Request “As Long As YOU Love ME” featuring @BigSean at Your Local Radio Station!

Request “As Long As YOU Love ME” at your local radio station. GO HARD! ‪#BELIEVE‬!

  • MeliaBieber101

    Don’t worry I will!!!!! <3

  • Dalila

    You know it! ;)

    • Bailey

      Do u know justn biebers cell number?

  • jsha

    I love this song :-D.

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    cool. i love this song its amazing

  • sabrina ali

    You no what im a belieber and ill always be there for him but i have to admit it was rude for him to do that i mean justin was acting a bit cranckey i mean the interview compared him to JT,i swear justin looks up to him and he should surely take it as a compliment and to be honest,and i dont understand how he always refers 1D to kids when he is the same age as most of them,i also think he shouldn’t of hung up.yeah justin didn’t know the guys mum died but at least have the decency to apologize…overall i think justin was wrong in this but as i said before i will always be a belieber i mean come on everybody makes mistakes,and to most of you beliebers who always think justin is never in the wrong you need to get a life,i mean what if he runs over some guy would you be like ” that guy was totally in the way! leave justin alonee” no just no you need to realize justin also makes mistakes nuff said.

  • Bailey

    I love u justin im a huge fan text me at 8706743

  • veronica bieber

    justin i am so happy that you can do this and i love you so much you are my hero

  • DestinyBelieber

    Aww I love You Justin so much and always will to the end <3

  • alicea

    I will always go hard for you Justin! :D

  • mya

    i love you justin bieber and no matter what people say i will always be a beliber

  • lilly

    i love yousosososososososososossososososos muck