Justin Bieber Shoved a Birthday Cake in Scooter’s Face

VIDEO from last week event! After giving a concert in front of adoring fans at The Apollo theater, Justin Bieber sang Happy Birthday to Scooter Braun to celebrate his birthday (June 18) and then shoved a cake in his face.

  1. I don’t know why the fansite is updating news from lastweek?If this happened last week then you should update it last week. and the video of this is available since lastweek.

    • ok emma you need to calm down justin has a very busy life unlike you he dosent have time to sit in front of his computer trolling like a onion!!!

      back off i called dibs on justin sexyface years before you even heard of him.

  2. Oh My Bieber !! I wish i was that CAKE ! LOL i dont mind going on scooters face hes cute ;D And of course i dont mind JUstin touching me lol “D

  3. Hi JB i am throwing a party in my grandma’s house. And i was wondering if you could come and sing and if it is ok with you i could sing with you and i will practice not having stage fright but i am getting the hang of it so i dont have it every time i go on stage but i wont have it when i am singing with you ! so i will give you an invitation when i come to your concert in Dubai March 2012 but which March? my dad is asking. And i also need to talk to you about the concert in Dubai about the row i am in,the row i am in is last ! i was so mad that i was going to lift the heavy chair again (i am a girl) so is there any chance you could move 3 places to fan pit? please please more than the biggest number in the whole wide world if yes,stand next the entrance door and i will tell you that i am the one then move me please GRAZIE that means thanks in Italy but i am from Kuwait but in a Italian club from your Biggest fan and Beliber Bibi

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