Austin Mahone Being Compared to Justin Bieber, Fans Speak-up!

The inevitable comparisons to Justin Bieber don’t seem to bother Austin Mahone too much. Austin tells MTVnews:

“I mean, it’s flattering. It’s not that bad of a thing. It’s cool because he’s such an inspiration to me and he’s so successful, and I just hope that I’ll be as successful as him someday.”

The comparisons do, however, bother many Mahomies (Austin Mahone’s fans). A 14-year-old Maggie Benzenhafer tells MTVnews as she waited Austin on Time Square in NYC:

“People say that Austin is the new Justin Bieber — I don’t think that at all. I think Austin’s going to be the new Austin Mahone.”

Watch the interview!

38 thoughts on “Austin Mahone Being Compared to Justin Bieber, Fans Speak-up!

  1. Monica

    Nope Justin will Always be the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER of course but Austin will turn into his own

  2. swag

    The only reason Austin is famous is because girls think he is hot, but hes just an average singer. Justin is so much more talented.

  3. jsha

    What ??? He can never be like justin . Austin always try to look like justin but never look. There is no comparisons btw jb and austin . ” Justin is justin and austin tries to look justin “. :-D my one n only love justin.

  4. @JarielizBieber

    Yeah i think Austin Is Alrigh but na he never will be like Justin.. no offence to the mohomis lol xD how ever u spell iT LOL

    1. Shameonyou

      How do you know are you one of the? Phaaaaahaaaa ctfu dfl lmmfao lol

      In ur mind ur probably like what did she say I’m about to cuss this chick eardrums out

      But I DONT GIVE A F.U.C.K ( im my nicki voice)

  5. Teamannoyed


    This is kinda like Avery one comparing Justin bieber to Mj. People is so judgemental

    1.thier both hot and can sing
    2. If you never heard of him your lying because you just was reading the report
    3. Of course he can never be JB because their can only be 1 JB
    4. People act so stupid
    5. Justin was once like Austin nobody really new him but he uploaded YouTube video
    6. Who gives a freak if you don’t know him it’s called do ur research. Google,Yahoo,ETC…

  6. JaylaBieber

    “People say that Austin is the new Justin Bieber — I don’t think that at all. I think Austin’s going to be the new Austin Mahone.”

    I hate when people compare YouTube guy singers to Justin Bieber. YouTube celebs in general. They even compared Christina Grimmie (♥) to Justin which I thought was just ridiculous. There’s a HUGE difference between them. Starting with the fact that Christina is a girl and Justin is a guy. But I do think Austin has been trying to act like Justin over the years.

  7. JaylaBieber

    I used to love Austin a couple of years ago. Then, people started noticing him and he began getting more popular. After that, he just changed completely. :/

    1. JaylaBieber

      There’s nothing wrong with him getting noticed and popular, it’s just the fact that he let the fame get to his head. At least I still got a few YouTube singers on my list that I know will never get like that.

  8. ashley roner

    justin bieber and austin mahone are both hot
    but jb talanted more then austin the truth is truth guy’s believe it or live it

  9. Mrs.Bieber

    OMG!!!!! This must be huge for austin I have always been a bieblieber and an austin mahone fan I can’t decide who’s HOT and who’s NOT

  10. marita bieber


  11. MaisieBrizz

    I do agree. They are somewhat alike. But Austin will never be like Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is not only famous for his style, looks and music but he’s famous because he is really talented and knows something about music. Although Austin isn’t ever going to ever be anything like Justin doesn’t mean people should be mean about him. After all he could become famous just with a different sound. Everyone be excepting!

  12. hotchicknini

    come on ppl austin cud not be like jb becuz he is betta but he can sing and dats all wat matter and jb is not losin his fans becuz he is gainin more everyday is just dat some of them like me luv both but i still luv jb no matter wat


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