• Cuz it’s fun and an accomplishment.You’ve never had one here.Unless if you did,you’d be talkin about yourself too.

      • No, not really.
        I don’t see in any way it’s an accomplishment to be the first or second on a page that’s just giving information. And I honestly don’t care if I haven’t been first or second here.

      • Yes,it’s an accomplishment because it helps if you see something new on here and it helps you to quickly get there and comment first or second.
        Besides,please child.I don’t want to fight.I have better things to do than fight with young teenagers on a website full of children hiding behind a computer screen.It helps. :)

      • @Harry Style’s Girlfriend
        I’m gonna need you to elaborate on how commenting first and second helps you see something new and gets you somewhere quickly.

      • You don’t get it.In 5-6 years you’ll get it.
        It helps to speed yourself up to get somewhere faster on the web! You still don’t get it? Wait for another 5 years.Then,you could come back here and prove me wrong!But,for right now,I’m right!! :l

      • And please.I already told you guys on my last comment that I don’t wanna fight with a bunch of 13-14 year olds! Plz.Stop.I stopped then,you started it up again. :(

      • @Harry Style’s Girlfriend
        I seriously doubt that. I just can’t even explain how stupid that even sounds right now. Who the hell will get that? It doesn’t matter how old anyone is. In 5 to 6 years, it will still sound stupid as it does now.

      • I already told you I don’t wanna fight! I can’t wait to tell Bieber how rude you so called beliebers are!!! If you wanna be mean,I’ll be mean.I will snap back.

      • Tell me how that is mean. All I said was that it sounded stupid. If you went up to some random person and was like, “Hey! Did you know if you comment first or second on a website it makes you get faster on the internet?” Would they or would they not say that sounds stupid? In all honesty, I think they would.

      • Ok,look.Do you want a fight or something? Cuz seems whenever I wanna go away or say Bye,you just keep trying to prove yourself right! Just leave me alone!! I guess i’m nicer than you!!! Just leave me alone.If you were nice,you’d leave someone alone… stop hiding behind a computer screen insulting and trying to prove yoursel right!!!!

      • kk every one plz stop fighting there is NO point!!!! @harry style’s girlfriend just wateva let it go!!!! and @irish belieber and whoever else plz just let it go too! if u cant get along dont talk to each other. Every one is being immature so just be mature and get over it!!! byee!!!!!! and im not sure if this will show up under the “Cuz it’s fun and an accomplishment.You’ve never had one here.Unless if you did,you’d be talkin about yourself too.” comment but its really to every thing u guys have sed to each other! Q U I T I T !!!!!!!!!

        icuraqt thats me kiwi <3

      • hey you can we be friends and whats you real name harry style’s girlfriend.. hey do you know nile form 1d i know that you because you dating harry styles…….. get back to me asap thxs

      • She’s not 19……she keeps changing her age every so often. I’ve seen her call herself 11…13…AND 18 so far

      • That’s cuz I didn’t want u guys to know how old I really am… I aint givin’ you any personal info.. think twice before you go out and hide behind a computer screen telling someone else that they’re not 19 if they really are! You don’t know me,and also this isn’t your fight so get out of it! Jealous,little liar.If you’re going to tell me I’m no 19 and u don’t know me,then, im going to tell you that u don’t have a boyfriend or never have! And I don’T KNOW YOU. Lol. You’re a nightmare.And no one wants a nightmare. :P

      • I do. In fact, I enjoy nightmares. They make me happy. -_-’
        But in all seriousness, just don’t say your age at all then because I seriously doubt it’s relevant to anyone.

    • Whoa whoa whoa. First of all he is not white, he is Canadian. And second of all, he’s not a boy. I mean, XD he is a boy, I meant to say second of all, he wears his pants like that. It’s his style. His idea of swag.

  1. @HarryStyle’sGirlfriend
    Okay, tell me. In what way has your life changed when you commented first or second etc. How has it changed you as person? huh? And what are on about on “helps if you see something new on here and it helps you to quickly get there and comment first or second”. Dude, seriously, your not going to win a freaking prize if you comment first or second.

  2. And dude don’t start to whine!
    I’m actually 12. I’ve won various prizes online and offline. Never for just saying “first” or “second” for anything. And I do understand. My mother and father own an internet cafe so I’m pretty sure I’m qualified for the ‘web’.

  3. I agree with you @ irish belieber. @ harry styles girlfriend is really annoying, TOO annoying in fact. She fighted with me just bcauz she doesn’t like my name! how funny is that

    • Umm. Stop gossiping about me.Watch when you get into high school again.I can insult someone in a nice way,unlike you who stands behind a computer screen calling someone “annoying” through the web!! You don’t know me ,so how do you know im annoying? Don’t get your attitude stuck on the door for the 100th time! Your living hell here will begin… lol.I’m sure if you’re going to call me annoying.I gotta say you’re a skunkbag.Shall I say you’re a douchebag too? I know you couldn’t read the word DOUCHEBAG.So here’s how to pronounce it!

      • I am really confused about your comments…..you say you are the mature one, yet you keep acting like a child. You say that you are 19, yet you are still in high school. Your comments all contradict each other. So I am a little confused.

      • 19 is in college.Silly! :P and also,im not the one acting like the CHILD.JaylaBieber is always starting the fight once i end it.Not ma fault!

      • We say you’re anoying because of your comments. People can see who you are as a person through yourcomments. Thought you knew that as a 19 year old. Not trying to be mean.

  4. Selena Gomez should dump Justin and date Jesse. Jesse knows how to sing live too! Justin is a Jesse Mccartney wannabe and a copy cat.

  5. DO you see now @ harry styles girlfriend. You r the one who start shuffles not US! look at everyone taking my side now!

      • Simple how u guys keep calling my class FAKE?!?
        Lol…. You mean you’re a robot? Hello.Did I stutter? I said on my last 200 comments that I didn’t wanna fight.If You live in PA.you’d see me.Do you keep calling me fake and my classes fake cuz u want more info?!?! HELL NO.I don’t want to cuz u might stalk me.Leave me alone,douchebag.

      • Then, DON’T REPLY. I was talking to her dumbass. I don’t give a flying f/ck about your classes. Fake or not. Your story, you tell it.
        Since you’re supposedly “19″ how about you act more mature than you are now? And, bro, you need some new comebacks because those are WEAK as hell.

      • Harry Style’s Girlfriend isn’t 19 by the way. She’s used like 3 ages so far, keeps changing it.

      • @someone123,If you don’t know how old I really am.Don’t say anything at all!!! You don’t just hide behind a computer screen all day callin’ someone not 19! Or how old they really are!!
        Get your facts straight before you go and judge someone that they aren’t who they really are!
        K? So immature,little girl… my neice is more mature than you will ever be.Yes,she uses the internet but,she doesn’t tell someone that they aren’t 19 if they really are! My gosh.Immature little twits.

  6. Guys, sorry for everything.
    I didn’t mean to get rude or start an argument with anyone.
    So sorry @Harry Styles Girlfriend.

  7. :O am I the only one noticing that Jerry is the only thing keeping his trousers up? Like seriously any lower and he’d be free!

  8. OMB! That guy is so lucky! I wish I was him(: & If only Justin’s pants were lower! c;< Love You Justin<3 If only he knew about this page<3

    • Okay u guys need to stop. U R suppose to talk about Justin and He looks what u all of u guys say about him. I think if I were him I wouldn’t want to know any of u. U guys r just being mean selfish JURKS. and I HAVE SEEN him and met him he very nicce once u get to know him So just come down all of uuuuu okay

      • Nice job taking u into the third person Justin hahah keep txting me and respond to my comments phone buddy for life Sydney

  9. omg..he’s growing up my baby :’)
    hehe am I the only 18 yr old here who is a JB fan?? Cuz my friends think that IOm too old for him.. :(

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