Win Free Bieber Ticket for Believe Tour!!

Justin announced his Believe tour on Ellen’s show, and she has tickets to give away! Enter here for your chance to win.

  • Human

    Yay hope I win

    • bieber fever

      i really want to win

      • serena

        hi Justin I really want to win because I have never been

      • Annie

        I have beiber fever i really wanted to see JB in concert bad i have posters and stuff of him please! I all ways wanted to see him! And my wallpaper for my phone is him to!

    • daniela

      I hope I win because I love Justin Bieber so much. hes always on my mind ,I watch videos of him almost everyday. follow me on we heart it.com and youll se how much I love him. Bestie_amiga

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Second, hope I win! ♥

    • ♥Beliebz♥

      & BTW, good luck to all other fans/Beliebers!

      • Lamia

        I really really hope i win because i am justin bieber’s most biggest fan i love you Justin <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • luvjb

        Thanks! I ‘m 9 yrs. old and i reaalllly want that ticket but only one of us is gonna win. i hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilovethebiebs

    i hope i win my mom wont buy me tickets D:

    • Kyndle Bieber

      My mom said she might but there r a lot of people who want those tickets here. He is not coming until January but by then it will probably be sold out:(((I wish Justin or scooter or Ellen or somebody would tell me another way to get a ticket cuz my parents won’t let me do the chance to win thing or give me a ticket up front or something. But before I die, okay maybe not that long , but I really want to see him perform and meet him backstage, get a pic with him, before he leaves to go somewhere else for the tour. I hope I am not thinking to big here. Hahaha I hope that happens though.

      • Extreme Bieber lover

        You know that same thing happened with me and my parents all I want in life right now is to see and meet Justin Bieber an get a signed pic of Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irma Rivera

    I hope I win also. I am a single mother of a wonnderdul son who is 5 yrs.
    Old and just loves JB. He will even try and copy his dance moves. His fav. Song
    Is Never Say Never. He says that we should never say never no matter what we need to try. Good luck to everyone. And me also Hehe. Lots o love.

    • danielle

      iagree justin bieber is hot

      • megan:D

        i love u justin bieber i never been to ur contourts befor but i hope this year love u:):P love u so much justin bieber #1 big fan

      • daniela

        Justin bieber your so cute I love you jb please answer me and pick me please good luck other jb fans <3.

  • Spencer Weisgerber

    I just really want 2 go 2 one of his Concerts! Love U JB! (:

    • Kyndle Bieber


      • Diane

        Justin Bieber I”m your #1 fan and I love all your song. and I will give you 1,000,000 dollars if you have sex with me

    • Caitlin maroone

      I as well love jb so bad i love you justin xxxxooo <3

  • Amanda Marie Rivera

    I already entered. I always want 2 go 2 his concerts. I hope the tickets have really good seats.

  • iceeherrmann

    what about australia?

  • Najat

    I wanna really go to NY and see him … He’s performing 3 weeks after my birthday and iwanna win tickets ;c how do you enter ?

    • Tracy

      Click the link

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Jelena Biemez

    yeah cool but I can’t find my country:( I think I not win sooooo sad:( my stupid country Tajikistan

    • vita

      wheres Tajikistan ???????????????????????????????????????????

  • belen constanza aranguiz nieto

    with all my heart I would like to win the tickets that I have no enough financial situation and we know bieber is my dream

  • i love bieber

    i love u justin

    • Jb clone

      He love his Fan always!

  • maddie bieber

    OMG I would pass out if i won those

    • Kyndle Bieber

      Me too haha

      • justin bieber real

        hey every one im the real justin bieber i already sent u guys some tickets. open your mail box right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • melanie bieber

        Hi what are u doing

  • AleahLUV

    Good luck to eveyone ;) i have never been to his concert before and i wAnt to go before he is too old. I cried when i heard the tour dates and saw he was coming to my state. Thank u lord.

    • Kyndle Bieber

      I was psyched when I figured out he was coming to nc but not so psyche when I figured out I couldn’t go but I guess it will be okay,it’s not the greatest feeling in the world, but… Well I guess that’s it hahahaha

  • Justins girl

    It doesn’t have my state/province

  • Faavih

    Justin please come to Puerto Rico someday :(

  • jonalisaJB

    i did it! spent my hard earned money today and bought FLOOR SEATS row 17 for Philly show. Very expensive but no regrets. Very excited! HARD WORK MAKES GOOD LUCK!!

    • shelby

      good job can u get me justin biener tickets

  • Jb clone

    No! Thank i got to go One Direction<3 show

  • Selena Clone

    pore kyat ka kame kong bieberbieber!!

    • Selena Clone

      Do u know!!

  • Mary Irwin

    Hey. Justin, I don’t know if you’re reading this or if you even come on here. I don’t know if this sounds stupid or not by me posting this anyway but I want to. I want you to know I support you 100%. All of the haters who ever hated on you are probably jealous because they’re not where you are. Justin, You deserve to be where you are right now and you deserve the best. I know Believe is going to be great. You deserve it all Justin and I appreciate and respect you as a muscian and a person. When I saw your movie Never Say Never in theaters Feb 2011, I was hung on it and admired how you were. When I baught the Dvd, my mom and dad would be able to say it was like I watched it a thousand times. I’d watch it agan. My best friend doesn’t like you very much but I hope it’s not You, weather it’s your music. I still love you Justin. You’re not gay and there’s nothing wrong with you, I can see that. I’m shy but I want to get to meet you someday. I don’t live in either of the states you’re going on for the Believe Tour. But I love as a muscian and I love you as a friend. And I like how you respect your mom because not all people are like you. And I love the song you wrote for your mom Turn To You. Your mom, Pattie is an inspiration to a lot of young moms out there. She’s even an inspiration to me and I’m not a mom. I love to write songs, Justin. I have a passion for writing. If you do see this, I want you to know that I mean everything I’m saying and that I ever said. I am growing with you in your music indrustry, know that. I am there to support you all the way. Stay strong, hold your head up high because what the haters say are just words of jealousy. But know what I’m saying, I’m more than a fan, I’m your friend. It’s true that I’m looking forward to believe when it comes out and that I know you worked hard on it. You desevre it all to have fans and to be somebody. You were somebody either way and you deserve the best not worst. I’m 16 but will turn 17 october the 18th of this year. I’m on twitter and I follow you, Justin. I don’t care what people say when I’m posting this on here because I mean every word of it. I’m @HeyItsMariee on twitter. You don’t have to reply about what I’m saying but I wanted to say it anyway. If you want, you can follow me on twitter but you don’t have to. I’m not all fan girl like some girls are when they scream but I’m still there for and to support you.

    I love you and Support you Justin xoxo and thanks for all Justin
    Your #1 fan

    Mary, xoxo

    Keep on shining Justin because you deserve it


      I feel the same way awn nice comment im Your 1st FAN BIEBER NO ONE ELSE IS I LOVE YOUR SONGS

      • Kyndle Bieber

        OMG!!!! I love u too Justin!! I agree with both of u!!! If jb ever goes away like stops being a star, I WILL DIE!!!!!! But he wouldn’t do that right now!! He loves too much to ever quit on any of us!!!!!! I love u Justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bieber – Lover

      That is the most touching thing I’ve read so far on this webpage. I would have said the same thing. Mary you are good person, by telling from your letter to Justin. Every fan always say that they are Justin Bieber’s #1 fan when there are not because he has over 1 million #1 fan that love him so do I. But any way I love you too, Mary, every sinlge Belieber and Believer out there are sisters and maybe perhaps brothers. But Justin if you just read this would like one of bros. I love you Justin, Justin + Avalanna = Love! I still miss Avalanna!

  • Mizziz.bieber

    I have alwaysed wanted to go to a justin bieber consert but i cant 1 i dont get an inlouens 2 my mom hates justin bieber but if you were to tell her why do ou hate him she would say i dont hate him i cant hate him i have never meet him 3 she wont let me inter the contest because i have to give to much information man do i hate my mom

    • IGnOrE tHe HaTeRs

      My mom is the same way , I can’t believe Justin bieber is coming right to brooklyn nd new York ny , nd I live right in queens new York , I know my mom would never let me go , I really want to meet jb , I mean cmon he comes to ny ny soo much nd Ive never gotten a chance to meet him , Im just so afraid of the NO I will have to hear when I ask my mom, it will just break my hearth , my one nd only chance , for my dreams to come true. So I understand exactly the way u feel. ur not the only one.

      • Kyndle Bieber

        I know right I wish my mom woul let me go!! It’s expensive but very worth it!!!!!


    Hey justin bieber i hope im the one who gets the TICKET awn i never went to jb’s concert because im a maldivian and i live i maldives so i just finished watkng jb’s never say never movie for the million time so I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER i have BIEBER FEVER OMG BIG FAN NOT A CRAXY FAN IM 10 and I LOVE U BIEBER !!!!

  • Justin Bieber Ninja


  • vita


  • vita


    • IGnOrE tHe HaTeRs

      No he never said that , even though it’s natural for teenagers to hate kids, ur just bringing tge words right out of his mouth. But he likes kids soo….. Go figure

  • Lucy

    Why cant the tickets be for england as well. Its so unfair. Its highly unlikely that u gonna get any tickets for the believe tour even though im really desperate :(

  • Novi

    Only USA and Canada :'(

  • BieberDreamer

    Wish he would come to my state hes never been anywhere near me. im visting family in one of his concert cities and i asked to go but all the tickets are too much and ive never been before ):

  • Sam

    i wish i live in USA or Canada!!! >.<

  • remedybieber

    i want him to come to new zealand

    • missz beebs

      i say hey