Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on Illegal Immigrant Discussion!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez found themselves at the center of discussions surrounding Arizona’s tough immigration law on Wednesday (27Jun12) after a congressman used them to highlight flaws in the ruling, reports contactmusic.com

The controversial legislation, which was passed in 2010, gives Arizona police power to detain anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

Officials discussed the issues surrounding the ruling during a debate at the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, and Congressman Luis Gutierrez used Justin Bieber and girlfriend as an example of how complicated the law is.

Showing a picture of Selena, who was born in Texas but is of Mexican ancestry, next to her Canadian boyfriend, the congressman declared:

“These young people have overcome their very different national origins and become, apparently, a happy couple. I’m sure Justin helped Gomez learn all about American customs and feel more at home in her adopted country.

“Oh wait a minute, I’m sorry, because I’m not a trained Arizona official – I somehow got that backwards. Actually, Miss Gomez of Texas has helped Mr Bieber of Canada learn about his adopted country.

“Justin, when you perform in Phoenix, remember to bring your papers.”

Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Kanye West and Eva Longoria are among the other stars who have condemned the new law.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Brittbieber

    I knew Selena was Mexican in some way! They are so cute!

  • Brittbieber

    First AND second comment!

    • JaylaBieber

      What’s the point of saying first anyway?? O.o

  • JaylaBieber

    And I’m supposed to care why? Am I supposed to say congratulations to Selena that she helped Justin learn about his “adopted country” even though no one actually knows that?

    • JaylaBieber

      Mmkay. So I watched the video and from the way the guy was speaking of them, I got it.

  • haha

    hahahaha phags

  • Chanez

    This is just messed up!! Selena and Justin are from different countries but it doesnt change anything in their life!!

    • Justin Bieber

      well i have been teaching selena about canada….
      but i love you guys so so so much u are the best… check my new tattoo saying BELIEVE thanx and carry on commenting i love this site XXXXX :)

      • Briana

        Hey I love all of your music and etc…. Love ya

      • KONA


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        and i love u! can’t wait to see your next concert in brooklyn/new york!

      • cece

        justin bieber is the best! Even better is justin with selena. you are the cutest couple ever.LOVE U!!!!!

  • :)

    all human beings should be treated equally. justin knows that.

  • Saphire

    That is the stupidest law i have ever heard in my life. Poor justin and selena.

    • david b conway

      i do,nt care just about selena gomez how diffrent country she came from we still do,nt what selena gomez get,s married to justin bieber , love david conway

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        David SHut up you phaggot why don’t you go and phuck Roslina and Brenda?

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        @david b conway, DUDE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?!?!!!!!

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        David we all know you wont ever marry justin because he is not Gay

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        David you have some issues you need to get straighten ok (:

    • cece

      Saphire you are so right!!!!

  • belieberforever

    Don’t really get it……

    • david b conway

      what i ment to say just about that early comment about selena gomez , i just do,nt care just if she comes from mexico or to be a american girl in her country , just in our state,s that is what i ment to say pepole , love david b conway

      • david b conway

        but i still love her where ever she comes from , love david conway

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        your annoying dude every article I click on it somewhere commenting

        Just STFU

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      when did i say i was gay pepole , love david conway

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    poor justin nd sel

    • david b conway

      what i ment to say is that it doesn,t matter witch country that selena gomez , comes from just because she still can,t not get married any time soon in her future just with the haters and the pepole that do,nt love selena gomez , and both of them and still need permint just to get married theses days as well , love david

      • Loco212

        Wasn’t you on a different article saying rude things about Selena?????

  • Marlene

    Aww they look cute!

    • david b conway

      yes i did say some things rude about selena gomez , but i did change my mind than , pepole just because i have a problem with selena gomez , datting justin bieber , i did not say i hate them both them im only just disapoionted in selena gomez , and to let your pepole here just to know that i only come here on this web site just when we have jelena and the publiciy act game with selena gomez a,lot i just care how many issues on justin bieber only here i can do less here just about justin & selena gomez , any time of the week just if you do,nt what me here to much , love david conway

  • Ash

    - Okay, I don’t even understand half of that stupid law. WTF, this has to be a rumor. But they are a cute couple by the way.

    • Ash

      - Nevermind it’s not a rumor. SMH.

  • Hey

    For those of you that don’t understand it; if the new law is passed basically racial profiling will be legal in Arizona. Police will basically be allowed to assume that
    someone is an immigrant based on their appearance. The point trying to be made was that; if the law were to go through someone like Selena could be detained just because they are of Mexican decent, yet since Justin is Caucasian the police would not bother to think that he is not American.

    • Desss

      omg thats sooo sad and mean who ever came up with that law should be shot everyone should be treateed equally no matter what size color shape! shouldn’t matter

      • Hey

        I completely agree.

  • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

    Omfg that must suck for justin! He could have gotten into serious trouble idgaf about selena she can die ina hole and i wont gaf!
    @haha gtfo nobody likes u fàggót!

    • Hey

      You are such a cold hearted, spiteful person. You could go fall off a cliff and I can assure you that Justin wouldn’t care. Does it hurt knowing that he doesn’t know you exist? Does it anger you to know that Justin and Selena are in love? Do you ever get tired of wasting your life hating on somebody who doesn’t deserve it ? After going back and forth with you for a while these are the questions that keep popping into my head. I can’t wait for the day when reality hits you and you realize how immature you’re being.

      • trent

        @hey don’t even bother you are waisting you brain on this biggot. basically the law in arizona is if you are brown mostly latino they can legally check if you are legal or illegal.offcourse the congressman was making an example justin would be fine because he’s white.

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

      Actually justin knows i exist cuz i met him at a meet and greet. Dont believe me cuz idgaf. You call a stupid girl using her bf love?! Ha lmao. Yea trent the biggot here is right. Stop wasting ur brains (that is if u have one or even used it!) on me and focus on school kiddo.

      • Hey

        First off what reasons do you have to justify you saying that she’s using him? Second off you should be the last one telling somebody else that they need to go to school, considering that you don’t know the definition of “enlighten” and referred to it as a weird word on a previous article.

  • trent

    guys i saw the video its a senator or congressman named gutierez from puerto rican decent. he was making an example of what police in arizona is doing. by the way selena was born in texas and her mom is italian justin is canadian and basically if your skin is brown the police can check if you are illegal or not basically its called racial profiling.if you haven’t seen the video check you tube and search justin and selena and the guy its making an example of what police is now allow to do. in other words what they are doing its call racisim.

  • kaymon$eys

    lol i find it funny at the end when it talk about him porforming their and that he better bring his papers …idk if i should take wat their saying in a bad way or good way..i dont get it…and justins not ever registred here he cant ever vote if he wanted he said in a interview

    • rez

      its a serious issue ask a teacher or some one who knows about the law but basically the new law in arizona says that it doesn’t matter if you are legal resident if you are latino and most latinos there color is brown they can check for papers even if they are legal in the us. i got an example the nazis in germany did the same to the jews.some people call this law racist or racial. but basically is racial profiling.

      • david b conway

        im going to use my brains better than using in,salt to selena gomez , and to say that about this new law what do they think this is may i ask , this is not the year of racism in the 1960,s or the the 1970,.s or the 1980,s and why are they making this new law now , just when this is the election year 2012 , and the eilzbeth warren might be wining the election this year and she what,s to stop this problem just about the racism of meixcan,s , love david b conway

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    I cant believe that’s a law

  • love

    This pure racism this go against every thing america stand for i will snap if someone had check me in their computers see if legal because my skin.When ppl do stuff like this they show KKK or other racial society it OK to keep hating ppl because skin . were not olden day anymore cmon guy you can not be serious

  • love

    um their some mistake in the first comment

  • essie j

    justin looks so amazing :) and he will treat any girl like a queen :) i love him p.s selena bitch gomez looks like a dog with him ;) my opinion

    • Hey

      Lmao your comment is not only pathetic but also irrelevant.

  • Belieber!

    Ok, i don’t get anything! Is this normal English? Sorry but i’m not from amarica or england but can someone explain it in easy English?

    • Hey

      Basically they are saying that if law were to go through a police officer could question Selena’s citizenship and could assume that she was an immigrant just because she is of Mexican decent even though she is an American citizen. However it is less likely for a police officer to assume that Justin is not an American citizen because he is white.

  • Tiana

    I live in Arizona and this law annoys the hell outta of me. And they’re not gonna stop Justin cause he’s white they only stop the people who aren’t white in Arizona so he doesn’t need his papers just sayin

  • swagger

    that is dumb. Selena was born in Texas. Arizona get your sh*t together!.

  • a belieber for life

    who cares from what country they are from???!!! stupid people -_-

  • Belieber!

    But Selena is white so why would she need her papers???

  • LoveBeliebers

    Omg selena again and again.

  • Bieber lover

    Omg they make a good couple no comments about this I luv them soooooo much I’m there biggest fan ever and I luv Selena so why do some people hate so much it’s just she is soooooo pretty that’s why just saying (:

  • Kelly Gonzalez

    Isn’t selena gomez white & Mexican? & she isn’t even dark skinned O.o this shit is stupid & makes the U.S look bad SMFH :/ What has this world come to? D:

  • Mabs Bieber

    I think it’s cute

  • essie j

    to (HEY) it’s my comment i write what ever i want and who the hell r u judging my comment i’m a BELIEBER i love justin bieber to death you don’t have to like selena bitch gomez to be a belieber

  • hey guys 22

    you are so mean ESSIE and this law is stupid stupid pepole