Video! Justin Bieber Live Performance at the 2012 MMVAs

Justin Bieber performs during the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto June 17, 2012. //Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

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Justin Bieber live performance “Boyfriend” and “All Around the World” at the 2012 Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs).

  • your face

    Great choreography

  • Never SAY Never

    Nice to me

  • Never SAY Never

    I like your voice …you are looking aside a rockstar i like

  • Chloe Bieber

    You did Great Justin! People follow me on twitter if you agree @ChloeBieber444

  • believejb4ver


  • Alannah

    Great performance JB always a #BELIEBER

  • emma

    He was breathless in boyfriend. Its not his fault. He was dancing in all around the world and boyfriend started immediately after all around the world ended. It was amazing though<3

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • #BieberForever:)

    I promised myself that I will not listen to ANY of Justin’s songs from Believe, because in the U.S Believe comes out June 19th, (wich is tomorrow) and it’s not June 19th yet. Justin worked REAL hard on this album, so I don’t wanna be a s/ut and ruin the surprise! So I only watched the performance of Boyfriend. Wich was so totally Bieberrific! :D I loved the performance! And he has a hot outfit!


  • alicea

    That was the best performance ever! OMB <3 you Justin