Offended, Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Interview!

Justin Bieber lost it during a radio interview with Detroit’s 106.7 show, “Mojo in the Morning,” after the DJ strayed from fawning compliments.

Few things are off limits when you’re in the middle of a Q&A with Justin:
1) quizzing him about a potential romance between his mom and One Direction’s Harry Styles.
2) comparing him to Justin Timberlake.
(Jump to 6:25 for the part where things really get painful and he hangs up.)

Mojo: “Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom because it seems like he likes older women?” [Harry story here]

Justin: “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

Mojo: “Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately, it wouldn’t work.”

Justin: [Silence.]

Mojo: “This is the moment of the interview where it goes south.”

  1. really? calling 1D “kids” when they’re older than you? getting all worked up when being compared to timberlake? And just freaking hung up like that? you know what? i tried to make excuses for all of his actions, i tried to remind myself that he said that he would always stay grounded. But it’s just not the same anymore, you’re just like any other people, fame and money changed you. I’m sorry, maybe i’m not a “real” belieber, but from today on, i’m not your fan anymore. I’ll still listen to your songs because you make good songs. But you will not have my respect and love.

    • Most of us have been lying to ourselves like that but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. It’s time for him to bring his big head back down to size. He needs to wear his fame and money out while he still can because, trust me, he won’t last long. It will only be a matter of time before people finally open their eyes and see what a money flaunting ass he’s become.

  2. Okay to all of you people who say “The industry has changed him” your wrong. Justin is still the same kid he was. He’s a teenager, he’s gonna make mistakes, he’s going to do stuff that upsets people but you don’t have to act like “Oh Justin was rude, he’s changed” You act like the world is some happy place filled with Unicorns and Rainbows. NEWS FLASH, it’s not.

  3. those people r biches making fun of justin :( if i was there i would punsh that mojo & his friends in their ugly faces …..if someone said to me u should be worry about that around your mom i would be verry upset & do what jb did….so i’m with justin’s side u rockkkkkkk biebs :) P.S nobody is PERFECT

    • why are u guys making fun on biebs .how would you guys like it .if you do not like him the keep it to your self .right now you guys that hate justin bieber are hurtting his feeling by saying mean stuff.I am on the biebs side.I love you biebs.If you make fun of him he can call the opp because that is bullying .so the people that do not like justin bieber please keep it to your self
      love you biebs i am on your side

  4. OMG!! mojo was so rude!! hate him… how dare they make fun of justin!!??? if i was there at that time i would have punched them >.< justin must have felt so annoyed :(

  5. You no what im a belieber and ill always be there for him but i have to admit it was rude for him to do that i mean justin was acting a bit cranckey i mean the interview compared him to JT,i swear justin looks up to him and he should surely take it as a compliment and to be honest,and i dont understand how he always refers 1D to kids when he is the same age as most of them,i also think he shouldn’t of hung up.yeah justin didn’t know the guys mum died but at least have the decency to apologize…overall i think justin was wrong in this but as i said before i will always be a belieber i mean come on everybody makes mistakes,and to most of you beliebers who always think justin is never in the wrong you need to get a life,i mean what if he runs over some guy would you be like ” that guy was totally in the way! leave justin alonee” no just no you need to realize justin also makes mistakes nuff said.

  6. i really hate MOJO’S interview.. he was really rude and he was asking really personal stuff!! im never gonna listen to 106.7 EVER AGAIN.. NEVER!! i love you Justin and i love you Harry and btw Harry only dated like 1 women, and if Harry wants to date an older women well its his CHOICE.. thank you bye bye :) xx

  7. guyss comee one its just a mistake every one does mistake i did a mistakes lots of times and all of those mistakes i did was worse. people talked and talked about me and after a week it was all gone ppl even forgot i even did a mistake. i dont blame him for acting different i dont like it but i cant judge since has become-en famous he got soo muchh pressure in him ppl called him “gaY” which he is not at all anyways my point its all media i bet the radio station is happy of what happened people are talking about it which makes the radio station famous bt for justins point of view hes kinda upset. and hes got lots of pressure in him in this album he wanted ppl to think off him in a different way (better way ) its just a mistake and guys forget about it and its no ones fault honstley i feel its the girl who called and said justin was being immature srsly how can you say that. your not the one who got effended, and i bet that girl is a ID fan :)

  8. That was SOOOO rude of Justin!!!!! I was once a really huge Belieber but i lost interest in him… everytime there is a new song go something i wanna be neutral about it and i also was in this BUT MAAAAIIIN that was the stupidest thing he had EVER said AND he has said tons of stupid things!!!! Oh dear lord, that was so rude!!!

    • You don’t have to stop being a belieber all because of one stupid interview. I mean damn. Plus the interviewer was asking a bunch of weird and uncomtherable questions. I would be pissed also if I was Justin.

  9. Justin was not being rude!!!! I hate them all! Except Justin!! That makes me pissed off!!!! ugh!!!! Asshole!!!

  10. Some people I know heard this interview and said Justin was rude for tallking about someones mom who is dead. Well Justin didn’t know his mom was dead! Plus I have to admit the interviewers were a little annoying. They were acting like assholes. But on the other hand, Justin did kind of take it a bit seriously. But who knows. There was probobly a misunderstanding. Then it was funny how they were saying Justin was acting full of himself when actually Justin thought something different of them. People can hear the same thing and think compleatly different. I still think the interviewer was acting like an asshole though.

    • That is rather funny. Justin wasn’t taking himself seriously. @Crystal, you’re right. Maybe there was a misunderstanding.

  11. Justin was a little annoying and so was the interviewer. Eveybody had a part in the chaos.But there was a misunderstanding though.

  12. Honestlyy… the whole interview was awkward… but the im not sure if Justin heard this part or not… but when the interview said ..”take this as a compliment because i think Justin Timberlake is a MAN” wass RUDE..!! its like then what’s jb? those people are just making a huge thing about it.. its like calm down … ohh he said tht around 3:04 – 3:07…

  13. Wow i was a little taken aback by the way justin reacted to some of the questions. He did take it slightly to serious but at the same time the interviewer was kinda rude, especially in the end when they started to make fun of Justin. That was pretty unprofessional and unnecessary!

  14. I think Justin should of apologized for making fun of the interviewers DEAD mother instead of hanging up. If I was him I would of said sorry and that I didn’t know she was dead. Hanging up is immature, sure Justin makes mistakes but this was pretty ignorant. Not one of Justins good moments. And don’t call me a hater because I’m a belieber.

    • his mom isn’t even dead tho…. 955 does this shit all of the time to get attention. they’re a terrible station, they lie and everything they do is “scripted”

  15. ok first of all the interviewer is a dumb-ass bcus he doesnt know how to be nice!!! You dent compare celebs to each other they are different. Obviously, if justin didn’t sign with justin Timberlake he doesn’t like him. Tht not a nice and polite thing to say and of course jb is going o be offended. Justin keep on believen your haters will go away luv u bieber!!!

    • Justin bieber is a sensitive little boy, he needs his mommy there every step of the way, hopefully someone will finally get sickof his whiny little voice and blow his head off. Please god let that happen, that way I don’t have to listen to you dumbasses anymore,

  16. Honestly i think they both were wrong honestly. Don’t yell at me but i’m a belieber and well yeah so. they were both wrong because the man should of never compared justin too justin timberlake like that’s soooo 2010 and its over we already got the answer, and then i think justin is wrong too because i mean he shouldn’t bring his mom into it yet again he didn’t know that she was dead plus i mean he could have said sorry too him instead of just hanging up the phone like that. .. !

  17. He was rude. End of. Stop making excuses for him. I won’t say he’s changed, he just was rude in this interview. The interviewer was wrong for making fun of him at the end. That was really immature. You people are just too far up his ass to see it. Cause he’s your idol and apparently can do no wrong in your eyes. Yea, I’m a fan, but bottom line is he was rude and could of handled it better.

    • and on top of that he does sound like Justin Timberlake in Boyfriend. And Justin was contemplating on signing him and this is what he says about him? That sounding like him isn’t a compliment? I thought he looked up to him. He should apologize. The interviewer didn’t mean any harm and you could tell. He shouldn’t of flew off his handle like that.

  18. Sooo Ummm they were saying Justin takes himself waaay to seriously,and im like, “do they not want him to be serious?” i mean,hes not a little kid anymore he has to be serious and they shouldnt have made fun of him at the end. That was uncalled for.

    • He is still a little kid, he can’t even legally drink. He is a rich little prick that doesn’t deserve a dime of his money.

  19. Lmfao I didn’t know Bieber Fever was a real disease O_o Any Ways.. Did any one hear the laugh at the begining of his joke :) Aww But real though justin didnt even seem upset at the Beging of his joke they over thought it like come on how are you suppose to know some ones loved one died just by looking at them? And if you listen at the end justin say wait hold up man or some thing like that. But we cant change this interview so. If im the only one who noitced it seemed like justin was just clearing his name to a new part of him. From the mariah topic it got serious? Eh. But Yeah it is good to tell Justin what he is doing wrong but we still gotta show him the good things he has done in like he just wants to live his dream and im getting carried way on this so -Peace out-

  20. Interviewer was rude, he shouldn’t of said that and how was Justin supposed to know the interviewers mum had passed away? … anways thats my opinion :) I love you Justin <3

  21. i have to agree justin is taking himself way to seriously and the interview people are right. i mean im a huge bieber fan and somethings are a little over top. but also the interview people were being mean. so goodjob justin for hanging up! and mojo, michelle go screw yourself

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