Find BELIEVE #GoldenTickets, Be an OLLG!!

BUY a copy of “Believe” album and find those #goldentickets!!

How to enter:
1. Go to justinbiebermusic.com/believe
2. Enter your unique code for a chance to win (note: code is case sensitive)

Grand Prize (1 winner): Play to win an exclusive trip to Justin Bieber’s concert and be the “One Less Lonely Girl” on stage with Justin, or the chance to be in a Justin Bieber music video!

Second Place Prize (10 winners): Autographed Justin Bieber guitar and a pair of tickets to see Justin Bieber in the city near your town!

Third Place Prize (10 winners): Autographed Justin Bieber poster!

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO PLAY OR WIN. Game starts at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) on 6/19/12 and ends at 11:59 PM (ET) on 8/13/12. Game is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia age 13 or older at time of entry. Void where prohibited by law. For details, including how to request a free game piece, see Official Rules.

  • hey Bieber

    ombbb! first! i want to get it so badd!! im his OLLG

    • Someone

      So only US reaidents can enter? :/

      • allie neil

        yeah but i got in yay imight go to his consert and be OLLG YAYAYYAYAYYAAYYAYAYAYYAAYY

  • KylaNeverSayNever

    I think I would rather be in a music video than OLLG because you would get to spend the whole day with him not just a couple of minutes. But thats just me.

    • Mrs. Bieber

      I totally agree with you and you get to dance and goof around with him being OLLG you sit there on stage while he dances around you which that is nice to but if i had to chose it would be video to

  • N ZM 34

    Hello Justin please coming Uzbekistan [Tashkent]

  • Marlene

    Omg my dream was always to be a ollg ! That’s my favorite song, it always has been ! :)

  • Lusty

    Omg hopefully I get the ticket so I can meet him and have some good sex with him

    • ..

      are you ok? have some sex with him IT’S out of the question!!! IDIOT


        yes you’re true it’s out of the question

  • Lusty

    Me and Justin are gonna get sexy in the bed


      are you ok ??

    • Jb baby

      Are u a slut u basturd he would have sex with u ass hole

  • Soniya bieb

    God i want to be both ollg and his music video girl.

    • Lusty

      Well to bad I’m gonna win then have sex with him

      • JB’S Gurl

        Shut up! Is that really all you can think about, is having sex with him?? Hate to break it to you but, YOUR NOT GOING TO EVEN BE ABE TO KISS HIM, LET ALONE HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!!!

      • Lena

        I could have sworn he had an amazing girlfriend. Oh by the way I got a golden ticket today.

      • Jb baby

        R u a bitch cause u will never have sex with him u slut

      • jbloves me

        you will never have sex with justin bieber u slut and if you keep thinking that carma is going to hit u in the ass and you wont even be able to find a golden ticket let alone win one you should think twice about what u say

  • jsha

    Iam really sad cuz i don’t live in u.s.a. Love u justin. Plz come to india.

    • Weeeeeeeee

      your a gay indian-_-smh

      • JB’S Gurl

        And your a overwieght mo’fo!!!!!

      • JB’S Gurl

        You are also a stupid hoe!

      • JB’S Gurl


      • alicea

        Quit calling people gay you low life :P

      • jsha

        First of all iam a girl so not a g** . :) Hahaha stupid. :)

      • breanna macias

        u are bitch

      • jsha

        Iam not a b**** bcuz its u. Hahaha :) idiot. :-D

    • JB’S Gurl

      Dont listen to whatever that person is, she had no right to say that.

      • breanna macias

        yes i do u hoe slut stupid ass bitch

  • areena

    Is it only for USA people?! Well then thats NOT FAIR!!!!!

    • Shaz_Luvs_JB

      IKR i was so excited but then i saw it was only for US residents, I’m from the UK. So unfair!

  • Direct Seats

    I don’t know who all gonna win this golden ticket.

  • cynthia

    not every one is going to win this golden tickets. there are only 21 winners.. but im not living in the usa but in europe. so its very sad…

  • InushkaaBieber

    That’s not fear..Why only in US :'((

  • Tiya

    OMB i realy want to get it #somuch.

  • Semi

    I wish i could get one of ur love tickets:-P:-P:-P

  • bieberfan

    I want justin bieber tickets so bad. When i went to get them at 10 am the day they came out al of them were already sold out!! i was so upset i started crying! i hope i will get to see him in concert but by the looks of it i wont…..

    • JessLovesBieber

      hes doing free concerts around the world so u might :) he will be in New York tomorrow but idk where he will be next probably somewhere else in the U.S :p

  • Debipriya Ghosh

    hey justin plz come india plz

  • JessLovesBieber

    if u preorder believe off walmart.com the golden ticket is in all of the albums :D just so you guys know :) its $15 and u get other stuff too :p

  • alicea

    I want to be his OLLG so bad :,(

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Alannah

    THis is a huge chance to see JB ive always dreamed of seeing him and the 1 winner omg gets to be a one less lonely girl and might get to be in a jb music video sounds amazing i have to get his album #BELIEVE in my hands <3 :-)

  • Sarah

    Wait you have to be 13 and up to win?

    • someone

      TO ENTER

      • Sarah

        Can I be like 11 and still win though? Like my mom can enter and if I possibly win which I doubt I will I can still get the prize? It’s a bit confusing so my main question is can my mom enter it for me? Since you have to be 13 and up to enter the code?

  • someone


  • R.J

    feeeeeeeeeeeeling bad………

  • bieber hair

    @sarah thats what i said u HAVE to be 13 and up???!!!! :( :( :( sad belieber D: :'(

    • belieber

      ikr (bieber hair)

  • jsha

    Follow me on twitter @jsha_n. I’ll follow u back.

  • Kieren Belieber :>

    i hope this contest is worldwide :( i think it’s only available in USA!

  • sabine

    So i cant participate because i live in europe? ):

  • Simona

    omg I cant be ollg :(
    i think it’s only available in USA!
    I wanna golden ticket :( It´s not fair ….
    at least I wanna concert in Slovakia !! :(
    but he doesn´t know where is it, I think !! :(
    I am sad Belieber :(

    • Lucia

      IKR. I feel like he may never come here. :( I love Slovakia, but it´s so small, no one I love comes here. BTW, I almost died when I read you are from Slovakia, too! :D

  • Lucia

    I´m from Slovakia so I really couldn´t care less. I´m so upset tho. All these contests are always only for Americans. :(

    • heart6

      same for Slovenia :(

  • heart6

    i know mom is always telling me US is nothing more than we are here In Europe..but……. every f-ing contest is “ONLY FOR US” !!!!!
    Makes me feel awful. good luck US Beliebers.
    if u live there u at least have a chance to meet him,and some of you are like”only 1 winner?, what? just 10guitars?! ” chill guys. u have chance we dont.