Video: Justin Bieber Saturday Night Live (SNL) 2012

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is celebrating its 100th digital short. To help celebrate the joyous occasion, SNL brought out Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Usher and even Michael Bolton to appears in the digital short.

Watch the video!

In the video, Justin Bieber, dressed in a fancy suit, thinks he’s in for a clean, singing good time. Turns out though, the guys are going to celebrate their 100th short by shaking off the cobwebs, limbering up, stretching it out and doing plenty of Pilates so that they can suck their own dongs.

  • Me

    haha. i feel bad for all of justin’s child fans, they’re like “what does THAT mean?” Hope you’re all not too traumatized.

    • Jodie810

      Yeh they might go repeating it !!!!

      • Taylor Swift

        You are the craziest person I know!!!!!

        – Tay

  • Number1bieberfan

    Omg omg lolz

  • bielieber4ever

    the way justin says nononononooo :DDD ;D <3

    • Marley244luvs justin bieber

      I watched it!!! It was soooo funny! and i luv the way he says nonono I think i just had a eargasam and a biebergasam!! ahh what pleasure!! cant wait untill snl this year 2013 on feb. 9th!!!!

  • belieber4ever

    this is so funny :D

  • Number1bieberfan

    R u still online

  • Jelenafan96

    Okay that’s disgusting (The other dudes) o.O But Bieber is hot :O Justin saving up his jerry for his fans >.< Lol. jkjkjk

    • narmadha

      i agreed

      • Jelenafan96

        ikr. :)

    • Jodie810

      Lol ❤

  • narmadha

    thats true

  • a belieber for life

    haha dats so funny. justin is clean!! aww <3

  • a belieber for life


  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    soooooooooooooooooo funny

  • 2crazy4bieber

    Poor Justin… haha.

  • trent

    best snl short ever but to the people who run this website you shouldn’t have shown the video most of justin’s fans in this site are too young to understand. yeah this is coming from a guy.anyway was funniest thing ever timberlake and sandberg are the best thing in the hole digital short.

  • gia

    Haha I LOVE THIS

  • Xxxxxjustin bieberxxxxx

    This cracks me up every time I watch it xxxxx lol I love itxxx

  • #BieberForever

    lmfao! ×10 :D

  • LOLgirl


  • lovely

    very funny but there’s 1 thing I want to say I hate that some words are replaced by that annoying sound tuuuuut, so I’m glad I live in Belgium because those words are just sayng and not tuuuuut, not just on the evining & night

    • Jodie810

      I’m from N. Ireland ❤

  • belieber4eva

    this video is funny , innocent justin haha

  • Number1bieberfan


  • Amanda Marie Rivera

    Poor, poor Justin . . . but it is kind of funny when a man is wearing a (women’s) wig hilarious :) :D :) :D :) :D

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Justin: No, no, no, no, no!

    • Jodie810

      Lol yesh !!!

  • BeABelieber!

    Lol. the other guyz were like in there 40s or 30s or something and justins only 18 and they were like having fun then justins like eww no what am i doing here xD its just so funny and random..

  • Number1bieberfan

    R u new

  • biggestbelieber



    Hey im bout to change my user nd damn I need to stay focus on this question what does reject the status quote mean number1#bieber lord the devil anyone I don’t care who it is it can be SpongeBob for all I care cAn someone please please answer this

  • Number1bieberfan

    Dont no


    Mann that’s messed up right there my own girlfriend won’t even tell but I asked my mom nd she said I don’t need to worry about us girls nd our language I was like really yr own son but if I bug her enough she will what it is im am going to find out what it is before Monday !!!!!!!!!

  • Number1bieberfan

    I do no but its girl talk not gonna tell u what it means cause then it wouldn’t be girl talk

  • Number1bieberfan

    U really dont no


    No but on that movie radio rabel they keep saying