Offended, Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Interview!

Justin Bieber lost it during a radio interview with Detroit’s 106.7 show, “Mojo in the Morning,” after the DJ strayed from fawning compliments.

Few things are off limits when you’re in the middle of a Q&A with Justin:
1) quizzing him about a potential romance between his mom and One Direction’s Harry Styles.
2) comparing him to Justin Timberlake.
(Jump to 6:25 for the part where things really get painful and he hangs up.)

Mojo: “Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom because it seems like he likes older women?” [Harry story here]

Justin: “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

Mojo: “Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately, it wouldn’t work.”

Justin: [Silence.]

Mojo: “This is the moment of the interview where it goes south.”

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