Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at Teen Choice Awards 2012 (TCAs)

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez attend the 2012 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on July 22, 2012 in Universal City, California. More pics!


  1. she looks beautiful. but justin my dude what the hell you are in an award show yes its the teen choice but close the legs man. you sitting next to a beautiful lady and you sit there like you are in a nba game. i know i know jerry’s got to breathe and catch some energy for tonight. jerry’s getting lucky again.

  2. they look really cute :) they make each other happy and thats all that matters!
    HERE COME THE HATERS can’t wait to say all the things they have to say about selena because she is smiling in a picture…

    • Ikr! Theyll come sooner or later. Dont fight with them though. None of us can change an opinion…..even if its mean and vulgar…. :(

    • trust i won’t they more they do it the more i ignore them, they have their opinion i have mine and i respect that.not everyone is gonna think the same

  3. Why the hell is everyone making a big deal about the way Justin is sitting? Maybe that’s just how he sits so stop f*cking complaining about it.

  4. I voted for justin 737368272 times. Selena can lose for all i care! Selena looks hideous! She looks like those girls that sell themselves at the strip in vegas! Ewwww

    • How she won music group is a mystery because everyone knows she doesn’t have talent for shit. Everyone but her abnormal “Selenators” who have tricked themselves into thinking she can sing.

      • Lmao thats true shit rite there! I think cody simpson should have been nominated foe that and won cause his music is more real than selenas and he dont use auto tune like selena

      • Not be rude really but if ppl knew she could sing fo shit then y did they vote fo her??? Just askin but please don’t reply with tht they hav made a mistake or pressed the wrong button and it was to late because on the vote page u could go bck so yea… Seriously I don’t want to get all hissy fit on the Internet because wht u said really for mevthinkin that’s all …

    • selena looks amazing. she is super hot. i cant understand how anyone thinks otherwise. lots of guys would love a gf that sexy lol

      • Oh ok so your bi or lesbo? Is ok im not against them.
        Yes i think shes ugly ok deal with it bitch. And i read your other comment and bitch i will never ever gaf if i will marry or go out with justin! Cody is my man hoe! Nigga i can hate her cause
        1. I f**king can!
        2. Cause i want to!
        3. Idgaf
        Not everyone is gonna like selly or jelena! You get over it honey.

    • yall just need to leave them alone when u hurt selena u hurt justin to so stop all the hating and just be happy for justin. if u were his biggest fan u would not hate on selena and justin no would really. yall say u dont like selena but u go to her concerts and even get a autograph and a picture. what is up with that really. if u read this selena and justin i support u and any thing u do

  5. here comes some b!tch as$ HATERS of selena HATING on her then sooner or later fighting over for some dumb shiτ.but to behonest i just dont get selena haters on here.like u dont care about her and hate her.but u all(selena haters)just LOVE 2 talk about her.like WTF.did i just miss something or |:/ ………….
    im mean all shes is doing is smiling in a pic.like really come on guys and just because she sits by justin.now thats REALLY stupid.im mean u dont see me hating on his mom,dad,alfredo,& his fans when they sit by him so plz STFU with the hate or dont say nothing at all.and again if u call me a b!tch or c^nt idgaf.cause all im doing is stating my OPINOIN on here.and thx 4 wasting some of ur life 4 reading.ps justin looks SEXY and selena looks pretty. :)

    • those girls who hate selena are just really really jealous, they cant handle the fact that another girl is with justin. Well guess what, hating her aint going to change a thing. You cant be with JB he is already taken. so get over it and stop being a hater. they make a good couple

    • And here comes those immature punk ass kids from the ghetto! Bitch plz pattie, alfredo, beliebers, and his friends are better than her wasted ass! Umm no i dont talk about her. Im stating facts here and i dont play alright kiddo! No bitch i hate on her for a diffrent reason and that is not important what is important is why are you wasting your time with a rant that will never change anything and reading this? Congrats you just wasted 5 mins of your life on that rant and 20 secs reading this! :D

      • k first let me start off thanks 4 the AMAZING fact,no really thanks :) . to behonest i never had had a complement when a hater called me a bitch before and that just made my day.keep it up with a complements.ur just making me smile.so thank u hater.and thanks 4 the next complement to this comment. :) and anymore complements u like to say :)

      • Where is “proof” to back up these “facts” about selena? I just find it so funny that people like you talk down to people sticking up for selena and saying we all wasted our time for saying something…but yet you sit in front of your computer screen checking periodically waiting for any chance you may have to strike selena or anybody else that may like her down. Please do tell me, what does this accomplish for you?? And to be totally honest your’re wasting your time talking mad shit about her because justin nor selena even know you exist and you by far are the least if their worries. And NEWS FLASH** they have been together for well over a year and a half…hate to burst your bubble but selena isnt going anywhere…

      • @yolo Bitch i can hate on selena as much as i please and you cant do shit about that! Since when did you even give a rats ass if i hate her! Nigga you just gonna have to deal with that. Bitch get your head outa your ass fantasy and into the real world!! Cùnt i was snaping on this bitch cause she was shit talking me! Excuse me for defending myself!
        @true(annoying)belieber56 oh i see you like it when people say who you really are. Do i need to threw you some fertilizer so you can grow the f**k up? I think i do

      • @JBJBB
        Oh, you don’t have to worry because I’m not at all jealous of her. I, personally, think she takes Justin for granted.

      • I thought u state opinions which it is … Saying she ugly is an opinion makes everyone thinks shes pretty so yea it’s actually an opinion if YOU think tht…. #nohate

  6. Lol naw that rosalina chick…shit haters gonna hate. Its okay though people who hate on one another have their own insecurities and just need to put others down to make themselves feel good

    • Listen up punk ass yea haters are gonna hate! Bitch plz i feel even a billion times better of myself thanks to you, selena, and true(annoying)belieber56

      • @rosalina yes and i really do.thanks 4 calling me annoying(when u do all day is HATE on selena)and ur just making me smile even bigger with ur corny but stupid complements.i feel like im on a rainbows of skittles.but watevs and if ur trying to make me cry.ummmmmm well ur not really doing a great job.really tho.but im stop agureing with u tho cause all U LOVE to do is argue.so if u reply to this that means u love to argue and your a lowlife.while ima go on twitter or do watever belieber does.and if u do complement me again(which i adore)people will just notice how crazy im mean stupid HATER u r k.dueces my b!tch

      • So you truly do love it when ppl say who you really are! Sounds like somebody needs to toss some fertilizer at you so you can grow up. No i actually do other things. Do you? Sounds like all you do is start shit on online and thats always been your life story. Akward moment when you trying to kick my ass but you doing a really sucky job. More sucky than selly singing.

      • you so good at shit talking…but yet you have yet to show me any “proof” to your “facts”…haha and the only thing i hear coming out of your mouth is blah blah! bitch keep talking it isn’t hurting me infact it’s entertaining :) you look so immature and stupid and so naive! get a life and move on mkay, thanks!

      • Rosalina quit contrdicting yourself. You’re making yourself sound like a babbling idiot. really, we are all laughing at you.

      • Do hear that beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful noise of you shuting the f**k up!
        Even if i had a pocket full of f**ks i still wouldnt give you or selena one.

  7. and no im not saying u should LOVE or LIKE selena.and im not saying shes perfect either cause shes not nobody is.im saying dont comment or talk about selena on selena stuff on here if u actually HATE her so much.or atleast RESPECT and no im not saying to do that either im saying ATLEAST.cause she makes our justin happy :) so plz :)

    • After what you said to me up there, you must rlly love it when people say the truth about you. Do i need to throw some fertilizer at you so you can finally go the f**k up?

  8. Awwe Jelena Looks soo cute Happy Bday selena i love you hunnie you are my insprition (: i love you sweetheart You look amazing and so pretty Justin OMG OMG he looks so Hot! and handsome awwe Justin i love you more than selena:P your lovely i just wanna meet you and to make my dream to came true i want to say you change my life you mean so much to me i love you Justin your my everything if jelena get married i will be happy for them cause they want each other and they cute together selena willbe amazing wife!

  9. Wtf! She came again @ an award show with her stupid face and ugly hairs. I don’t under, that how she won that award? i mean she have no talent. And thats a big question. Look at her face…….. eww. By the way, justin lookin so beautiful, n his smile is so cute.

  10. Happy birthday selena love u and justin both I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ IM A BIG FAN OF BOTH OF U LOVE U BOTH

  11. Justin’s face is looking at one camera, and Selena’s face is looking at another. Lol. And if it wasn’t for that arm rest in the middle of them both, Selena’s arm would be on Justin’s abs. Or maybe, even Jerry! Ok, maybe not Jerry, lol. You can see Selena’s arm against the arm rest, trying to break through, lmfao! I like Selena’s hair though, like OMB. :)
    #RUSHER – lol off topic ;P

  12. Selena should win the Teen Choice Awards this year. She won in the previous years already so she deserves to win again.

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