Justin Bieber Shopping Bagpack at MCM London

Justin Bieber shopping at MCM store in Sloane Street London. Justin actually requested a private shopping session and was welcomed by the store manager.

The manager took him around, showing him the new collection, including his all time favourite: the Stark backpack. For his visit, Justin was dressed in zip details jeans, graphic hoodie and flashy sneakers.

Justin’s favourite products were the Stark backpack in black, beige and cognac, the backpack, leather jacket and tee-shirt, MCM’s Heritage line belt and the Stark keyring (how cute!). After trying on everything, he left the store with bags full of goodies.

Keep an eye out for Justin wearing MCM in the coming weeks!!

  • Believe❤✨

    He looks awesome!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN,

    • Belieber #1

      he ALWAYS looks awesome!

  • Jerry Is Mine

    2nd <3

    • Jerry Is Mine

      and he’s gorgeous <3

      • Weeeeeeeee

        hes a whorebag

  • Belieber #1

    ♥♥ love him! He look’s like heaven! LOVE JB!!

    • Caroline


  • Fan 1

    Why does he need a bag !? Didn’t he jusy graduated !?!?!?

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    cool backpack

  • Justin Bieber Ninja

    Cool backpacks!I Need to go and get a backpack from that shop!Cool jacket,Justin!I Think I Saw some pics of you in that jacket before!The pics were cute!

  • jsha

    I like u r your sence of style 8-) . I like ur bagpack also. U are lookin like an cute angel. :)

  • jess Bieb

    what? i thought he already owned a bag, it’s the exact same model, just different color. I don’t like it when he wastes money. But it’s his money so i guess he can do waht he likes with it


    Weeeeeeeee ! Are you frustrated by your unsuccessful sexual life , then you
    hate Justin Bieber ?

  • Liam

    what trainers/sneakers is he wearing in this photos?

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Everything looks good on Justin it’s like every time i see him he’s dressed up fabulous!!

  • nothing but love for all

    If someone knows, this would really help me!
    I live in Sweden and I’m going to London soon, my brother and really wants to get in to MCM’s store cause we don’t have it here..

    Where do I find this store? (Street and everything)

    I found pics of a store on Sloane Street, is THESE pics taken from that store, cause in other pics of that store is it like small woman handbags..

    PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I GO, just got one chance…