Selena Gomez: “Justin Bieber is a Hopeless Romantic”

Selena talked a bit about boyfriend Justin with ELLE MAG!! She thinks Justin is “a-hopeless romantic.”

When asked about Bieber renting out LA’s Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic, she said:

“If I’ll share anything with you, it’s that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car – all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again, and then…”

Do you agree with Selena?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
246 comments on “Selena Gomez: “Justin Bieber is a Hopeless Romantic”
  1. Semi on said:

    no sele i really think justin is very romantic guy by the way of his speaking&singing he is really a true nice boyfriend love u biebs:-9:-9:-9:-9:-9

  2. essie j on said:

    selena bitch gomez looks as always ugly :) the sadest thing that she thinks she’s sexy but the fact she’s not :( justin has seen way sexiest girls before ..if i had that ugly face and ugly body i would KILL MYSELF 4 …….justin is gorgeous & prettier than her :)

    • Saraaa on said:

      guys shut up about selena being ugly and stufffff. shes not. not at all. and justin and her are really good together. and its cute. but the fact that she called him a hopeless romantic makes me mad, but i guess he seems like the type

      • naya ratliff on said:

        saraa u know what justin bieber is very romantic. i think thats why there being mean to selena cuz selena gomez say justin hopeless romantic

      • I agree with you saraa.
        But why would she call him a hopless romantic
        that realy uppsets me he is realy romantic just like
        semi said : justin is very romantic guy by the way of his speaking&singing he is really a true nice boyfriend.

    • Sarah on said:

      Your just Jealous that she has him and you dont. Lol. And Bieber isnt Prettier than her although he is a “pretty little girl” HA HA HA seriously though get over yourself.

      • Sarah on said:

        The comment before was meant for essie j. I dont know why it showed up down here. But anyway maybe you all should look up what “hopeless romantic” means. Cause you clearly dont have a clue about its definition. Your just making an assumption apon how it sounds.

    • koge on said:

      1. Your language is uglier than how you are describing Selena Gomez. I don’t understand why people call others bitches when they don’t even really know the person. Did they offend you personally?
      2. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber, but I think these two make a really cute couple
      3. Selena probably already knows Justin has seen “way sexiest girls before”, but she can still remain confident about their relationship. That’s a +++ for her in my opinion.
      4. YES! One less superficial person who only cares about looks!

    • jelena 4eva on said:

      that’s horrible your just jealous because she is beautiful and she has Justin i think they are an amazing couple so why don’t you shut up and get a life

      • chanel bieber on said:

        oh we have lifes alright and it is going great i dont know about yours but she is not beautiful if i had to comper her to a pig the pig will win now why dont you shut up and smell the roses!!!

    • Okay that is really mean to say she’s got an awesome figure and is a really good actress and why would you say Justin is gorgeous and prettier than her why would he be dating her your just jealous grow up get a life and wen you become as famous and pretty as Selena thn you cn talk and how would you know sh thnks she’s sexy she has boobs and a ass just face it you may talk lyk your pretty but in reality your just some mean girl wif an ugly heart

    • Why dont you just leave them alone your just jealous beacause she is preitter than you and they look soooooooo cute together.

      If you realy love justin you realy shouldent say that it hurts justin.

      • That was ment for essie j.
        And essie j if you realy are a justin bieber fan/belieber you wouldnt say that.
        LOVE YOU JUSTIN :)

      • To be a belieber fan doesn’t mean you could say nice things except for the pretty part cause nobody perfect so or wouldn’t say stuff about somebody that you don’t really like when it is true,People have different opinions about someone for a reason if you don’t get what we mean or don’t like it then just ignore it because some of us agree.You guys looks stupid selena doesn’t like JB fans even though we don’t dislike her from the start when they started out being together and we didn’t know about,They still was off/on with their relationship is not the JB fans fault is her fault who dating celebrity and that first was I didn’t like when she stills Miley cyrus bf which was Nick Jonas then breakup,Still was going out with other celebrities that not normal that why I was I like not cool at all then is JB that why saying stuff like this get even worst cause he so big and talented the girls are screaming for him,why do you think she wanna date him.

  3. Excuseme? on said:

    I don’t care if this photo is photoshopped. In my mind she is so beautiful and I wish I had a girl as Selena.

  4. sarah on said:

    she’s disgusting ……she thinks she’s megan fox or Ashley Benson poor her :( the money that she uses to hide her ugly face behind make up and cheap clothes she should give it to some charity

      • naya ratliff on said:

        sarah. selena gomez is prettty smart funny. she deserves a boy like jsutin bieber. stop saying stuff about her if u dont know her. she help kids out. she make her fans happy. she cares about people. u shouldnt bad mouth about her. selena gomez is amazing

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        hahahahahahaha sh*t look at u @naya ratliff! She doesnt even make me giggle in wizards of waverly place now miley for sure made me laugh on hannah montana when i was a kid. Honestly i dont think shes pretty in that ugly photoshoot. Yea she helps people then she tells the whole world that she did this and she did that. I think Demi is more of a hero than selena. Demi helps people and she dont say a thing about it. Thats cuz she aint doing it for publicity. She does it cuz she really cares.

      • Sarah on said:

        @Its pinche Rosalina! :P If you were a kid watching Hannah Montana your still a kid there hunny. It wasnt that long ago. lol. And Hannah Montana was made for a younger croud than Wizards of Waverly Place was so you probably didnt laugh because most of it went over your head. All of you that say Selena is ugly need to get a reality check and probably take a look in a mirror. Haters only hate cause they are jealous of what they dont have, Good looks and the man (or in this case boy) they want.

    • Ahem you talk lyk your rich she dresses pretty and this is to Sarah I’m a big fan of hers and I’m sick of all you haters leave her alone beauty is within and she’s beautiful in the inside and out
      I don’t care I she wears a plastic bag or chea clothes she’s still my idol
      And Justin would be a Dior to lose a nice person lyk her

      • Since dea r heaps of Sarah’s I wrote the other comment to her for saing Selena wears cheap clothes she doesn’t and if she did she sill looked as say as any other celebrity

  5. belieber 1 on said:

    OMG i can’t stop laughing about the position hahahah :) if u want to see sexy and beautiul girl go to another place

  6. essie j on said:

    she thinks justin is blind and so deeply in love with her …..but only few days and he will dump her ……he’s just passing the time

  7. goldeneda-beliber x3 on said:

    sorry, but I can see that he loves his beliebers more so I prefer to let her herself!!!
    I think she is trying to make us crazyy …………… She doesn’t deserve JUSTİN !!!

      • goldeneda-beliber x3 on said:

        not jealous I’m just don’t care his love life !! I don’ hate Selena I’m just don’t love Jelena…..and I think Justin deserves more than her that’s all

      • gabby on said:

        if u arent jealous then y r u telling her to go to hell. say something that shes done to make her a bad person? something that says he deserves more? shes a sweet girl shes done nothing wrong but u always hate.

  8. iyana luvs justin bieber on said:

    I really think selena is a pretty girl but when she shares things about jelena it breaks my heart and i cant bare to hear it but i get really used to it so im fine i really like how she takes care of justin THNX SELENA <3 JUSTIN TOO VERY MUCH!<3

    • goldeneda-beliber x3 on said:

      this is EXACTLY ME . İT BREAKS MY HEART TOO . IF THEY LOVE EACH OTHER . they don’t have to share with us……… I’m only trying to be happy when he is happy but sometimes I can’t be calm ! !! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gabby on said:

        ? you would tell people about your relationship right? why does she have to hide hers? but EVERY OTHER celebrity can say whatever they want. she should have a right to talk about her boyfriend

  9. Doingitforthebiebs on said:

    Hey, no offence but yous don’t have a chance anyway…

    Justin really loves Selena and Selena obviously loves him,… If you truly were a belieber you wouldn’t hate Selena.. She is very beautiful.. She makes Justin happy… So why are you hating on her? Justin wont break up with her just because a couple jealous people say to..

    If you really loved him you would be happy for him..

    Plus why can’t he come out public about his relationship? He’s not trying to make you jealous.. He’s trying to show you he’s happy… We should be supportive.. Selena as accepted us.. So arnt we accepting her?

    Please.. Don’t say your a belieber, if you can’t support his decisions…

    Hes 18 now… He can make his own decisons



    • JaylaBieber on said:

      I am a Belieber. We don’t have to like his girlfriends, as long as we support his music and decisions (not his personal ones) then we are alright.

    • Me three I love only Justin and if it was Jaitlin I swear to god I wouldn’t be saying mean things about her she just a cool,take nice pictures is not like some pic’s that selena how she does be taking just to get the celebrity attention,I feel sorry for miley I used to be that person to call her a slut but she wasn’t is because of selena was copying off her possing and wearing the same clothes,boost but not all the pic’s just some of them and they way how she dress sometime she get to call pretty instead of calling her slut.

  10. Dalila on said:

    Hopeless Romantic……….what exactly does that mean…..? I think that they look cute together.What’s with all the hate…… Selena is going to be 20 in July why is everyone so surprised tthat she has boobs……jeez its no big deal…….there’re happy so I’m happy. Don’t you guys see the chemistry between them two? Its beautiful. Just try not to hate on her. Hate is ugly………. :-/

  11. wtf D : how awful clothes,terrible poses, fearful expressions, ugly make up these are ..totally unsuitable for her

    she desperately wants to posing as mature just makes her ridiculous

    sadly she used to be a sweet girl : /

  12. Rina on said:

    No. I will never believe and agree with selena. She is a good for nothing(it was a dialogue from raka mam means our head mistress)

      • STOP JUST STOP its not nice to pick on girls that ARE beautiful because every girl is beautiful in her own way so stop the only reason u hatin is cause u know she’s prettier than u and she has Justin’s heart and he is hoplessly romantic meaning he’s really really romantic, sweat and down to earth.. Not tht he isn’t so stop bitchen and start lovin………

  13. jsha on said:

    She is looking sooooo ugly as she always looks. She thinks she is sexy but it’s universal truth she is not even close to sexy. She really lookin stupid. How dare she said my justin is not romantic ? . She don’t diserves justin and his romance :) . As we all know that justin is soooo romantic . 8-) its not jealousy.

      • jsha on said:

        Thank u . :) we all beliebers know our jb is so romantic . We all proud on being belieber.

      • goldeneda-beliber x3 on said:

        jsha I’m totally agree with you……….. thanks for saying my feelings

    • JaylaBieber on said:

      She actually did say he is romantic. A hopeless romantic is basically a sensitive person. But I do agree with you about everything else :p

      • jsha on said:

        Yes. Selena (stupid girl ) did say justin is romantic and now she is saying that he is not romantic . She is such a lier also. 8-)

      • jsha on said:

        Yes. Selena (stupid girl ) did say justin is romantic and now she is saying that he is not romantic . She is such a lier also. 8-) stupid .

  14. JaylaBieber on said:

    Those clothes are ugly as hell. Who the f/ck told her to wear that? I bet they just went through her closet and found that shit. Ugly ass b!tch.

    • Jelena forever! on said:

      Well I don’t think it’s fair to say that about her. You obviously don’t freaking know her. You just love Justin. Well if you really loved him, you would respect his decision to love Selena . You want him to be happy right? So respect him. Gosh, some people are so RUDE these days.

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