Justin Bieber Boobs Shirt in Encino, CA

Justin Bieber & Alfredo get sushi in Encino, CA. Photo: X17online.com 

10+ Pictures inside!


  • Anna

    Haha you are so cute<3 i love uu

    • @JustinTeenKing

      That’s my boy!

  • Dalila

    He really does like breasts…… :)

    • Amanda Marie Rivera

      and Butts

      • DestinyBelieber

        Haha Nice Boobs Justin xD xoxo

  • Belieber


  • Muna love JB

    I love you so much you are cute have a good day.

  • Jessie

    justin bieber <3

    • anushak

      luv uh tOoOoOo bieber :* :* <3 <3 <3 ;)

  • Bieber JB 1

    Hi how all you doing love you JB

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    he look nice

  • BieberBella


    • yehh

      Its a bit rude, oh well

  • Atheer

    Nice boobs ♡

  • Justin’s Girl 4 Ever

    Lmao. Have fun JB. But not too much fun ;) Love ya Justin!!! <3 <3 <3

  • belieber till death

    oh god !!! i dunno should i laugh or feel shy about that….

    • Beliebertje!

      Me 2!! :S

      • believejb4ver

        ya same hr!

    • JustinSamiraLoveYouu

      I know right, that’s slight awks LOL

    • Carsyn

      laugh!! unless your parents around them be shy haha

  • Mikaela

    There is a rumor that a hater is going to Justin biebers concert In peru on October 17 he is rumored to be sitting in the 3rd row please tell me if this is real and if it is we need to get this to Justin and his crew if something happened to Justin idk what i would do!! Please help and get this to Justin!!!

    • MrsBieber1424

      lol no calm down

    • palm trees

      ok so im sitting in row 8 in his concert in october but im soo with u i wund i culdint live with my self is sumthhing happend to him but maybe i can see wat wud be going on (belive)

  • JaylaBieber

    Omfg! That is too funny.

    • MaliaBieber101

      Ikr! LMFAO!!

  • true belieber

    Hes soo funny! :D

  • Bieber_Fever

    he is so cute and funny i like it

  • Mrs.Bieber

    now i see hes taking his boob addiction to the public.
    next its gonna be selenas boobs exposed

    • hello


  • Brittbieber


  • Chanez

    Thats funny :)

  • SamiBieber

    Follow me on twitter @SamiBieber98

  • Beliebertje!

    I don’t know if I need to laugh about this……………. *Awkward moment* What would Selena think about this?

  • jsha

    Haha so funny.:-D

  • jsha

    Follow me on twitter @jshabieber. I will follow u back.

  • Nicole Agundiz

    Woaaaah! I don’t know who commented about this but they said something about the Biebs haters going to Peru. I googled the most obvious thing “Justin Bieber Peru Haters Oct 17″ and I really think it’s something for the Biebs to take into consideration. But that’s my opinion.

  • Sugar Cookie

    please NEVER wear this boob shirt again. Just say NEVER.

    • Melia

      I’ve you Justin but this shirt was a lil to much!!! Don’t know if that was the best idea…

    • JaylaBieber

      Justin never says never.

  • Melia

    I love you Justin*

  • #believe_biggestbelieber

    @sugar cookie, I know right.

  • Emily

    Wow he really did change. I picture him as ending up like lil wayne in the future. Hes became an asshole, he always gets pulled over, and im thinking soon hes gonna be aressted. And he even wears inapropriate shirts! Wow some “role model” more like a horrible rolemodel. This isnt the justin i loved. Oh well im leaving him. Sorry justin but youve been such a douche bag -.-

    • Its pinche Rosalina! :P

      Listen bro nobody gaf if ur leaving him. Thats more justin for us. But ur full of bullshit! He is 18 and he has his own house! Hes not 15 and living with pattie! Dude ur just leaving him over something as stupid as what u said! Hes maturing hes not being an asshole he is maturing ur the one thats being an asshole.

      • emma bieber

        fine leave then. more bieber for us!

    • Olivia Bieber

      your leaving him over something silly as this, he is 18 which means he is an adult not a child and hes only maturing so if your leaving him your not a true belieber because a true belieber would stand by him no matter what he does and would like him for who he is and not judge him by what he wears or anything so he is not an asshole or douche bag

    • JaylaBieber

      Uh, news flash dude he’s f/cking 18 not 12 anymore! You obviously need to jump back in reality here and grow the hell up.

  • camille

    btw selena was there 2 and ya he does love boobs and butt

  • jaja

    Lol nice shirt

  • Olivia Bieber

    OMB Justin lol really you do like boobs and butts

    LOVE you justin your so funny