Playing Darts, Justin Bieber HITs the SPOT

Justin Bieber came into The Sun’s room backstage at 2012 Summertime Ball and scored a bull’s eye on his third arrow.

Watch the video!

  • jazmin

    First :) and greaaaaat JUSTIN!!!! :* LOVE YA

  • jazmin

    First :) and greaaaaat JUSTIN!!!! :* LOVE YA ?..

  • Ms_meena

    He is so cute! :)

    • aka justin bieber

      who could fined a handsome man like tht

  • SabrinaSwag


  • Belieber4life

    You are so CUTE! Goood job Justin <3

  • narmadha

    hey guys follow me on twitter

  • Dimitra

    And Darts you are good!Υοu know everything… Everything you doing , you doing no just good… PERFECT~!

  • belieberruffy

    great and focused. U a guy of all talent. I love u more

  • jsha

    Justin is so talented . My 8-) Cutty pie.

    • aka justin bieber

      he sexy and he no it

  • JaylaBieber

    Aw! He is so cute <3

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    my swaggie bear

    • aka justin bieber

      he is gud at tht game omg

  • aka justin bieber

    I like tht song one time tht song go hard i had saved it 2my nintendo dsi cant wait 2 get bk 2 justin bieber music when i get off the internet……

  • aka justin bieber

    see u lata bieber have 2 do stuff now have a gud day 2 nite…….

  • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!

    soooooo cute!!!!!!!!:D LOVE YA. great job!!!!!! will always be your fan.

    • aka justin bieber

      who is soooooo cute?

  • Alannah

    Awesome throw justin hope to see you soon

  • mataya

    He is as yummy as a cookie. Maybe a little bit more yummier!!! lol I love u Justin

    • aka justin bieber

      he look like a cookie

  • #BieberForever:)

    Well, what can you expect? After all, he’s Justin Bieber. :)

  • Justin Biebers #1 fan!

    i love justin bieber

  • Justin Biebers #1 fan!

    what do you guys love about JB

  • Justin Biebers #1 fan!

    when i was little i didnt know pop singers at all but one day i heard someone say that justin biebers gay and i said who is he? they didnt tell me, but i went to visit my cousin. (she lives in sweden and its a long flight to go on) i said to my cousin who is Justin bieber? she looked at me in shock she said you dont know justin bieber? and i said yeah. she jumped on the internet and looked him up she said look, look at him thats justin bieber isnt he gorgeous? and i said yes omg he is amazing i love his looks and his songs and most important his personality.
    that is how i started to love justin bieber, thanks to my cousin.love ya JB good job keep it up!

  • Belieber Prekshya

    I love his EVERYTHING……..His hair ……his smile……..his face………..
    <3 u JBIEBS……..

  • OMB!


  • kissmejustin

    ya justin! good job man you are good at everything in this world
    ~tiffani= tiffstin lol

  • kirsten

    Is there anything he CAN’T do? :D love love love him!

  • alicea

    He could not get any more perfect I <3 you Justin

  • Justin Bieber Ninja

    Good luck,Justin!You did a good job!If that were me then I`d be failing! (Cause I`d probably be throwing the darts at the wall!)

  • gloria

    i <3 JB!!!!!!!!!! i <3 everthing about him

  • Belieber #1

    he looks so cute in that pic!

  • bieber_fever

    i like this pic you looks so cute

  • Sandrika :-)

    Ahoj Jusin som tvoja velka faninka so Slovenska prid prosim k nam na koncert splnis mi tim moj velky sen :-)