Video! Justin Bieber Angry at Fans Calling them “Disrespectful”

Being very popular can be very frustrating. You don’t get the privacy you desire. Justin actually felt this way when he was waiting for girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Toronto Airport last weekend.

So when some fans came up to him to ask for an autograph + take pics, Justin was not happy at all, wanted to be left alone and called them being “disrespectful”.

However, Justin was nice enough to be able to take picture with fans that day! Fans started to follow him around and ask for pictures from the parking lot! See pictures below!

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.54.52 PM

What do you think of Justin’s attitude towards fans at the airport?


  • Syrine

    The fans were being rude to Justin but it was cut out from the video to make Justin look like the bad guy. That’s just so pathetic.

    • IHeartJerry

      Boyaaa suuper annoying when you have cameras in your face all the time. give that kid some privacy for gods sake

    • Sal Bieber

      He Loves us we all know but you know all the time Cameras ..
      He just some time Gets sick of this…and He needs some privacy ..Justin was not rude at all Neither Fans were…
      and i Understand to Fans too imm also a crazy fan of him i do love him so much and my wish is to meet him..its a Dream of all the Belibers..and he tries his best to fullfil their dreams and we see it too…
      so that was not really rude at all.

      • DestinyBelieber

        You guys Just Chill No one was Being rude We all know That yeah It’s hard dealing with a bunch of fans And I’m sure no one would like Being at a Airport just waiting for someone then A bunch of Fans come up to you. So you guys You don’t have to be so Sensitive about it we all know at the End of the day He Loves us. So just again CHILL.

      • david b conway

        dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and to justin bieber just in,case that justin bieber is planing to read this comment or not just from me , matter what happened at thoses fan,s i do think it is still a little bit just like 50 / 50 % rude just by both off them , what i mean to say from me to justin bieber is that just by looking at his past with selena gomez , i thought he said that he never loved selena gomez , before what a joke , and yes i was looking at justin bieber,s past with his relationship with selena gomez , just from the beinging of jelena projects started , and i do,nt give a DAM IF SELENA GOMEZ JUST HATE,S ME , LOVE DAVID B CONWAY

  • Lili

    He does have a right, just imagine having everything you do be on camera for the world to see, sometimes people just get angry about it but that doesn’t mean that Justin doesn’t love his fans, cuz we all no he loves us to death, he was just mad at the moment
    Plus most of his fans ate always hating on Selena for no reason

    • rebecca

      How do you know he loves us to death? XD
      Just because he says that he loves us doesn’t mean that he actually does.
      I know that he cares about his fans but don’t say that he loves us because the people that he ACTUALLY loves are selena and his family…..

    • Bub

      But the thingis he knows he has friends everywhere so he shouldent be suprised and that a once in a liftime for them to meet him so it’s not there fault that he dident put on a better costume

  • Lil

    Everyone has the right to privacy, and to be angry.

    • Toribooo

      Yes but these are fans wanting to see Justin. Without them he wouldnt be sitting at an airport waiting for his girlfriend selena gomez. I know if I saw justin bieber you would be doing what you could to get a picture and talk to him. Justin was being a hypocrit because on twitter he says oh I love my beliebers blah blah blah. And Justin needs to stay grounded because now hes turning on his own fans. If he said that to me i would be hella pissed. I would not be a fan because its not about the looks and his attitude. Just so rude. If that were any of us we would of done the same thing.

      • jbsnumber1fan

        i totallly agree with u. usally justin would b ahppy 2 take pics with fans and stuff so y is he mad about it now? tbh im a belieber and all but right now iwanna say justin was being a bitch no offense. i love him but he was bein a bitch. those grils just wanted 2 take pics like im sure i f he was unfaous and met his fave signer somewere he’d do the same ans the grils

  • Desss

    he has a right to be mad he has no privacy wht so ever anymore he cant get a break from cameras in his face all day everyday! if i was there i wouldve left him alone you guys dont see that he sometimes just want to be normal just sitting there waiting for a gf at the air port

  • Miz-Ke

    he has a right because people are bugging him and following him all day all videos show the bad in him but none of them show the good

  • fansuri

    i dnt think he should be like that to them even tho if they were very rude . yeah it makes sense for him to be angry but still without us he would not be the JB . if he wants privacy so much get thousand f bodyguard or just like disguise . we all love you and we will always support you . so please meeting you is like -10000 to 100 so we would not miss a chance to get a picture with you . but anyways i love you always we belieber love you and will always support you :) xoxo

    • Miz-Ke

      he has a right to be mad he has millions of girls in his face all the time and it’s alittle extreme to go as far and get more than 1 body gaurd and people would recognise him with the disguise

    • Annie Bieber

      Your kidding, right? “if he wants privacy so much get thousand f bodyguard or just like disguise”
      He’s tried to hide his relationship with Selena, he’s gotten many disguises, didn’t work out. Your not a belieber, your definitely a fan. Your comment is absolutely terrible. Never in my life have i read such a stupid comment.

  • razi

    he has a right to live a normal life, can’t the fans understand that he has to right to privacy. Don’t worry justin were with you!!!

  • susie

    those fans were being extremely rude. beliebers know justin doesn like pple in his face about his private life. PRIVATE LIFE! not their life! it was cut out of the video how rude they were being. that “fan” who edited it is just a jerk. he just was waiting for his girlfriend. not everything has to envolve us and u can clearly tell by the way he sounded. let him hav some what of a normal life.

  • justin i love you

    what ius the problem ? they are just want to take photo with him ? :/

    • someone.

      That’s the problem with fans like you. You’re stupid and don’t know how to let him have his privacy when he wants it.

    • truth

      your not him so you dont know how he felt, something called privacy, and lets be smart about this, if he were to get more than one body guard, that would really bring attension, he had a long day as he explained, your right he didnt have to snap like that but he has the rights too expecially when they kept respounding to everything he said. so instead of asking him what his problrm is, whats your problem. sure im not a a big fan of his, but i do respect him enough to back him up about that situation

  • hannah

    I can understand how he can be frustrated at times….but this time, he was being a little disrespectful. He could’ve said that he was tired in a nicer way instead of being disrespectful at them. The girls at the end is right when she said….that he’s there because of them. He knows that everywhere he goes….there are going to be people following him….so he does have the option to go in disguise.

    • Annie Bieber

      Who the hell wants to live a life in disguise everyday? How was Justin disrespectful he told them to wait, yes eventually he gave them what they wanted. I bet you’d be mad if you didn’t get privacy. That’s all he wanted, is that to much to ask for?

    • david b conway

      just in,case that you do read my comment above , i still care about and love justin bieber i do,nt what justin bieber just to get hurt by selena gomez , i still love justin bieber,s music , the only thing that bother,s me just about justin bieber his blind , why did he say in the past post comment about there personal relationship was part of selena gomez , publilcy act , just when selena gomez , was hinding her face just from the pap.s , love david conway

  • Ella

    Wel, i saw d video. D thing z both parties 2 me r well ryt. Yeah he has a ryt 2 b mad cos dey wer cuttin in on his alone tym n yeah wat r d chances of runin in2 him on a normal day d fans culdnt help demselves, bt 2 help each oda mayb he shuld hv prepard beta 4 it lyk takin d photos n comments til his gf came or disguisd himself properly. Fans’l alwys neva b satisfyd JB, i suggest u gt usd 2 d lyf n make innovatns wer necessary. Ciao.

    • Sara Correa

      I suggest you learn how to type.

  • Kieren Paola

    Well I understand Justin of course we must give him also a chance you know that.. He’s also a human like us.. But of course were going to be some what sad to, because it’s like you’ve waited so long for this and he won’t allow you take take a pic/autograph you will feel so bad. But I still Love him lol haha, Just nevermind that. I think Justin is regreting right now for what he did to his Beliebers :/

  • diana castillo

    Justin should be mad if the beliebers were gonna come up to get autograph they should have done it at a concert

  • mari

    i’m betting justin had already written 100 autographs and taken 100 pictures when he said that. And really, i cant blame him, i’m sure he just wanted to go home with his girlfriend, they haven’t had much time lately, and judging by the fact that he had his hood on and you could hardly see his face, it meant that he wanted to be alone. and i get it if he feels disrespected, he told them many times to stop..

  • J.

    I agree with what he said, I don’t love Justin but I don’t hate him either, and I think that you people should let him have his privacy at least once in a while because we all want our privacy and being a celebrity is real hard because you’re always being followed and people are watching every single thing you do.

  • Morgan

    Ok yea those fans were being um how do I put this in a gentle way…. BRATS, they were invading his privacy, poor guy was just waiting for his girlfriend, even though we have never seen this side of him, I think he is just getting a little annoyed by it. We need to give him some space no matter how gorgeous he is….. and his girlfriend Selena too, stop sending hate just because she is dating him, and I am not so fond of her either, but I at least have the common courtesy to not threaten her LIFE!!! Come on beliebers get it together he has his OWN life…

  • justin i love you

    i don’t agree with what he said . i love justin and i don’t hate him but the fans just want a take photo and autographs :) , but nevermind i will always love him :) well i understand him :)

    • iSmileAt_BIEBER

      The thing is that before this was shot, he took pics and signed autographs with them.. they just wanted more after that.

      • JBFanforever

        I agree it was the girls at falt.

      • bieberbabe19

        ouh they wanted more? ok i guess that is rude of them

  • Kaitlyn

    Those fans were the ones being very rude. If i was there i would walk up to him and say HI without causing anything crazy.

  • aine

    this is why, if i saw justin bieber, i’d be too afraid to go up to him cos i’d feel like i’m intruding :/ i don’t want a picture with jb if he’s gonna look all sad in it

    • KatieLovesJustinNoMatterWhat

      I feel the EXACT same way! :/ especially if he was with his friends or Selena or something..

  • believe in both

    jutin need privercy he human he just landed a couple hours early before selena and he also just come back from a tour so he has not seen her for some time so all he want is to hold her and see her is that to much to ask he was wating all day and then on twitter fan started blaming selena i mean she has not lanede yethe love his fan u dont have to ask him that he took pic for fan just that fan keep coming back for more the fan wasrude and they cute that bite out to make him look bad. leave him alone so he can give his girlfriend a huge and kiss in peace without people alway on his back demanding for something u may be waiting all day but so has he.LUV JUSTIN N SELENA JELENA FOREVER

    • katzy

      your right, buddy….now, i’m wondering those people are his real fans or they’re the haterz…..hukmmmmm…….guess he just mad at the moment, maybe he was tired on waiting for Selen……..i bet he doesn’t mean to said those words………he’s deserve to see his girl and that’s not a big deal, u know????……who’s said that Justin was rude, then they’re not belieber….they’re not deserve it……

  • Amelia

    Justin wouldn’t have even been there waiting for selena gomez if it weren’t for his fans. He wouldn’t have even met her. Yeah he deserves privacy but all the fans wanted was a picture and an autograph. He owes them that much at least.

    • Larsa

      It’s unfortunate, but true, if the fans leave him and he doesn’t have his fame, then his gf will also leave him.

    • bieberbabe19

      i agree with u, its just sad :(

  • Silvia

    yeah Justin must have privacy but they are fans! they waited him and Justin can’t call them disrespectful…. i’m without words!

  • Belieber

    everyone has a right for private life. and I agree with the Beliebers that say that this video was edited to make Justin look bad. i can understand him. but i understand those fans also like maybe it was their first time seeing Justin and they were really hyper about it. but if so they still have to show respect towards him.

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    I really wanna say this is not justin’s fault but it is. he was rude to his fans at all.
    ıf I was here probaply I would cry…….. I mean they can’t see justin every day and maybe this was the one in their life so he should respect us he is not a normal people.
    he is the boy who stole millions of girls heart and one of the biggest pop star on the earth !!!! cuz of who ?? cuz of us (BELİEBERS) He can’t be anywhere without us.
    WE are fighting for him to live his dreams not his girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ or OTHERS (NO HATE) so he should respect us everywhere and everytime cuz OUR dreams is he …………….. SORRY THİS WAS UR FAULT JUSTİN but still LOVE U and I know u are not bad boy……..I believe that but try to understand us more plzz <3

    • belive in both

      his fan kept coming back for more he took pic and signed a couple thing but he went to pick up selena so he need his time and the fan where disrespectful to him he has the right he knows why he is her he had a long day and all he wanted to do is surprise selena at the airport and he only landed a couple hours earlier so he was jetlaged all he wanted to do is see selena and give her a huge and kiss that not to much to ask when he is with his fan like all the time he love his fan and also love selena he need to be normal and cant alway play as a role of a celeb let him be <3 LUV JUSTIN AND SELENA JELNA FOREVER

      • Catrina Lamor

        Ugh shut up I can’t stand that name! like first of all where they get that name form jelena it is really annoying then I thought it will be -.-.

  • belieber

    i agree with justin,he has the right to privacy…so people should leave him alone at least once in a while..ofcourse he’s a human like us…i know if i was there l’d be too excited and can’t help without seeing and taking a photo of him but that’s not their fault they just wanted some pictures & autographs..

  • autumnNicole

    You have to understand from his prospective that he just want to be there for selena.
    How would you feel if you were in his position????? He have not seen her in what a month ?? He was just focused on seeing her not to be bubarbed by uncaring fans he even said I will take pictures after.This video is nothing but dog shit.

  • swaggie

    all he wants to do is see his girlfriend. I don’t blame him one bit. Sometimes the fans can be selfish and greedy and just do not know when to give him space. Just has rights just like everybody else. The boy is tired and wants to see his honey that he hasn’t seen in so long. Cut him some slack, poor Justin.

  • Emma

    Well you can’t really blame the fans. I mean if you had the chance to meet Justin wouldn’t you take it? I know I would. Though I do respect that Justin wants his privacy, he should know by now from being famous for a while that there’s always gonna be cameras, and fans. I know I would heartbroken if I waited all day to see Justin, and then when I asked for a picture he would say no. I’m still a belieber and I still love Justin, but maybe he should look at it from a fan’s perspective.

  • justin♥

    I think that Justin has the right to privacy, but he does not need to be rude to his fans! I mean if you think you’d see Justin on the street, Would you, you ask for an autograph or a picture? All of us fans would go to ask for! Without us Justin would not be famous … and he probably would be selena. He himself has chosen this life! All the celebrities have the same problem, their fans follow them everywhere! i ♥ justin!

    • swaggie

      @Justin<3 i think he does not want to be seen with Selena. You know how private he is when it comes to his private life. I bet you if it was just an everyday thing if he was by himself he probably would have stopped and sign some autographs. There are many celebrities that do not like to be bothered in airports, of all places really?. Yes he has chosen this life but i think at times he wants to be "normal". He went there to pick up his girlfriend, not greet fans.

      • david b conway

        dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that ,i can understead that justin bieber needs to have private time with selena gomez , but the question i have to ask is that is part of beinging a celebartity just like justin bieber and selena gomez , love david b conway

  • cady

    I kinda understand justin’s point of view, but on the other hand I also understand the fans point of views I undersand that its hard for him not have some kind of privacy and always have pepole around him taking some kind of pictures/videos of him it can be realy annoying, but on the other hand I mean you have to undersatnd the fans also its not like everyday you meet justin bieber on the airport or on the subway and lets be honest if it wouldn’t be for us he wounld’d even meet selena he wouldn’d even be wating on that airport rigth now so the lesat he can do is be a little more respectful to his fans I undersatnd it must be annoying to be followed around everywhere you go but on the end of the day he kinda chosed that life so he kind have to live with it now p.s to the belibers on here who would be saying that I’m not a realy belieber just because I didn’t compleatly agree with him are wrong I am a real beliber, being a real belieber dosen’t mean u have to agree with anything he says or do it means to suport him everywhere you can.