MTV First: Justin Bieber #askbieber Question-Answer

Justin Bieber answers all fans’ questions during Thursday’s MTV First: Justin Bieber. Watch the video below! Justin talks about his new video, Boyfriend!

“I kind of switched it up from all the teasers,” Bieber told MTV News’ Sway Calloway about what fans saw of the video before its premiere. “I switched up the whole video on them, and really, I think it’s super cool. I wanted to do something a little bit more mature.”

The video is full of swaggy images, ranging from his varsity jacket to his cool car, but what left one fan in the “MTV First” audience most intrigued were the gold sneakers he sports in the video. “I did pick out those swaggy gold shoes,” he laughed. “They spray-painted them gold. That’s what I’m going to do: I’m gonna start wearing gold shoes all the time.”

With the video’s focus on cars and friends, Justin chatted about his own personal car collection. “I have a Range Rover and a Fisker. And I have a Smart Car. It just helps me get from point A to point B. I call it my little ‘swag car,’ ” he said.

  • Number1bieberfan

    Omg omg omg that was totally awesome first

  • Delma

    Nd also cool,Awesome!Dats mre lyke it,he s letn go of his childish tins nd becoming matured,dats wonderful nd a good strt of tins…….wish u d bestest of d best JDB

  • Monica

    what happened to his cadilliac batmobile


    so cute

  • im me:)

    elevator game…lol

  • Number1bieberfan

    Anyone online

  • Believe❤✨

    Lol! He would have never said those things when he was 13 or 14! He has really changed, and change is good in this case; very good!!!!!!

  • Harry Style’s Girlfriend

    Me: Hey,Justin!
    Justin: Sup.Girl.Whatcha doing?
    Me: Nothing.
    Justin: See it? See my video of MTV.?
    Me: NO.
    Justin: KK.
    Me: Alright.Bye!!! :D
    Justin: See ya,later!!! :P

    • Selena gomez

      Ag you laying ..you havn’t tlk wth justin b4

  • #BieberForever

    When he was talking about the “thing” in the elevator, at the end he`s like, “..but it feels good to like…like….yeah it`s funny.” He like never said what, so cute! :)

  • gedeona bieber

    omg video is sooo hott

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    I hope he answers meh question. ;)

  • Harry Style’s Girlfriend

    SwagCar.Cute name for a car!!! And,Cute Justin!!!! :P

  • Kayla

    4:07- random random guy walks behind justin

  • Number1bieberfan

    That is hot

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    cool name. swag car. lol

  • gia

    You are so ADORABLE Justin LOVE U

  • Steph

    Justin answered my question! It wasss amazinggg<3

  • Bieber lover

    I saw the boyfriend video Justin looked amazing

    • Justin bieber

      Sup (bieber lover)..thnx 4 ur cmment nd i jct wanna sy grl..wanna meet u..if its fyn wth you..lv ya

  • Bieber lover

    Can I ask u (Step)what was ur question

  • Selena gomez

    Ja (steph) wt was ur ?question

    • Steph

      The one when he said beyonce or Rihanna to collaborate with

  • the bieber wells

    i love the song boyfriend by justin bieber i just wish i could meet him someday love you so much justin bieber ur like my whole life ur my idol

  • Shrio Hyun

    First appear itself i <3 this song Boyfriend! Really amazing..

  • khushi

    such a boring thing