Austin Mahone Being Compared to Justin Bieber, Fans Speak-up!

The inevitable comparisons to Justin Bieber don’t seem to bother Austin Mahone too much. Austin tells MTVnews:

“I mean, it’s flattering. It’s not that bad of a thing. It’s cool because he’s such an inspiration to me and he’s so successful, and I just hope that I’ll be as successful as him someday.”

The comparisons do, however, bother many Mahomies (Austin Mahone’s fans). A 14-year-old Maggie Benzenhafer tells MTVnews as she waited Austin on Time Square in NYC:

“People say that Austin is the new Justin Bieber โ€” I don’t think that at all. I think Austin’s going to be the new Austin Mahone.”

Watch the interview!

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