Justin Bieber Reveals He Has 5 Tattoos! Bethenny Show!

Justin Bieber on Bethenny show

Justin Bieber told Bethenny about his tattoo and how each one means something special to him. Watch their whole chat Thursday, June 28th!

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  • Ana Marija

    I like him but i think he has to much tattoo s

  • Ana Marija

    cute and hot

    • acelyn

      he is cute and hot .

    • kerry bieber

      he is gorges im goin to see him in concert 3 times cant wait hes mines

  • maddielovesJB

    2nd look at his face when he shakes his head what a hottie and lol when its not justin bieber show off his body hour hahahahhhhhahahah

  • jsha

    I luv him n his all tattoos.

  • SwagMaster_3194

    omfg!!! his face when the girl asked to see them!! omfg!! priceless!! love him!! he is sooo smexy!!

  • Nicole

    Lol that is Funny

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    he look hot. lol


    Justin is beautiful without the tatoos .

  • SumGirlWhoThinksJustinBeiberIsAwsome

    i think justin’s tattoos r sexy but i hope he doesn’t get TOO many

  • Belieber

    My baby!

  • 1Dbieberluv

    lol his face when then asked to see them…..priceless..justin is so funny, i love his tattoos

  • Honey

    Wait! what’s the fifth one?

    • Love Katie 14

      Yeah does’nt he only have 4? Please help!

    • Ana Marija

      The fifth one is a tattoo on his left hand
      and it s called believe he got it the day his album came out.
      For the Beliebers
      Love JB.

      • Honey

        But there’s the bird one, Jesus, Arabic one, and believe what’s num 5

    • JessLovesBieber

      he has 5 the bird, the hands that r praying on his calf jesus on his other calf jesus in like arabic or another language lol and believe :D

      • gedeona bieber

        it jesus in hebrew

      • Love Katie 14

        Oh yeah i forgot about the hands on calf. Thanks :)

  • Love Katie 14

    I love justins tattoos :) but i hope he doesn’t get to many more

  • dipti

    i think these tattoos r 2 much, but i still love JB sooooooo much :)

  • Desss

    i dont think he has alot its only 5 its not like he has a full sleeve his face though aha when the girl asked can we see them! aha he’s sooo hot i love him<3

    • nani

      i totally agree!

  • Appie

    The fifth is that hand on his leg. under Jezus his face

  • srihari

    You are so cute.
    Follow me in @sriharijustin

  • IGnOrE tHe HaTeRs

    HEy anyone online, I’m really bored wanna talk?

    • iyana luvs justin bieber

      Ill talk to u

  • mckenzsiem@aol.com

    my baby

  • @JarielizBieber

    WELL HONESTLY I LOVE JUSTIN SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !! IM A BELIEBER TO DEATH BUT I dont WANT JUSTIN TO KEEP DOING TATTOOS I MEAN HES TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE & ADORABLE FOR THAT.. Like i like the small tattoos he has But i dont like that one he did of God like i think It does’nt Look rite on him Because hes too adorable for that is like to getto for his cute buddy .. Ugh I cant explain This lol. BUT I STILL LOVE U JUSTIN !!

    • Diana Bieber

      i agree !! :D

  • Diana Bieber


  • Amanda Marie Rivera

    OMG! That’s a lot! But it’s funny When he said ” it’s not Justin-Bieber-show-his-body hour” HA HA :) :D

  • gabby

    there’s the bird, the arabic,the believe , and the jesus… whats the last one?

    • JessLovesBieber

      the hands that r praying on his other calf ;)

      • Lyla

        i thought he had one on his elbow of a star

  • Victoria

    Woah, since when did we have thumbs up things?

    • Amanda Marie Rivera

      I don’t now. I just notice it today. :/

  • gedeona bieber

    lol its not justin bieber show off his body hour ha lol hes face was so cute priceless

  • essie j

    justin looks so gorgeous :) i love him …he is amazing ;)

  • messicNbelieber

    can someone please tell me where you can watch this episode if you have cable??

  • alysssa Styles,Malik,Horan,Tomlinson,Payne

    I hate ‘Beaver’ i only like his music im sorry i loved him when he was just a young bly when he wasnt snob.. now he is. I was there when he was being rude to his fams at the Canadian airport i was like omg i hes such a snob! Hes 3x rude to his fans now he yelled at his fans to leave him alone,the he said he doesnt think his fams really love him like wtf is wrong with him like really?!!!

    • Traci

      Its All because of Selena. She is changing Justin Completely!

    • Amanda Marie Rivera

      That was along time ago. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Wendy

    I watched it today but missed the end because Fox had a Special Stupid News Report! It ruined my whole day!

    • Amanda Marie Rivera

      Just go to YouTube.com/ Bethany so you can see the ending. And worry people hate the news these days. Well, except for adults of course.

    • Amanda Marie Rivera

      Sorry I misspelled its youtube.com/bethenny

  • jasmine !

    lmao his eyes got big when she said “can we see them ? all of them ? ” lmaoo he so cute <3