Justin Bieber’s new Fragrance “Girlfriend” Contest

Justin invites you to submit your “girlfriend” version of “boyfriend.”

Hurry!! you’ve got only 48 hours to submit.
The submission period STARTS at 12:01am EST (June 6), and ENDS 11:59pm EST (June 7). More info visit justinbiebersgirlfriend.com/

Only you: To be eligible to win the Contest you must be the only person in your video, but you can upload videos of you and your friends for fun.

Only if you’re old enough: For anyone that is under 13 years old, we love you, but we cannot accept your submissions. And if you are under 18, be sure your parents agree to you entering the contest.

Use only music provided: Be sure to download and use the music track provided. If your video uses other music, or lyrics from another song, it will not be accepted.

Rewrite the lyrics: Don’t forget to create your “Girlfriend” version of “Boyfriend” lyrics.

Keep it simple and original: Do not include material in the video that you have no rights to, including, third-party branding in lyrics, on clothing, props, or in background of video, names and images of celebrities (other than Justin of course), movie or TV clips, artwork, etc. We just want to see you singing your lyrics and the chorus provided, that’s it. Show us what a star you are!

Keep it clean: No profanities or profane gestures in video; nothing obscene, abusive, violent, illegal or offensive; don’t include anything racist or sexist; don’t depict nudity, sexual activity. Simply put, make your video something everyone can watch, and in good taste.

Keep it private: Don’t use your friend’s or any person’s last name, telephone numbers, street address or email address.

Provide complete information: Be sure to fill out your contact information so we can contact you if you win the contest.

Follow the rules and be patient: Remember that all submissions will be moderated, so if there is a delay in your video posting live this means it’s still in review. But remember, we cannot post your video if you don’t follow the rules.

More info visit justinbiebersgirlfriend.com/

  1. JayJay
  2. JayJay
  3. Fiona
  4. JerryLovesMe;)
  5. Bieber-fever
  6. ignore the haters
    • JaylaBieber
  7. Yeddz Corpuz
  8. Irish Belieber
  9. Alexus Bieber
    • lexi
  10. Gabrielle
  11. Gabrielle
    • Anna
      • bieber101
  12. Widy
  13. Hayls
  14. Olivia Bieber
    • Natasha
      • bieber101
    • Sammiee'
  15. tai
  17. courtney prater
  18. I
  19. marisa
  20. I
  21. Singer bieber
  22. I
  23. SJ Bieber
  24. kathy
    • bieber101
  25. jsha
  26. Harry Styles's Girlfriend
    • bieber101
  27. #BieberForever
    • vivianabieber1
    • Jeliah
      • bieberluver
    • bieber101
      • hey
  28. Belieber 4 LIFEEEE
    • jsha
  29. Harry Styles's Girlfriend
    • Tariro vimbiso
  30. Tati Bieber
    • bieber's gf

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