Offended, Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Interview!

Justin Bieber lost it during a radio interview with Detroit’s 106.7 show, “Mojo in the Morning,” after the DJ strayed from fawning compliments.

Few things are off limits when you’re in the middle of a Q&A with Justin:
1) quizzing him about a potential romance between his mom and One Direction’s Harry Styles.
2) comparing him to Justin Timberlake.
(Jump to 6:25 for the part where things really get painful and he hangs up.)

Mojo: “Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom because it seems like he likes older women?” [Harry story here]

Justin: “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

Mojo: “Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately, it wouldn’t work.”

Justin: [Silence.]

Mojo: “This is the moment of the interview where it goes south.”

    • They are just Bloody Suckers..
      JB should not do interview with That Goddamn People…
      They are just so awkward..
      JB we Love you so much..
      F* Haters….

      • Very poor research on the part of the interviewer>.To do an interview with Justin,the station people would have known Justin does not reply to questions regarding his family,I DONT BLAME HIM z>iN MY OPINION THE INTERVIEWER.led Justin into, the siruation if he did hang up doubfull,probably staged,into a situation that would get him more publicity.Of course the interviewer and his reaseachers must have their heads under a rock.Too bad the rock did not fall>Such a stupid question on the part of thte radio station people and the interviewer

      • Ikr like Leave Him Alone And I’m sick of people saying Justin was being a Jerk like Bro its not Just Freaking Fault…I’d get affended if people were talking about my mom like that Like Shut up You haters.

      • Agreed. They shouldn’t be comparing him with Justin Timberlake! That’s rude to someone that has worked soo hard for his “own” music!
        And, that rediculous host asking those stupid questions! How can you make fun of someone’s mom?! Justin was just trying to joke back!
        I couldn’t bare listening to the end!

  1. he was sooo rude and then how they played along with the answers then when Justin hung up made fun of him like seriously leave him alone! Why are people always on Justins backs give him a break for once people always look out for him to make a mistake then make it seem like the whole world is gona stop rotating

  2. Okay I 100% support Justin Bieber, but I do think these girls up there are just being a bit silly :/ I mean it was a bit ride to hang up ! Be honest with yourself ! Even I can see that he must be taking himself a bit too seriously if he doesn’t like people saying that he sounds like timberlake … I mean it’s like the first time anyone’s said anything like this and the interviewer meant no harm. Just might be having a bad day, I don’t know but I really hate beliebers who are like the abouve, just really get a grip. Still forever gonna love Justin, he means the world to me, and I luurrvvveee him. Peace.

    • I have the perfect description of beliebers like that. Beliebers who think the sun shines out of Justin’s ass. Reality check, it doesn’t, he is human, he can do wrong despite the fact that he is amazing !

      • I totally agree with u! It is true because no one is perfect and he was probably having a bad day… But the cast still shouldn’t be asking him personal questions that he doesn’t want to answer and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t have been calling him a bunch of mean things behind is back! Those people are jerks! I luv Justin sooo much and I will not take that stuff from the haters:p

      • @JustinsWife I totally agree,I’m not going to kiss up to him and say what he did was ok

      • Exactly it was his choice of Hanging up. Not nobody’s else’s So that’s pretty much it because I support him 100% :D

    • I agree as well, being compared to a great singer is actually a compliment, i think that both the interviewer and Justin were wrong in some parts and some parts of the story has holes

  3. i swear u guys will always stick up for justin even when hes wrong…he totally was rude and prissy….he even hung up on them when all the men did waas tell the truth about his own mom and justin feels offdnded. .. the people where totally cool about it all they did was talk about…u beliebers r so far stuck up justins ass u cant see the wrobg he does…i support just with the nice things je does like avalanna ..and idc if i get hate for saying the truth

    • First, your spelling hurts me. Yes, some beliebers go to far, HE’S NOT PERFECT, but the interviewers should have just let it go. They didn’t have to call him a douche but he still shouldn’t have just hung up, if he did.

    • @kaymon$eys
      I don’t know why everyone is sticking up for him. Justin was completely out of line there. I don’t get why JUSTIN was offended! He’s the one that was like, “I think you should worry me around your mom, bro.”
      Justin was rude and being disrespectful. He tried to make a joke, but it wasn’t funny. Even if the dude’s mom wasn’t dead, it would still be rude.

      • it’s the truth. Like Justin was part of the reason the interview was awkward. He could have just been like “thank you for comparing me to such an amazing and successful artist. However, I definitely want to be known as my own artist and stand out from the others.”
        Like I understand he wants to be unique, but a lot of his stuff does sound familiar. It’s nothing new really. In some tracks it sounds like Timberlake in others it sounds like Michale, ect. He can’t get mad at the dude who was attempting to make a compliment.

  4. yeah i totally agree with @kaymon$eys.. justin was being kinda rude and the interviewers did nothing wrong.. but i mean this is nothing to make a big deal about. Justin is 18 he is going to make a thousand more mistakes in his life just like everyone else. Like he says hes NOT PERFECT.. he probably just wasnt in a good mood in the first place.
    However i do hope he doesnt start getting a big head!

  5. Wow. That sad. I can’t believe the cast was trashing him like that. I mean obviously they said something to make him hang up. I’m on Justin’s side

    • Agreed. I mean, hello! Why would they talk bout’ things that get Justin pissed? Idiots… And, for ‘Beliebers’ that think Justin was rude, well FYI if somebody talked ‘trash’ bout’ your mom, you WOULD get pissed. And if you wouldn’t, than there is something wrong with you chicks. Good Day:)
      (I’m on Justin’s side! :P)
      Also, Justin did the right thing to hang up, because if he didn’t, you wouldn’t, you don’t know what could’ve happened. AT LEAST HE DIDN’T FIGHT BACK, LIKE A JERK!!! x-o Bieber <3

      • I totally agree with brittbieber and #bieberforever! Justin was not rude at all!!! How would he know that guys mom was dead?! And I will always be on Justin’s side! Ever since the beginning I have been so nothing is gonna change! Those people were jerks and they should realize it!!!JUSTIN, PLEASE DON’T GO BACK THERE!

      • On Justin’s side Completely Bro And Exactly why wouldn’t people get Mad if someone was talking about their mom Lol. I’d be Exploding on them. Yup and I love Justin Completely nd Regaurless what anybody says I’ll always love Him and Nothing or Nobody will ever change that<333 [x

  6. dude. i like justin but he was very rude to do that. whats going on with this guy yeah his famous but that dont give him rights to treat other ones like that. So he made a mistake isnt he this beleiver and should have justa said sorry!

    • @carlia, justin’s silence shows that he don’t wanna hurt him. Why would they talk about things that get justin pissed. I think #bieberforever is right, someone talk about ur mom like that u would get pissed. Its not justin’s fault, if mojo’s mom is dead.

      • Justin was rude. Face it. Do you really think they would’ve said that if they knew it would get him pissed? They were both being rude. Interviewer and Justin. They didn’t have to talk about him on the air like that. That was so childish and immature.

  7. no hate but i think justin took it a bit seriously :$ but i guess its cause he is prob. working hard, and has no time off…no hate guess but i think the music industry changed him a bit :$ this is just my opinion..

      • How? Because he hung up, I don’t see the big deal. It was a stupid question to begin with. The interviewer should have just let it go and be the mature adult.

      • It was childish for them to get talking about that and they basically called him an asshole.

      • Ur calling Justin the immature brat??!!! First of all he isn’t even an adult yet, he is still learning, the immature brat was mojo! he is the adult in this situation and instead of letting it go like someone mature would do he just kept trash talking Justin! I mean seriously mojo? GROW UP!:p

  8. Ok so I just listened to this and all I have to say is wow, I’m so shocked. I feel like Justin was a little bit rude and unprofessional and I actually agree with Mojo about Justin being so serious about himself these days. It just makes him seem so conceited and a little bit like a douche. I really don’t get why he got mad at being compared to Timberlake, I mean I thought the same thing when I first heard Boyfriend. It’s not a bad thing at all, Timberlake is amazing and it’s just what it reminds people of. I’m sure that if Mojo compared him to Michael Jackson his reaction would totally be different and what’s funny about that is Justin does reference himself to MJ. Please Justin, you’ve been in this industry for only a few years, so I think it’s safe to say to first get on Timberlakes level, then MJ, okay. Also, when he refers to 1D as ‘kids’, c’mon! They’re older than you dude, if I was 1D and I heard this interview, I would actually be kind of pissed at Justin, and he says that they’re ‘friends.’ A true friend doesn’t talk about their friends like that, but I don’t even think they’re that close of friends in all honesty. Justin never really seemed to like them from the beginning and especially now, because of Harry. On that topic, I feel that how he responded to Mojo’s question about Harry was a little rude and again, made him look conceited. I mean, “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro…” WOW. I mean I must say, Mojo probably could have rephrased the question better to make it sound a bit less harsh, instead of just coming out so blunt like that, but I mean you can’t blame him for asking Justin that because it’s really new news, so of course it’s going to come up. Just like what happened about Mariah Yeater. So yea…these are my thoughts and I feel like Justin may be getting a bit too serious for his age. I mean what he’s 18 and he’s such a famous star. I get maybe he has times where he works really hard, but I think at the end of the day he should just really be thankful about what he has, because usually 18 year olds continue studying to get jobs that for sure are harder than Bieber’s current position. Just saying, and I’m a Belieber…

    • agree…. whether people not wanting to believe that Justin is like no other celebrity, the fact remains, being famous changes you…. i don’t know if you remember Britney spears, but i remember how she would talk about how she would always stay grounded yada yada yada then as soon as she entered her 20′s she started changing and things went down hill. No matter where you are and how you started, being in hollywood will give you a swollen head. I also think he should be glad he’s being compared to Justin Timberlake, the man is a BEAST!.

      Good well written thought Elizabeth, i think it’s the first i’ve seen on here where fans appear smart LOL.

    • 100% agree with u…no hate again but i miss the old 15-years old justin. I think right now justin thinks that he is all that, and calling 1d “kids” and making a rude joke about harry is very rude. I’m a Belieber too, but justin just made a stupid mistake

      • How was he in anyway being rude to Harry? If you “miss” 15-year old Justin, go make a time machine. Justin was just kidding the guy should have made it a big deal.

      • @2crasy4bieber why r u making a big deal out of it?!?! and he was being rude to harry on the other interview not this one…and justin was not kidding..if he was kidding then why did he hang up on him if he was kidding?? Mojo was just doing his job..and he wasnt making a big deal out of it, he was telling the truth that his mom died, and justin took it took it a bit seriously… why r u always sticking up for justin even when hes wrong..yes everyone makes mistakes and everyone is not perfect but hanging up and not calling back was a bad mistake.

      • That is so immature on Mojo’s part. He was twisting Justins words to make him look bad. I can’t believe they trashed him on air like that.

    • No one will EVER be up to MJ’s level. It’s just impossible. Everything else I agree with. I laughed so hard about that part of him calling 1D “kids” more than anything, he’s the kid. They were both getting a little childish there and that was a jackass move on Justin’s part if you ask me. First of all, EVERYONE knows you don’t go around talking about someone’s mom so Mojo shouldn’t have even brought up that Harry thing. I don’t think Justin and Harry are good friends anyway. The way he was talking about them was a little off.

    • thank god i wasn’t the only person who thinks that.. justin has been acting really weird lately but i still love him and i don’t know why being compared to justin timberlake is an insult?

  9. I honestly think Justin was overreacting, I mean the guy was obviously just joking. So can’t Justin take a joke? He’s becoming like those regular obnoxious celebrities who takes things to seriously. This is my opinion, so NO HATE

    • Justin made a joke and that guy overreacted with another joke. But the reporter guy asked a dumb question, I would hang up too. But I don’t see why Justin hung up.

  10. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MOJO im from the d and i listen to 9.55 and i am very up sat with mojo even though justin did over react how on earth would anyone think jb wwas jt

  11. Thats ridiculous. What kind of idiot asks a question like that?? Obviously it’s going to offend Justin, it’s his mother! He loves her with all of his heart! Why would you think that she would date Harry Styles? Like wtf is your problem ?! I already hate your morning show and I’ve only heard 4 minutes of an interview. You should be ashamed you jerk-offs. Butt heads.

  12. Okay,I go on here All the the time does that mean I have the real kind of Bieber Fever? ⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡☀⚡⚡

  13. what the f*ck is up with him these days? Sometimes i ask myself whether i should stay as his fan or not. I don’t care if you say that i’m not a real fan, i don’t care, i’m not his mom, i don’t have to like him unconditionally.

    He thinks that he’s the sh*t now that he got everything. To be honest, i rated “believe” 5 stars on itune because i was a fan, not because i thought the album sounded great, it sounded generic and unoriginal. You better watch it, with this attitude, you’re not going to last. You are talented but not enough to keep you here. Better watch how you treat other peop[le.

    • OH MY GOD!! Really, he hung up on someone, not like you haven’t ever done it. Also if you were a fan, you wouldn’t just rate his album because of what you think of him, it’s if the music was good or not. It’s not getting to his head, he probably just felt off that day. It’s not a big deal. I’m his fan, I know he does things wrong but he’s only freaking human, i don’t stop liking him because he did something. It’s about the music.

    • @Jennis
      You’re so right, dude. I’m getting pretty pissed at his attitude lately. He’s getting too conceited and he needs to remember where he came from and how he got where he is now.

      • You probably forgot how many Justin Bieber acts other people e.g.dying
        Avalanna and action against Bully , then don’t condemn him because of
        his joke .
        P .S Justin Bieber perfectly remembers where he came from ,then
        you don’t must remind him of his descent .

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