Again, Shows Off his Sexy Belly!

Justin shows off his stomach on Japanese TV show!

  • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

    he looks anorexic

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

      Omfg this cùnt aint me! I would never say anything like that! Gtfo u motherf**king poser! Pretending to be someone else wow what a low life

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      @FakeRosalina i know rosalina would never say that about justin. Pretending to be her proves your a low life and hasnt gotten a life yet. Dumb ass i can report you to the cops for pretending to be somebody else its called inpersonating. And inpersonated to be Rosalina. Go suck a di*k fàg!

      • 321

        Oh quit trying to cover your ass bitch we are onto you.

      • Its the REAL Rosalina

        @321 oh shut the fu*k up! You obviously dont know whos real and whos not! But listen to me when i f**king tell u this! I would never talk shit about justin ever! I aint playing with ur little f**kery games!!! I am the f**king real Rosalina! U better not start ur shit with Brenda! Pinche puto pendejo this puta here barley even speaks spanish! You best be shuting the f**k up if you aint gonna help!

    • Angie Swaggie

      Listen fake Rosalina. That is just immature and pathetic. Your pretending to be her just cause she said some mean things abot selena? Wow that just proves your a pathetic psycho who needs help. If you dont like her then ignore her! Dont stir up drama here! Maybe if you people would just shut up and let them express what they think. I love selena but if they think selenas a hoe then i respect that. Im 12 and its funny how a pre teen is more mature than 13, 14, 16, and 20 year olds!! Its just pathetic! And yes you can get arrested for pretending to be someone. So knock it off!! Just leave Brenda and Rosalina alone! Lord help this insane person.

    • jsha

      U r a fake person who steals names to get some attention at JBZ . Stop doing that .

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

        Bitch please! you’re the one that is faking to be me!! what’s your name huh if it’s really you? and oh yea your twitter? mine is @SelenaAssassin so if you wanna fight take it on with me bitch!!

      • jsha

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      • jsha

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      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

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      • Its the REAL Rosalina

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      • Its the REAL Rosalina

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      • Its the REAL Rosalina

        @ItsPincheRosalina and tell me where Rosalina’s from. Do your research hon. If you answer wrong proves you the fake Rosalina. Bring it chupacarbra!

      • ReginaBieber

        @Its pinche Rosalina! i saw your “twitter”. Your name is not Rosalina nor you live in North Las Vegas. Your name is Hannah and you live in Vermont. You da fakest bitch! Sealing someones name wow what a low life gay c%nt!

      • jsha

        @fakerosalina if u were not talking to then did u replied to me .

      • jsha

        @fakerosalina if u were not talking to me then why did u replied to me ?

      • jsha

        @reginabieber yaa i agree with u . @fakerosalina u have fake name , ur twitter name is also fake which u had written here n u r fake person. LMBO

    • Lani15

      no he doesn’t that is like really rude he looks super hot!

  • true belieber

    omb go somewhere u hater love u justin

  • JaylaBieber

    He needs to eat a cracker or something. Damn.

    • tenzin yeshi

      love you justin you are the best singer in this world

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      if all your gonna do is hate then you might as well leave!!

      • JaylaBieber

        You dumbass. That’s not healthy, he needs to eat something. Sure, he has abs but he looks too skinny.

      • JaylaBieber

        And how about you leave because I’m not even hating him.

      • Fabiola(furture Mrs.bieber

        I still luv him

  • DestinyBelieber

    Sexy cx Go Justin!

  • Mckenzsie. Rutledge


  • true belieber

    sexy swag go Justin!!!!



  • Samantha Bieber

    Yumm…. Sexy…. Go Justin! Wink wink;)
    Love u Justin

  • BiebersGirl18

    SEXY BEAST!!!!!!!!!luv u soooo much Justin<3

  • Belieber

    :D hawt!!!

  • emma bieber

    dam those abs are fine!:)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    omg he look at his stumache (in Drakes voice)
    he looks so sexy
    looks like the gym is doin him good

  • The Biebs

    Forget all the haters, and believe he will be #1. And for people wo dont know what a real body looks like, your looking at it. Hes perfect, but perfection doesnt get him where he is, its his dreams. Love you Justin<3

  • MaliaBieber101

    Ikr! He should eat a cracker!!:P still cute<3

    • JaylaBieber

      Yupperz lol

    • JaylaBieber

      Reminds you of the asian huh? xD

    • The Biebs

      Your saying hes too freakin skinney yet you say hes cute like that? Wow…

      • JaylaBieber

        You don’t even know lol. It’s something between us obviously because we were texting. We were talking about his face because he looks over excited.

  • Dalila

    OMG! He Is so skinny! _ _
    I love you Justin but please eat….something! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…… that image is creepy. His metabolism must be incredibly fast…. still so sexy………. ;) #believe!!!! :)

  • mia

    so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #BieberForever:)

    This picture is weird, because his head looks so big, but his body looks small. Like wtf. But, he’s still sexy! And that’s what matters ;)

    Also @Rosalina, that @fakerosalina actually started inpersonating you on the previous posts, and she wrote Justin is gay, blah, blah, blah. And @fakerosalina started to fight with me! But, I was like really confused because I knew that you wouldn’t write that ’bout Justin. I was like wtf happened to her?! You might wanna check it. IDK :O

    • #BieberForever:)

      And if you wanna know wich post, it’s the ‘Justin Bieber Sings Acoustic Baby’ one. Plz check the comments. Alot of people started hating on you.

      • Its the REAL Rosalina

        Can u plz report this bitch to the cops for me! Ok plz! I would never talk shit bout justin ever!

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    ugh so sexy!! i love u justin :D

  • Its the REAL Rosalina

    If you see the fake rosalina report this motherf**king shit hole to the cops! I cant cause you have to be 18 here to report people. Bitch ass fake puta motherfu*ker sad ass hag you bout to get into the pit but this time you gonna get into real shit here with the cops! You better f**k it off u motherf**king bitch! If the cops ever get your location i otta get my ak 47 and bust that up ur posing fake ass and its not gonna be pretty! If you see this “Its pinche Rosalina! :P” and says something negative bout justin then that is not me! I love justin i would never talk shit about him!

  • Megasta

    Guys just leave him alone.he’s doing it for his own good.

  • Bear


  • Its the REAL Rosalina

    Guys dont listen to this fu*kery!
    @fakerosalina you are tripping into a real deep pit filled with deep bullshit and mierda. But this time you stuck their for good bitchy puta fea. Smellin like mierda and your own shit. But the cops will be joining you too and they will pound your ass into the shit and youll be coughing up shit! I will laugh my cula off!
    If u too stupid to get this metaphor then let me put it into ur stupid level.
    You are gonna get reported for impersonating somebody else and you will get busted. The cops will get yo ass!

    • jsha

      Wow . My cutypie.

    • jsha

      Check out ur twitter dms .

  • malutibieber

    SO HOT omg

  • Roxanne Bieber

    @RealRosalina i knew that wasnt you! Its just some poser. At least this low life didnt talk shit bout your cody. I would want to see how you’ll relpy back if he ever said “Cody Simpson is gay and ugly” i think that will get you extremely mad. :(

  • belieberforever

    omg swaggy

  • Semi

    sexy hmmmmm

  • Anna Sweet

    justinbieber have a hot body and he is the the cuties boy in the world

  • Nicole

    Sexy and Skinny Love you Justin xox he is so Hot

  • Alisha

    OMB! I am gona die, he is sooooooo sexy, hot, cute, adorable, skinny………

  • marcy

    oooh..look his body..u are so sexy and cute!!!!!!!!!!i love u justin