Justin Bieber Likes Older Women + Running Around Naked -Video Interviews

Justin Bieber tells HOT97 Angie Martinez he likes older woman + running around naked.

38 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Likes Older Women + Running Around Naked -Video Interviews

  1. aisha

    yeah first again for this day cool love u so much jb love u so much please go to smallgirlsbigdreams.com.weebly

      1. david b conway

        im older than justin bieber , and i just had my birthday weeks a,go and now im 50 years of age now , and i do,nt what to see any naked women next to me at all , love david conway

      2. ilovejustinbieber

        he does not need help! and why do you always put love david conway at the end of what ur saying? its just a post, not a letter :-/

      3. JaylaBieber

        Your 50 years old and don’t want to see any naked women next to you? I’m gonna take a wild stab in the dark here and say you’re probably gay because that’s basically every guy’s dream unless they’re gay.

    1. 123

      Not a chance, Him dating you will be like you trying to win a million dollar lottery. SOrry to break it to you

      1. Ash

        - Haha, you so mean. But hey, never say never right. He might fall in love with one of his fans one day… never know.

  2. Danielle

    Um no offense to Justin, but I feel like he’s trying to copy Harry Styles from One Direction. I mean, Harry likes to be naked and go’s out with older women….No Hate Beliebers!

    1. JaylaBieber

      For some reason, the title and caption is saying that he runs around naked but he never said that. A lot of guys (for some reason) go out with girls older than them.

  3. essie j

    he didn’t say he love older women …he said older women start loving my music because they didn’t love his songs before…. that’s it….now old generation young generation they all love his music cause he rocksss :) and who doesn’t run around naked alone in his house ;d i do i love you justin :)

  4. chanel

    love how justin can be so open and honest. Justin and selena belong together. They have an amazing Chemistry and the love for each other. Justin just adores selena and really respect her. no wonder they are so in love with each other. I sure hope one day they can be engaged for a long time and when they are both ready then they can get married. stay married and not get divorce like the other celeb couple who aren’t just right for each other.


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