?!?!? I havent talked shit till just now!
      I dis selena but i dont talk shit about her cause she not my problem! Your actually my problem right now! My friday was going just fine till u came along and put ur own shit on this website! I didnt say anything stupid! Wat are u blind? If u are go get some glasses!

      1. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        Woah! It’s Friday in Pennsylavnia,too!
        And yeah rosalina i agree with you !
        I was enjoying my weeked (friday starting) but when i see that ppl are pretending to be me just pisses me off and also:
        I love Harry.I pray for him to see me at a concert,but in 1 month,nothing has happened.Oh Lord,be with me.

      2. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        wtf is up wit u ppl?! My name is “Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda” not “Wyatt’s SEXy Boyfriend named Brenda” Wyatt is straight and im a girl not a guy dumb shit!

      3. Harry Style's Girlfriend

        ur welcome.I swear im not pretending to be brenda here.I swear.
        Someone on the front page with the wonderstruck and forever perfume.Someone is pretending to be me.Go to the first post and defend me!!!

    5. sparkaiii

      I 100% agree with you! Their so critical to anything that happens. Rosalina thinks she’s cool for what she said about the girl in the boyfriend videos comment. Their always on here

  15. Its a me Rosalina

    Ok its official………………
    I feel dissed here rite now! ALOT of people are ignoring me and talking crap bout me! I came on here to chat with Brenda, Wyatt, Harrys gf or anyone else. I feel super dissed here and i think nobody wants to chat with me. Im lonley now cuz i just left my friends house…. Ok im just gonna walk to starbucks with my sister and go buy something small ok.
    I think im done here! Im gonna go on here still but im not gonna comment cuz wat i usally get is rude stugg and my gang kinda ignoring me so yea bye :(

    1. Ur mama

      Rosie i know something bad happened! Ur not like this at all! Ur alway happy, hyper, energectic and funny! What happened?! Donr say “nothing” cuz i know wat that means! Tell me wat happened!

    2. Harry Style's Girlfriend

      NO!!! We arent ignoring you! Some people here are just a**wipes.
      I’m not ignoring you…

      1. Ur mama

        Its ok harrys gf something bad happened i know it!
        Rosie if u dont tell me rite now ima walk to ur house and annoy u till u tell me wat happened! Ur not like this at all!

      2. Ur mama

        no no no no no no no no lies rosie lies! Just tell mr thru here im sure its not that bad and all u need is a frapachino from starbucks :D

      3. Its a me Rosalina

        Ok fine a frapachino will make me happy :)
        Ok i got suspended for something stupid and my moms pissed

      4. Its a me Rosalina :P

        For gum and cuz i got “too many” warnings, in houses, and rpcs! They said next time they gonna expell me! Thts stupid as hell!

      5. Wyatt's SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Wow thts stupid i bet they chew gum too and in school! Who suspended u i think me, wyatt, todd, or rosemary kno her/him cuz we went to cram too

  16. Mandy Bieber

    urg..stop hating…listen to these stupid “fans” makes me sick.

    Stop getting offended over every single thing. On a scale form 1 to 10, his dancing is a 4, If you think he’s a “good” dancer then i think you don’t know what dancing is. He’s an ok dancer, he has enough skill to do most of the choreography, but he’s not good. And yeah not everybody can freestyle, moonwalking and dougie aren’t freestyle, know the difference.

    I’m a fan but you people just make me sick, hating the girls just because they said something you dont wanna hear.

  17. Morgan

    OH well that explains why Justin always freestyles at interviews and stuff. :l Get a life you fame whore.

    BTW, You can freestyle eh? Feel free to prove that anytime.


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