Justin Pranked Scooter: “I Wet the Bed… Often”

Justin Bieber has hijacked his manager’s Twitter account and seized the opportunity to post a few cheeky tweets on Scooter Braun’s behalf.

“hahaha. look who left their twitter open by mistake! priceless. I LOVE JUSTIN. He is the greatest. I wish i had more hair,” Justin wrote Sunday after reportedly finding Scooter’s account open.

Justin retweeted that message from his own account, sending it out to his 23 million followers. But he wasn’t done. Also tweeting as Scooter, Justin wrote:

”i wet the bed…often”; “my name is Scooter…im over 30 and I still have the name of a toy” and “#PRANKED”. 

Scooter seemed to have a sense of humor about Justin’s prank. He tweeted:

“not cool. for my friends..that wasnt me. 18 year old kid snatched up my twitter. I apologize. Im back. I only wet the bed sometimes.”

“debating if i should erase the tweets of my being pranked. it is kinda funny but my grandmas check my twittre and they wont get it,”.

“and yes…revenge will be mine.”


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