A Male Student Takes Justin Bieber Cardboard to Prom

Leon Purvis & Bieber-cardboard get ready for prom on Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Leon Purvis asked Justin Bieber to his Glassboro High School Prom, but never receive a reply.  Almost a year ago,  Leon took to Youtube to ask Justin to accompany him to his junior prom as nothing more than a “bro.” Watch the video!

“As a fan, it’s disappointing that I haven’t heard anything from him or his team.” Leon tells NJ.com.

When asked about how he felt about 17-year-old-girl Cady Eimer from a small town in Virginia managed to get Justin’s attention, but he did not, Leon said: “I was so mad. The sad thing was my video had like 15,000 more views than hers”.

UPDATE: Scooter responded to Leon (June 4) via twitter:
“@jpmay3 have a good prom buddy… – just one thing u dont know. u got two tix to the #BelieveTour now :)”

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