Justin Bieber and Jazzy Singing BOYFRIEND

Justin Bieber and his lil sister Jazmyn singing BOYFRIEND on the plane.

  1. Aww!! That was so sweet. I like how at the end, Justin was like, ” What happened? You don’t wanna sing? Okay.” The way he said that was so cute. Justin is such a great big brother!
    Does anyone know where Jaxon is? I haven’t seen him in any pictures with Justin and Jazmyn lately.

  2. awwwww!!!!!!! omg justin u r so sexy its not even funny and jazzy ur the cutest little girl in the world lone the video :-D

  3. that was so cute !! Justin I love you so much and my only dream in the world is to meet you !!! You are my inspiration !!! I love you !! IM your #1 fan !!! always and forever <3 <3 <3

  4. So cute!!!! I love u Justin u are the best!!!!Justin I love u with all my hart and my dream is 2 see u on person.and I am your 1 fan.I love u Justin!!!!!!!

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