2 Fans Presenting #VEVOCertified Award to Justin Bieber!

Two lucky Beliebers get to present Justin with his 8 VEVO Certified awards! VEVO Certified is an award, for fans and by the fans, celebrating music videos with over 100 MILLION views!

  1. those girls arent the biggest fans, am sure they’re a lot of beliebers that love jb more than them, its just that the producers choose them because they were the prettiest -_-

      • Weeeeeeeee ! Many homosexualists don’t accept theirs sexsual
        inclination and by this reason they’re very unhappy ; may be you also
        has this problem and you find an outlet for your energy in Justin Bieber ?

      • I have published my comment on Weeeeeeeee opinion of Justin Bieber
        not in order to offend homosexualists , because I have among they friends ,
        just I have refered to the medical books e .g : DAN & MICHAEL THOMSON
        then I apologise to who feels offended .

  2. he looks awkward to be talking to them unlike when he was with Cady, he was more comfortable with Cady.

  3. Congrats on all the rewards,Justin!You needed all the rewards!Let`s try to make Boyfriend get the reward next!

    • If I Were Justin Bieber`s girlfriend,I`d never let him go! 8)
      It will just be cool if Justin can be my girlfriend!But he doesn`t even know me! 8)

  4. they didnt really seem like his biggest fans… :/ they werent even that excited to see justin. the one thing they did was “OMG i see him” which seemed really staged…js

  5. there not his BIGGEST fans. this makes me angery. I am sure (me being one if them) there are so so soooooooooo many beliebers who love him way more!

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