Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have Broken Up multiple times!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up multiple times in the last few months.

From TMZ.com:

“Justin and Selena most recently ended things last week – but have since decided to give their relationship another try.”

“We’re told Justin and Selena’s current situation is tenuous … they’re not “solid”. They’re just figuring things out.”

Do you think JELENA are breaking up?
Or is this just an ON and OFF kinda relationship?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
360 comments on “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have Broken Up multiple times!
  1. ilovejustinbieber on said:

    why wht happend why would u breka up with her but anyways i never rlly liked u 2 together heard a lot of bad things and some girl was touching up ur girl justin u 2 r not meant for each other no offense but i still love u justin :)))))))))))))

    • Kyndle Bieber on said:

      If u really love him, u would want him to be happy! U wouldn’t get on his very own fan site and tell him to break up with her. It’s not ur decision who he gets to date,it’s not anybody’s decision who he gets to date. Its his life. It’s his call and he dosent need to take crap from u or anybody else.

      • Michelle on said:

        Wow finally! Someone who thinks what I think.. Like if you were really his fan or whatever than you would support him through anything. If he’s happy you should be too. And if your on his fan page telling him to breakup with his girlfriend that would be stupid. :PPP

      • DestinyBelieber on said:

        Exactly we’re Not with him 24/7 so how Would you know he’s happy With Selena? I mean I Love him to death But Still No one knows if he’s happy or not.<3

      • Melia on said:

        I agree totally, Some gets that no matter how much you want to get wit Justin and split Selena, he does it on his own choice not yours. I think if anyone truly liked him..You would support him. Selena is a great girl!!!!!!!! They love eachother and you people can’t stop. It’s not worth your time ……..or do you guys have nothin to do then bad talk? You hurt Justin when you hurt Selena. He said it himself….think twice

      • Belieber#1 on said:

        Omg finallyy!!!! Someone who has a brain around here! Let him be happy! None of you have a chance with him! Just face it!

      • Avery Sheldon on said:

        That is so true everyone thinks there a true bieleber but then there telling Justin to break up so that they can date him even though he would be upset is that Wat people really want for our gav person in the whole world to be upset cause something that retold him to do

      • Kyndle Bieber on said:

        Well the people that r on here that keep saying shut up who cares, apparently u guys do care enough to get on here and start trashing people and Justin on his own fan site,which is really low by the way,so u guys need to get a life, seriously u got anything better to do than trash talk people?

  2. JessLovesBieber on said:

    its the same thing that always happens :P they break up cuz of distance and paparazzi but then they get back together <3

    • Kyndle Bieber on said:

      Yeah here’s what happens: they break up for those reason and sometimes they fake break up just to get the paparazzis attention and then the paparazzi thinks they r broken up and then they find somewhere to finally see each other and the paparazzi either leave them alone or just get more buzz.haha so that’s what happens. I think………………..

      • JB's swaggie on said:

        i won’t be surprised if they did a fake break up too. Celebrities do that as well.

    • Kyndle Bieber on said:

      Who like u? Please ur no better than Selena,look I understand u want jb to go out with u all beliebers want that but 1 ur not a belieber because beliebers don’t tell him that he is awful at choosing girls. And 2 he wouldn’t go out with u because ur telling him that he has an awful girl Nevis way if he chose u. Then u would just be calling urself awful.

  3. belieber on said:

    in my opinion i dont think they should break up! They are ment for eachother! All relationships have fights!! Nobody is perfect!

    • SwaggyBelieber on said:

      ON and OFF relationship is NOT healthy and just proof they wont last long. Wake up and smell the flowers Jelenators!!

  4. A fun girl named Brenda on said:

    I think they should break up. There will no longer be drama, jelenators can finally no longer exist, justin will find a way better girl, and selena will find some other guy to use and ruin their life. Selena should go out with someone who uses people. Justin should go out with somebody wayy better like a belieber. Selena too sluty for him.

      • A fun girl named Brenda on said:

        No you dont tell me when to give up cuz i dont give up. Shes a slut! Hav u seen her pictures and they edit her tiny ass boobs to make em look bigger. She has the chest of an 11 year old boy! Even an 11 yr old boy has more boobs than selena!

      • lmao on said:

        That still doesn’t make her a slut. Lol. Fail. All you’ve managed to prove is that you are very desperate for a reason to hate on Selena.

      • A fun girl named Brenda on said:

        U kno wat else is a fail? You, selena, and ur dads condom. Stfu u cant change me opinion asshole.

      • lmao on said:

        And you can’t change mine. It’s funny because you know that I’m right and therfore felt the need to make a comment trying to insult me just to try and make it seem like you had a decent response . Your comment was completely ireeleveant to what we were even talking about, and you have still not answered my question. What makes Selena a slut? Even better, can you please give me one valid reason as to why you hate her?

      • A fun girl named Brenda on said:

        Wow you cant even spell. You spell like your in kindergarden. Lmao your pathetic. She a slut causeshe slept with nick and taylor. She even tried to sleep with alfredo. Go to school and learn how to spell

      • lmao on said:

        Says the person who confuses “your” with “you’re”. Also, what proof do ou have that she slept with Nick and Taylor? There are barely any pictures of her and Nick together in the first place. The only reason why we know their relationship existed is because some other Disney star (Cody Linely I believe) accidently confirmed their relationship. There are pictures of Selena and Taylor hanging out a total of what; 2 or 3 times? They were both filming in Canada and hung out a couple of times (with thier cast members, might I add). Going by your logic, I could say ‘Justin is a manwhore because he slep with Caitlin and Jasmine.’

      • Laurasia on said:

        This brenda chick portrays herself as a very heartless person, just saying >.<

      • Laurasia on said:

        And who the hell cares about selena’s boobs…we’re not supposed to judge others on their body parts -_-

      • ShaquettaBAD on said:

        Whatever have to do with Selena I always notice ur name @lmao don’t u get tired of typing like dead ass

    • Kyndle Bieber on said:

      Ok the only reason u want him to go out with a belieber is because u want him to go out with u. And why would Selena want to use anybody or Justin I mean besides Justin she probably has a lot better stuff than the other person does. She should stay with Justin and justin should stay with her forever!!!!! Jelena,Jelena,Jelena…………

      • A fun girl named Brenda on said:

        Jelenators should go suck selenas dìćk! Idgaf if i will go out with justin. Im here for his music. I already have a boyfriend. She uses ppl cuz she dated nick and taylor when they were huge. And started to crawl to miley, demi, and taylor swift when they were huge. Hahaha

      • DestinyBelieber on said:

        Forever?Wow that’s a long time But Who knows maybe He wants a Better Relationship.And I think Justin is Tired of having to Fake Break up with her all the time. Like there the Couple that can be spotted anywhere So yeah. Maybe he wants a better Relationship that he knows the Poperazzi Won’t go all crazy over.<33333

      • Wow Brenda u really need some therapy or something because u have some MAJOR issues! I mean theirs not a day that goes by where u dont have something negative 2 say sheesh…u sound REALLY pathetic and miserable! Pleaseee do us all a favor and GO GET SOME HELP!!! And yes i already we are all entitled 2 our own opinions so u dont even have 2 use that arguement but seriously your CRAZY!! >_<

    • gabby on said:

      i cant wait to see who he dates next because then u will find reasons to hate on her too and stupid reasons at that. selena could work with carity, and be nice to people, and bring her fans cupcakes but people will still find a reason to hate her i dont get it. she does all these good things but no one cares. idk how selena takes all of this hate.

    • nicole on said:

      @A fun girl named Brenda

      Why are you so hateful and cruel? You are a terrible, judgemental, spiteful girl. Please learn to be kind and compassionate. Being a hater doesn’t equate with being so ‘fun’, Brenda.

    • Imao on said:

      Brenda I’m srry I tend to get upset when it comes to Justin and Selena relationship I hate for people to misjudge her hopefully u can forgive me I’m coming to u as a mature person

      • Kyndle Bieber on said:

        Don’t apologize to her she deserves it. She shouldn’t be on here if she is just gonna trash talk, not just on Jelena, but their fans as well, not to offend u though, u I like, her I despise.

    • Avery Sheldon on said:

      K look Justin is happy with Selena u may not like her but u like Justin and u should support him trough everything otherwise ur not a fan or a bieleber your a hater u may not like Selena but Justin does and how so u think he feels when he reads these comments like I brake up with Selena and date someone better he is probly upset to see his so called fans say that if u r a fan of him u should support him through anything and everything cause in many different ways he has changed ur life and u owe him for that so be a fan and support him through this and don’t tell him stuff that will make him upset cause that’s Norway fans do

      • Kyndle Bieber on said:

        Seriously now these are the kinda people I agree with. Avery Sheldon people.

    • gedeona bieber on said:

      justin is happier and funner when he is single and he will have one less thing to worry about

      • chanel on said:

        I think Justin is happier having someone to talk to and not his team. but having someone there to go out with and just spend quality time together as a couple. I think most Celeb are happier when they have someone there to hang out and just have those intimates moments together. Your family can only be there for so long. Your friends can last a long time. Is just nice to have your best friend there to talk to and just be there your good and bad times. I think Justin loves having Selena there by his side.

  5. Weeeeeeeee on said:


  6. Belieber on said:

    Yes they should selena that slut she’s using justin .. and btw all of us saw selena’s pictures when justin was sick with alfredo :O when selena and justin started their relationship selena had no fans , and in the middle of it she started to get famous so she got 25 million likes on FB and now she has 31 million likes on FB

    • best belieber on said:

      True I also think she’s just using him I luv jelena but I think they r going to break up and watch when they do breakup selena will go straight to Cody Simpson n Justin will stay single for awhile until he finds d right girl……. Luv u Justin n will always stick up for u no matter why I just think selena is using u……luv u babyboy (Justin bieber)

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        Oh hell no!!! Selena better back off my Cody! If she ever puts a move on Cody Simpson she is about to lose her face and her balls! Codys mine! He too good for selenas ratchet ass! Selenas a she male. Justin and Cody are too sexy and too good for whores like selly

    • lmao on said:

      Selena had no fans before her relationship with Justin? OH please, don’t make me laugh. Selena was starring in a two time Emmy award winning television show all the way back in 2007. Selena started her successful music career in 2009. Her second single, Naturally, was the first of many singles to go platinum. Selena has been breakng ratings records in the department of telivision which caters to children 14 and under since 2007. Please get your facts before you make a comment like that and make a fool out of youself.

      • DestinyBelieber on said:

        Mhmm. Like If Justin was sick she Shoulda been there with him Just at least till he feels A Little better I’ve woulda instead of Going to some Party with Alfredo. Love you Justin you mean the world to me <333

      • lmao on said:

        It’s not as if Justin was lying on his death bed! He was at a business meeting. And he wasn’t even sick. He had a headache.

  7. Belieber on said:

    After I heard this & it’s true I guess they will break up in a few weeks/months, because of distance. I really think they love eachother, but because they don’t see each other that much. I also think it’s better that they break up because of the drama and that stuff, but if Justin wants to stay with her I don’t care. As Long he’s happy, I am ;)

  8. Hannah on said:

    I think they will break up again in a few weeks. On again and off again relationship…they won’t last forever but as long as he is happy I am happy.

  9. Belieber on said:

    I honestly hope they break up. And don’t say I’m not a true Belieber just because I’ve said that. I LOVED Selly G since day one on Barney…but she has changed him SO MUCH that I don’t think he knows who he is anymore and he doesn’t know what’s important to him anymore. He calls us his “fans” now…not his “Beliebers.” So for his benefit and ours, they need to break up. I never believed her intensions were true from the beginning anyway…. If you recall, Selena dated Nick Jonas when he was famous…so it’s just a matter of time until Justin and Selena break up. I wish the best for Justin and I always will. I don’t think she is what’s best for him right now. He has a HUGE tour to gear up for (72 and counting tours dates) and her stressing him out is NOT what he needs right now. Much love xoxo (;

    • lmao on said:

      Selena didn’t change Justin. Nobody can change Justin but himself. So that’s a very invalid reason for hating on her. Also when she and Nick Jonas dated, they never even talked about their relationship. They constantly hid and always avoided talking about each other in interviews, so it’s not as if she was gaining anything other than unnecessary stress during their relationship.

      • DestinyBelieber on said:

        It’s True He’s just Growing up well He is already grown Up but yeah He Does only call us his “Fans” now Witch I Hate I used to Love when he called us all the time his “Beliebers” And yeah I’m not Trying to Hate on Selena I mea I love her and always had but For Justin I don’t think they should stay together and I know He’s probley happy with her and I Love him so much And Just want him to be happy but To me There just Not meant for Eatchother :/

  10. Tipping_On_Jerey on said:

    To be honest I could care lest about Jelena. I’m over the bullshit and everything that comes with Jelena. If Jelena ends it would stop all the fights and all the drama. Because everyone knows how much drama Jelena brings.
    I think it will be over in a couple of weeks. Some people get tired of each other. It’s normal that’s why some relationships don’t last. If they break up they could find new boyfriends and girlfriends in 2.1 seconds. But I think Justin would take a break from dating and be single and then after his tour look for someone. And Selena who knows with her… Maybe one direction… Cody… Idk.

      • gedeona bieber on said:

        she says tht cause shes datin justin but when they break up shell prob go for harry

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

      If selena makes a move on my bby she is gonna get her balls choped off! Cody is wayyy to good for that hoebag anyway.

  11. lmao on said:

    you guys are so pathetic. All of you claiming that Selena was “using” Justin; why would she stay with him through hate and death threats if she was using him? And how is she in the least bit slutty? Someone please explain this to me. Now I personally think that Selena could do better. Maybe get together with someone who is not scrared to tell his fans that it’s not ok to hate on her because they are jealous. But that’s just me.

    • exactly, some of these people are pathetic and some of them are clearly NAIVE to the fact that they believe whatever TMZ says who by the way is another form of TADBLOIDS!. These little girls need to wake up and THINK!, do you honestly think that people close to Justin and Selena are going to be spilling beans about their relationship status?.

      Just wait, if Justin and Selena break up and he hits up with another HOT female celebrities all you little girls are going to be calling her a slut too!, if he goes after beyonce are ya’ll going to be sending her death threats and calling her names and claim she’s using him for fame who by the way has been famous for awhile. Time to wake up, Justin will never be with you, he’ll stick with the hot female celebrities who are older and will date only blacks or mexicans….

      • DestinyBelieber on said:

        Exactly Bro, I Love them Both but More Justin But Anyways He can’t drop Everything Just to make One Girl he doesn’t even know Happy Like C’mon Really. And watch Anyone he Dates There goes More Haters. And I’ve Realized that He Doesn’t even know we Exist and yeah it Hurts to feel and Realize it But its True I’m not gonna Lie. But Don’t call Selena All that crap When you don’t Even know the Girl. GROW UP. And he’s Only One guy like God.

      • These long ass paragraph y’all but y’all soul into get real and stop running ur mouth ova the Internet why do y’all care about their luv life relationship doesn’t last forever.

      • gedeona bieber on said:

        ya but when they break up justin will wait till his tour is over to find someone and he said he would never hit on beyonce cause he respects JAY-Z

    • BIEBER IS BEST on said:

      have you seen her i do like her but she is a bit slutty and wth justin is amazing dont you say anything bad about him imao !! and he is not scared to tell us !!!!!!!!

      • lmao on said:

        If he’s not scared then why has he not said anything? This has been going on since 2010, and it’s ridiculous. And Selena dresses just like every other 19 year old out there. (Just like to say that I apologize if it seemed like I was trying to be rude to you because I wasn’t.)

  12. You guys are dumb. on said:

    Calling Selena a slut? LOL.
    Dear 12 year olds, please learn the definition of slut: One who sleeps around with tons of guys.

      • lmao on said:

        Well that only makes your comments seem even more pathetic, and shows how immature you are.

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        Im sorry child if my comments hurt your feelings. Get your mama to buy u some bibs and some formulas to make u happy.

      • lmao on said:

        Trust me, your comments have had no effect on me whatsoever. See, what you fail to understand is that I don’t know who you are, nor do I care, so if you are attempting to insult me, let me tell you it is quite pathetic.

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        Whatever. Listen your comments dont hurt me either. Your comebacks are lame and boring and i actually heard better from little kids. I have a real life to live. Im not dead and wasted like some people are.

      • lmao on said:

        And neither am I. Also as I said before, I, too, have a life so it would be appreciated if you stopped replying to me.

      • JB's swaggie on said:

        Rosalina do us all a favor and just shut up before you make yourself sound so stupid and uneducated.

  13. AeroSwagg on said:

    OMG!! YES!!!
    if they don’t just BREAK UP ALREADY! damn! I mean…EVERY belieber would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happier if he just broke up with her!!!!!
    There is no use in trying to f-ing MAKE the realationship work! I mean HELLOOOO!!! IT”S OBVIOUSLY IN THE PICTURES!
    With Selena: Jelena Drama , and Justin UN HAPPY!

    • lmao on said:

      The funny thing is, Justin has said numerous times that he’s never been happier than he has been during the course of his relationship with Selena. He has said that Selena makes him “very happy” and brings out the best in him.

      • gedeona bieber on said:

        yes but people do like to try new relationships and just cause justin is happy doesnt mean they arent forcing the relationship maybe it isnt working but they want it to

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

      Rite! On and off relationships dont last at all. Why da hell is justin still trying with this hoe?! He could find a better girl and keep it drama free.

      • JB's swaggie on said:

        Rosalina, he could find another woman ( a famous one) and youi’ll be calling her a slut too… i’m waiting for that day.

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        No. I wont. I call selena slut cause she is. She makes herself look like a slut. If he wen out with jasmine v then i wont call her a slut cuz shes not. Wow u so pathetic.

    • gabby on said:

      WATCH WHEN HE FINDS ANOTHER GIRL U WILL BE HATING ON HER TOO. everyone isnt gonna stop the hate until hes dating them. if justin says hes very happy leave the girl alone.

      • JB's swaggie on said:

        exactly Gabby. I think these 10 year olds want Justin Alone and Miserable and not to date anyone ever…..

        The boy is going to have many girlfriends even after Selena, he loves women, he’s a womanizer. I bet if Beyonce was Single he’d be at her feet. I know he has a crush on Rhianna too, what if It’s Rhianna next?….Ohh i can only imagine the death threats she’ll get from whiny 10 year olds.

      • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

        If justin went out with rihanna (prob wont happen) i wont pick on her cuz i like rihanna better than selenas sluty ass. Hey asswipe im not 10 im 15. Damn u ppl r dumb

      • gabby on said:

        theonly reason u so called belieber started calling her a slut is because shes dating justin but before that no one said anything about her

      • gabby on said:

        U STILL HAVE NO VALID REASON WHY SHE IS A SLUT! u just keep saying it no one hasa reason with proof

  14. Here we go again on said:

    you little kids are un freaking believable! don’t you want Justin to be happy? you do know he’ll date again right? he is 18, he’s going to date alot of girls and i bet all the women he dates you’ll never going to like it.

    • gedeona bieber on said:

      im happy 4 them but the relationship seems forced they r trying to make it work but why try its gonna end up in a break up

  15. JB's swaggie on said:

    Justin Bieber is a WOMANIZER. He loves women ( not little girls, WOMEN), he flirts with them and pretty much checks them out. He is every red blooded 18 year old boy who’s hormones are going crazy. Especially now that he’s a celebrity he got WOMEN throwing themselves at him. So i’m not surprise Selena and Justin won’t last any much longer. He’s going to find the next hot mexican and black woman and tap that for the next year then moving on to the next. Welcome to the world of the rich and famous.

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P on said:

      Haha nigga plz selena aint no woman. She has a lil girls body. Haha u think Justin would use girls? Wat kind of belieber are u?!?! That is selenas life story ok not justins. He would go out with a fan too. Goddamn some ppl have so much shit in their head they can hear or see!!

    • belieberforever on said:

      Wow! What happened to us ? We are beliebers! We are family ! We aren’t suppose to be fighting ! We used to be the world’s strongest fans ! We stick up for justin! Now what? We’re foghting over justin’s relationship. What I’m telling is we are family and we just not suppose to be fighting because we USED to stick up for each other and now our relationship almost broken beacuse we fight

    • gedeona bieber on said:

      justin isnt that kind of guy but they r gonna break up hell prob wait till after his tour to find someone

  16. JB*Fan on said:

    I’ll believe this ‘rumor’ when Justin or Selena or someone who actually knows what they are tlkn about confirms it. How many times over the last yr has tmz (and other sites like it) said they were broken up?? Then 2 days later u see them together, holding hands, kissing. All i want is for Justin to be happy, regardless of who that’s with. But, I do find myself wondering if they’ll make it through this next world tour. That has to be hard on a relationship.

    • gedeona bieber on said:

      i dont comepletely believe the rumors its not just tmz though its also elvis duran and etc. but the relationship seems forced and why force it itll end up in break up

  17. gabby on said:

    its not anyones decision, we can say all we want but justin is gonna do what he wants and as beliebers we have to respect that. if they stay together we should support them,if they dont then we shouldnt start bashing selena and being mean JS

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