Playing Darts, Justin Bieber HITs the SPOT

Justin Bieber came into The Sun’s room backstage at 2012 Summertime Ball and scored a bull’s eye on his third arrow.

Watch the video!

  1. I like tht song one time tht song go hard i had saved it 2my nintendo dsi cant wait 2 get bk 2 justin bieber music when i get off the internet……

  2. when i was little i didnt know pop singers at all but one day i heard someone say that justin biebers gay and i said who is he? they didnt tell me, but i went to visit my cousin. (she lives in sweden and its a long flight to go on) i said to my cousin who is Justin bieber? she looked at me in shock she said you dont know justin bieber? and i said yeah. she jumped on the internet and looked him up she said look, look at him thats justin bieber isnt he gorgeous? and i said yes omg he is amazing i love his looks and his songs and most important his personality.
    that is how i started to love justin bieber, thanks to my ya JB good job keep it up!

  3. I love his EVERYTHING……..His hair ……his smile……..his face………..
    <3 u JBIEBS……..

  4. Good luck,Justin!You did a good job!If that were me then I`d be failing! (Cause I`d probably be throwing the darts at the wall!)

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