Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Visit the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, NZ

Walking hand in hand, Justin & Selena were spotted visiting the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand July 19.

10+ pics inside
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Justin is no stranger to the Starship Foundation. When he launched his Believe Charity Drive to encourage fans to contribute to charities around the world, he selected Starship, which raises money for the hospital.

He tweeted shortly before Thursday’s visit.

“Do something nice for someone else today.

“U know your truth…do it for the right reasons.”

    • yes they are. such a adorable couple who just adores kids and want to make them happy. they put a smile on there faces. I love seeing justin and selena together. Even though they are busy with there careers. I hope they always stay together and never break up for good. Such amazing couple who have amazing chemistry and they are so cute together Selena is justin’s rock and they belong together and meant for each other. I hope they can last like Sarah michelle gellar and Freddie PRINCE jR. i hope they can last that long and only have for each other. Justin needs Selena in is life.

      • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that just about selena gomez , her self please , i just do,nt play or to here or to sing a ,long with selena gomez music any more on you tube video , love david conway

      • @smile why do i tell u that what makes her bitch who the hell r u i know she is a lazy pigg too.

      • Lazy? Someone doesn’t go from being poor to being a multi millionare at the age of 19 by being lazy. And, yes you do need a reason if you’re going to go around and call someone a bitch.

      • well she makes him happy… and u have no right to call her that. have u met her? i dont think so.

      • Ok i get it you don’t like Selena, no one gives a shit. Justin is happy and that is what matters.

      • Yup i agree with u I hate that bitch Selena .Justin is the only one that looks adorable not that ugly bitch Selena I think Justin could do better . He’s way to hot for her that’s my opinion

      • @jsha bieber u have no right to call Selena a bitch okay? shes done nothing 2 u. and she makes Justin happy. isn’t that wut matters? u need to get a god damn life and stop hating on Selena shes amazing! ur the bitch not Selena.

      • Actually you’re jealous with Selena. Because Selena is so adorable and pretty but you’re not. Don’t worry because Justin will never see you and he did not know about you :p
        If given a choice between Selena and you. Of course Justin will choose Selena because she is so adorable and caring. They also love each other.

      • im so sorry for that last comment above this comment im doing it right now im sorry selena gomez i do,nt mean to that mean at selena gomez just like that comment , love david conway

      • i don’t think Justin and Caitlin will get together anytime soon. She has a boyfriend. I am sure Caitlin and Justin are still good friends but i don’t think she wants the spotlight attention. She has moved on.

    • I agree with Mellysa. Please open your eyes, Justin will not and never choose girls who love to condemn others and less sense like you.

      • Thank you because you agree with me. I sympathize with Selena because she was always condemned by the people who are less intelligent and jealousy. I know they like and love Justin just like me, but they do not have to condemn Selena. Selena was human too and have feelings

  1. I LOVE Justin and Selena. They are an adorable couple, and Selena’s outfit looks great on her! But, I am thinking that Selena’s getting annoying by being around Justin and all. Also to add, I really don’t find how being with your boyfriend all the time is so called a “real” couple. Hanging out all the time is wat makes couples fight with eachother. Because they’re around all the time and making promises they can’t keep. They also lied to us! In 2010, Selena said, “Justin and I are just friends! We’re not dating!” Then, the next day they start kissing and going out for pancakes.

      • I hope you know that feelings do change and if I do recall correctly, that same year Justin said he didn’t like Selena in a romantic way.

      • It doesn’t take a scientist to figure that shit out. Obviously their feelings changed because they’re dating now, are they not? Ill-minded dumb f*ck.

      • Let me ask you something. Why do you always come out the dark when something is about Selena? You don’t comment on anything that has to do with Justin unless it also has something to do with Selena. And when you do comment, it’s always got to be on why people don’t have a valid reason to hate Selena.

      • Because i’m a fan of Selena and I respect and like Justin as a person so I have every right to be here. If I see somebody call Selena some sort of vulgar name, I’m going to ask why they called her that, and so far every time I’ve asked those people, they have not given me one reason.

      • @smile
        Nobody has to give your ass a reason…just look @ her…there’s your reason…!

      • @JaylaBieber, ur right! I mean, why would someone date their brother?? @Smile,no. Justin started dating Selena in 2010. The same year as when they denied their relationship. Also, @Smile, don’t deny that whenever u asked someone why they hated Selena they never told u a reason. I gave u 3 reasons last time! Are you blind? I hate when people try proving themselves right. And, just cuz someone doesn’t like another person, doesn’t mean they’re jealous. I kinda hate Selena cuz 1) she lypsyncs. And I know cuz I heard her sing “Who Says” and I caught her. 2) I think she could cut off a little of her acting. It doesn’t look real wen she has to cry… and 3) I think she’s a gold digger and user. She dated Nick Jonas in 2008 or something then, while she dated Nick, she started flirting with some guy from Glee. Then, in 2009 she broke his heart, and 2010, she went to Justin. My opinion.

      • Well obviously if you’re going to hate on her, there must be a reason as to why you’re doing so.

      • @ Harry Style’s Girlfriend; Selena doesn’t lip synch, I don’t know where you got that from. Just because you don’t like her acting does not give you the right to hate on her. And finally, she did not flirt with the guy from Glee, they hung out because they were filming a movie together. Selena didn’t break Nick’s heart, it was the other way around. He kept trying to change her and didn’t wanted to keep their relationship private and made her hide and go out of different exits and entrances and he mistreated her.

      • @Smile, I don’t care which way it was. K? And, we could hate Selena’s acting if we want to. This is wat happened to a girl in Selena’s concert a couple years back:
        Fan: Hi Selena.
        Selena: Hiii.
        Fan: I love u.
        Selena: Thnx watever… bye!
        See how rude Selena was to a fan?? She didn’t even have a conversation with her!!!

      • And there have been plenty of accounts of Justin being rude to fans. There was actually one the other day in Nike where a belieber herself said that Justin was being rude whereas she had a conversation with Selena and said that she was really sweet. I’ve met Selena before at a meet and greet (For her fragrance launch in NYC on June 9th in case you wanted details) and she was very interactive and sweet .

      • @Smile, there’s not problem in us hating Selena. If u can’t control urself, then get off this site! Are u a Belieber? Cuz u sure don’t sound like it wen u said Justin was once rude to a fan… I bet Selena just goes to the charity hospitals to get money and get her fans to see she’s a “Goody Too Shoes.”

      • And I could easily say that Justin is doing it for that same reason, considering that they did the same exact thing.

      • We know she doesn’t lip-sync. I heard her sing right after Demi did at MTV NYE 2012 and I was suddenly wishing she would lip-sync. Selena should honestly just stick to acting and leave the singing to others.

  2. They look great its so nice 2 do that especially being so young u would assume all the fame would get 2 their heads. But its nice 4 them 2 take the time 4 charity.

    • i just what to apolongzines just for all my comments i made this year 2012 i do,nt mean to be that mean on here justin bieber zone fansite just by ,love david conway

  3. i am your biggesstt fan jb i love you and your music your are the best singer justin your are hot please write back love emma (:

  4. WOW Selena is such a phony. Of Course she is going to go to a children s hospital so people can think she is *Miss Goody Two Shoes* Plus she is always following Justin around like a puppy anyways so she going to the hospital means NOTHING! Jelena is a bad couple and Justin should break up with Selena before she breaks up with him and breaks his heart. Justin needs to find a better girl for him. If Selena has money why is she always getting clothes that look like a trash bag.

    • WOW so wgy is it that Selena was doing it to make herself look good whereas Justin was just doing a good thing? They did the same things there. Selena was there to make kids happy just like Justin.

      • And what makes you think that Selena didn’t do it out of kindness? It makes no sense to say that only Selena did it to make herself look good when her and Justin did virtually the same thing.

      • @SMILE Did U even read my comment. Selena doesnt have anything going on so she needs to be in the public and she wants more people to like her thinking that she cares. Also she follows Justin around all the time so this isnt different and means Nothing.

      • Selena doesn’t have anything going on? She just finished 3 movies and is about to start working on her 4th album along with her Spanish album. She is on a break right now because as soon as she starts her album, she will be going non stop for the next year and a half with promotional tours and another headlining tour. That’s why she’s with Justin.

      • @Smile U google Selena WAY TOO MUCH.Why did U even start commenting and try to start a fight with me. Go on a Selena site if u care about her so much. No one should care what I say because this is a Justin Bieber Fansite! Of course Selena is going to be in the public with Justin so can get her more fame for her auto tune album that coming out.

      • OR did it occur to you that she and Justin hang out because they are dating and that’s what people do when they are dating. Selena doesn’t need Justin’s help to promote her stuff. She released her first album back in 2009, and it went gold and one of the two singles released went platinum very quickly after it was release.

      • @Smile I dont care about these stupid facts about Selena. In case you having noticed I am not a fan of hers and I never was even before she started dating Justin and I never will be because she cant sing for her life (and thats the truth!) and she acts with no emotion at all!

      • U know what I am sorry for all I said and have to admit that some of things you said are kinda true

      • Lmao I don’t know who’s pretending to be me but it’s pathetic and immature. And @MaliaBieber101, don’t you get tired of hating on someone who actually has a life and a successful one at that.

      • @Smile If Selena had a life and was successful at it then why is she following and stalking Justin Bieber

      • Lmao since when was hanging out with your boyfriend considered stalking? They are dating. When you are dating someone you tend to spend a lot of time with them (not as if you know anything about that). And yes, Selena is successful. She doesn’t get roles in movies because of Justin. Selena doesn’t win awards because of Justin. Selena’s perfume didn’t sell out within four hours on the first day it was released because of Justin. Selena’s clothing line did not make over $100 million last year because of Justin. Selena’s albums and singles don’t go gold, platinum, and double platinum because of Justin.

      • @Smile What did I say about the stupid facts about Selena I dont Care! Selena’s name shouldnt even be mentioned in the title because this is a Justin Bieber fansite. It doesnt matter if she is his girlfriend. Smile get off this website and go on a Selena gomez website.

      • Ah, so I see this is the part where you realize that I’m right and you have nothing else to say and therefore try to intimidate me.

      • You, @Lisa, and as for @Kid, I think it’s pathetic how you guys need someone else here to try and basically fight your battles for you. Why do you need Brenda, so she can call me all sorts of random names in an attempt to anger me and scare me away? Guess what, it’s not gonna happen.

      • @Smile I dont need Brenda to fight my battles I just want to see what she has to say to a low life like you

      • Obviously you do need her. Why don’t you say what you want to say to me, as opposed to waiting to see what she has to say. And trust me, I’m not the low life in this situation.

      • @Smile Yes u are the low life because u are trying to get Kid to something mean to U because u love getting into fights with people!

      • I’m not trying to get anybody to do anything. I’m just saying that if Kid has something to say to me, then he or she needs to say it, instead of waiting for Brenda to serve as a representative for all of you.

  5. Oh @Jsha bieber sthu like really u have nothing better 2 do than hate on selena?? Well if u dont like her at least respect what she’s doing 4 those kids since that is what this article is about sheesh!!
    P.s. Love them…Jelena <3

  6. Yaa its good that she is doing something for kids but it doesn’t mean that i start liking her n who knows that she is doing it from the heart ?? N ur stupid comments can’t change my opinion so it will good 4 u to shut ur mouth FDLAMO.

    • I know Right! She needs to buy herself a designer becuase she obviously doesnt know how to dress herself and she needs some plastic surgery on her face because every time I see it I feel like throwing up!

    • okay guys lets be real here Selena we all dont like her for one reason and its true no matter how many times you say it isnt! we are JEALOUS! of course we alll want to be in her place but sadly we cant i actually like Selena as a person but not the fact that they’re dating they’ve been together for like 2-3 years right? so it’s getting old with all the hate. Im not saying that we should suddenly love her and worship her but we could at least RESPECT her she obviously makes Justin VERY happy and thats all that should matter. Calling her ugly is a lie she’s really pretty as you can see calling her fat? no she’s not yes she has her flaws(like having no butt or boobs at all) but who doesnt have flaws? She makes Justin happy period.point.blank. and thats all that we should care about …….how Justin is happy<3
      p.s. she's a person she has feelings imagine if you were his gf and most of the female population hated you for no reason

  7. you have to admire them for what they do for children. justin for his charitable work and selena for the things she does for unicef i hope that there are more people like them god bless them.

  8. @Smile, do u know why most people here don’t like you? Cuz ur annoying!
    Whenever someone says they hate Selena or when they say why they hate her, u have to reply back something that U think proves u right! Nobody ever agrees with you. So, why can’t u just let people say why they hate Selena without u causing drama!!!

      • RIGHT ON Harry Styles’s Girlfriend!!! I am just writing my comment MY OPINION and then Smile comes in and wont stop picking a fight with me. @Smile HAVE U NOT BEEN READING THE COMMENTS WE HAVE GOING BACK AND FORTH WITH!! I HAVE GIVEN U REASONS WHY I AND OTHER PEOPLE DONT LIKE SELENA!!!

      • There’s a difference between and opinion and cyberbullying and being just plain rude and disrespectful (which is what you were doing).

      • No. We were just giving our opinion. How is that being rude?? Lots of people just hate someone cuz they think they’re too ugly,rude, or sl*tty. So, if Selena did a Pla*boy shoot, u would still like her??? Noo.
        So Selenators could write awesome things about her but Selena haters can’t say why they hate her?? @Lisa, thank you. :)

      • “if Selena did a playboy shoot” well she has not, so what is the point in putting that in your comment. In fact Selena has been offered a photo shoot for them but she immediately turned it down and does not plan on doing one in the future. And no, calling someone slutty is not an opinion, it’s cyberbullying, especially when the word is used out of context and the one using it obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

      • @Smile, I said ”IF Selena did a shoot” I didn’t say she did.
        And how is it cyberbullying if u walk up to Selena calling her something? And, I really wouldn’t care if I got called ugly or fat or stupid cuz people dont know how I look like.. :) U get used to it once u get on here. :D

      • I am commenting back because; first, I find this whole thing amusing, and secondly, not one of them has yet to give me a reason as to why they say hateful things about Selena.

      • @Smile, I know u want to win this battle, but ur not going to! As if u didn’t notice, my friend Carla is friends with Justin. So she sometimes hangs out with them at restaurants and concerts and she posted a video of Selena walking away from an 8 yr old fan wen the fan was asking her a question.. she just walked right in her dressing room and didn’t come out until the 8 yr old left. But, she had to delete the video cuz Justin saw it nd he didn’t like it… :) It was on YouTube for the first 2 hours.

      • @Smile, my friend Carla is friends with Justin… so she hangs out with them at restaurants and/or concerts. And at one concert, Selena walked away from an 8-year-old trying to ask a question.. she just walked right into her dressing room and didn’t come out til the 8 year old left. This is wat I asked the 8 yr old:
        Me: Wat were u going to ask?
        8 yr old: If I could have her autograph.
        Me:K. and i told Sel. Carla recorded it and put it on YouTube for 2 hours until Justin saw it and told Carla to delete it. :)

  9. idk why people even argue with those girls, they always have something bad to say about selena even if she is doing a great thing for people. i have gotten used to all of their comments about her being a slut because she’s at charity or being a whore cause she went shopping and im surprised no one else is used to it. im just going to ignore them and not give them the attention they want. i love justin for everything he does and i support everything about him.even the girl he loves. i respect them. no im not picking a fight with those girls im putting my opinion like they put theirs

  10. If I was on a Selena Gomez fansite and didnt comment something good about her than of course people are going to hate on me because its obviously a SELENA GOMEZ FANSITE! But if I am on another fansite and I write my opinion about Selena no one should care about what I have to say because its not a website about her!. I ONLY CAME ON THIS WEBSITE TO HEAR ABOUT JUSTIN NEWS NOT ABOUT SELENA! Anyone else agree!

    • Also @Smile Why so come on this website talking about howmuch u *LOVE* Selena! Why dont u talk about how u love Justin…. if u even love him! U probably dont! Do u just come on this website to comment on every article about Selena and Justin and annoy and pick fights with everyone who doesnt like her!

      • Although I do love Selena, I did not profess my love for her in any of my comments, I simply said that I was a fan of hers. And I have every right to be here, considering that this article has to do with Selena and as I said before, I am a fan of hers. I’m not trying to pick fights with anyone, I am simply trying to figure out why you guys hate on her so much, considering you all claim that you are not jealous.

      • @Smile Look at the comments on top with our last *fight* and u will find the reason why I and other people dont like Selena!

      • And I’m sure if you continue to scroll down you will see that I explained how your reasons for hating her were not in the least valid considering that they were all based off of assumptions.

      • but everytime YOU see selena u ash her like if its a justin bieber website like u said ignore selena and talk about justin

      • Then dont write paragraphs about Selena’s life and about how much you love her. Its really not that complicated!

      • You said that you didn’t want to hear about Selena so I said to not click on articles with her in them. Then you said that I shouldn’t write “paragraphs” about Selena as if I had complained like you did, which I did not. Therefore the context of your comment made no sense when compared to the comments made before it.

      • I’m not the one who needs to “try and act smart”. My comment made perfect sense, but I assume that some of the words used are just not in your vocabulary.

  11. @Smile You want to know why I dont like Selena I’ll tell u. Selena is an awful singer she only has a recording contract because she had that show on Disney channel and Disney channel gives everyone on there network singing contracts. Also She is one of the worst actress ever she has no emotin and its just all so FAKE! Also I dont want to see Justin get hurt. She dated Nick Jonas when they were the biggest boy band. She dated Taylor Lauther when Twilight was the Biggest movie of the year. Plus we never heard anything about Demi Lovato until she got on Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. Then Selena started saying they were *Best Friends* WHAT A LIE. Then when Demi went into rehab she started to become BFFS with Taylor Swift. She uses Everyone! I dont want that to happen to Justin! Pus she has no boobs or butt and her face is just plain UGLY! She has a flat face and looks like a monkey! Those are some of the reasons that I dont like Selena and I am sure many people agree with me! Not Everyone has to like Selena and I am not going to start liking her now just because she is Justin’s girlfriend! Will u stop bothering everyone NOW!

    • Haha, oh I’m going to have fun with this.

      First off, Selena and Nick did go out, but we only know this because Cody Linely accidentally admitted to it in an interview. However they did every thing they could to keep the relationship private, including taking separate cars, arriving to places at different times, and going through different entrances and exits. In interviews they did everything possible to not talk about one another. How could she have “used” him if neither of them were willing to even publicly admit to the relationship.

      As far as her and Taylor Lautner goes, Selena and Taylor had been friends for a long time. They had met at Disney events, because Selena had been working with Disney since she was 12 and Taylor had done Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Both Selena and Taylor had happened to be filming movies in Canada and had therefore hung out a couple of times. Despite dating rumors, they both denied ever dating in the first place.

      I find it funny how you mention Demi and Camp Rock. When Camp Rock was first written, the producers and directors had intended for Selena to be Mitchie. Selena, on the other hand turned it down and said it would be a great opportunity for someone else, and that someone turned out to be Demi. So, Selena had helped Demi’s career. Even before camp rock came out, Selena and Demi made video blogs and referred to each other as best friend.s They began growing apart but when Demi was in rehab, Selena was the first one to call her, and Selena was the one who was crying. We only know this because DEMI said it in an interview.

      Selena and Taylor Swift met at a Jonas Brothers Concert in 2009 and instantly became friends.

      The fact that you hate her because of physical appearances is just sad. And if you don’t like her acting or singing, that’s fine, but there are people out there who do, so she is going to continue her career whether you like it or not, and that is no reason to call someone vulgar names and what not.

      • @Smile First of all I know that Selena went out with some of those guys so stop denying everything that everyone says Selena does. Also was it just a coincidence that she was hanging around with them when they were are the peaks of their careers I don’t think so. Also u have to just accept that not everyone is going to like everything that you like. Plus there is freedom of speech so I can say whatever I want about her. If u can’t accept then you are just setting yourself up for heartbreak. That’s what I am going to say and I am ending this fight between u and me right now because it’s not worth it anyways and u will not just accept reality! So PEACE YOLO! :)

      • Lmao you “know” Selena went out with some of those guys. Did you ever have conversations with you? Did they admit it to you personally? No. The only one we know she really went out with is Nick and that’s because as I said Cody Linely admitted to their relationship, whereas both Selena and Taylor denied having a relationship. And I find it funny how you’re going on and on about how those people were at the peaks of their careers. Like I said, Nick and Selena did virtually everything they could to keep their relationship private, she and Taylor never even went out, she’s been best friends with Demi since they were seven and stayed with Demi while she was in rehab (which was definitely not the peak of Demi’s career), not to mention all this time Selena, herself, was very popular.

        Oh, and just to let you know, I have freedom of speech too, so I can say whatever I want about your comments, just as you can say whatever you want about Selena.

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