Justin Bieber New Tattoo BELIEVE, Left Arm!

Justin Bieber’s new #BELIEVE tattoo, in honor of his new album, BELIEVE!!

Justin Bieber shows Ddavid Letterman the new tattoo he got in honor of his new CD, “Believe.” Watch it below!


  • JessLovesBieber

    i like his tattoos :)

  • jsha

    I Love u jb.

    • jsha

      U r :) soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo hot and so cute. :-D love u biebs

  • Big fan, huge!

    Please don’t ink your whole body, some are ok, but not your whole body. Your man enough without them.

    • marialouk10

      i agree with this you are so truth !!

      • JessLovesBieber

        he knows better…. hes just getting things that mean alot to him…. like believe, we believed in kidrauhl <3 and now look at him :D

  • sasha

    omg i love you seleana <3

  • Jessie

    Absoutly love the tattoo it looks so cool!!

  • #BieberForever:)

    Well, nice tattoo! But, I, personally don’t want him to get alot of tattoos. But, it IS his life, so he should enjoy it & live it! Besides, yolo. :)

  • Tattoo

    I called it!!!! I saw it when he was at Z100 interviews!! I’m awesome!

    On a personal note, I love all of his tattoos!!

  • hehe

    Eh EH EH EH!!!!!! lol oh canadians… gotta love em :)

  • Bieber

    Love you

  • Gabrielle

    Well it’s kinda cool on u,but i don’t lyk tatoos on u,u are handsome as u are with no tatoo cus u are justin bieber and u are a beliber!

  • Never SAY Never

    Hey Friends go to Justin lyrics song hey girl a surprise for you fast go go go …run

  • triswift


  • nicole

    ehhhh….I know he’s not gay….but this tattoo is so gay.

    • Lee

      Are u sure hes not???

    • REBEL!!! get used to it

      ok he’s dating selena he’s not gay so what if he got a tattoo i’ve got one just like it just the writing is different because it had to speak to me in it own way and maybe his does to him!!!

  • nicole

    such a lame tattoo…the font…the placement…everything about it is SO lame. I hope he gets it removed. He could have gotten one that is so much better and that still represented his album. that tattoo looks like a preschool font.

    • JessLovesBieber

      if ur gonna hate dont comment :P

      • nicole

        it’s not hate, it’s an opinion. I love justin, I don’t have to agree with everything he does though.

  • Don pee

    Yeah iz coooooool u look 9ce men

  • ew

    Really Justin? You inked “believe” on yourself? Not to mention the fact that it looks like a font off my computer? Ew. Just ew. Everyone who actually likes this tattoo is lying to theirselves.

    • JessLovesBieber

      um if ur gonna hate dont comment…. i actually like his tattoo and u cant tell him what to get a tattoo of…. its something special to him

      • REBEL!!! get used to it

        i agree with jess if your gonna be a jerk why open your mouth at all or even get on this site no one wants to hear what you have to say so shut up!!!

  • Danielle:-)

    LOVE IT!!

  • jsha

    I love his tattoo.

  • jsha

    Follow me on twitter @jsha_n . I’ll follow u back. :)

  • loveyajb

    i like the tattoo, and i like the font.. 1st thing i noticed about it!

    • JessLovesBieber

      right! i like how the color like fades :D

      • loveyajb

        me too! It fits who he is, and i love it!

  • Saloni

    Nice Tattoo JB

  • dawg

    awesome but i dont really like the font tho

    • Fanisha Chance

      i love u justin bieber.. i hope u still couple with SELENA MARIE GOMEZ.!! LOVE U <3

  • Hannah

    Cant believe it I got believe tattooed on my foot last week!! Wahhoo

  • Semi

    Bileber forever+:-)+:-)+:-)

  • belieberforever

    This is his best yet!! I love him!

  • Thats

    Some ugly childish font..really dude..at least get something that doesn’t look like a 12 year old.

    • nicole

      100% agree

    • REBEL!!! get used to it

      if you cant be nice be gone you friggin jerk its people like you who need to check their own insecurities before you go judging someone else!!!



  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    nice tatto

  • Bieber Fan

    i like his new tattoo it looks cute on him!

  • 123

    that’s the gayest tatoo ever!

    • JessLovesBieber

      if ur gonna hate DONT COMMENT.. thanks

      • 123

        it’s MY opinion so go suck some monkey balls

      • Haha

        Quit worshiping the dude ur not Guna ever meet him and ur lil comments mean nothing. If he told u guys to do something you all would. Pathetic.

      • beliebers

        she pobably would when he come so u go and suck someone off ;(

    • REBEL!!! get used to it

      wow all of you are really immature why should jess be put down for being a decent person and defending someone… you all should really take a lesson in how to be a person instead of cold hearted souless bastards!!! and just so you know i’m actually older than justin and if you dont like it so much why are YOU on his fan site!!!