Justin Bieber Covers Rolling Stone August 2012

Justin on the cover of the August issue of Rolling Stone.

Justin Bieber appears on the cover of Rolling Stone for the second time in the issue that hits newsstands this Friday, July 20th. The cover story, written by Josh Eells, shadows the Biebs for a week as he battles paparazzi at a Los Angeles golf course, appears on the The Tonight Show, hits the studio and much more.

Justin is 18, and he says he feels like he’s become significantly more mature over the last couple of years. “I feel like I carry myself in a more manly way,” he says. “I don’t carry myself as a boy.”

Some highlights from the story:

β€’ Midway through a golf game at a private country club, Justin and his entourage are confronted by paparazzi. Justin responds by taking out his nine-iron and hitting a golf ball at them. He later tells an employee at the club that “we’ll probably never play here again.”

β€’ His manager Scooter Braun addresses concerns that Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez will lessen his appeal with tween fans. “Personally, I think that’s all a bunch of bullshit,” Braun says. “Yes, there’s gonna be some girls that if they see him with a girlfriend, it kills the dream – but there’s also gonna be girls that see him with a girlfriend, hear about the romantic things he does and want him even more.”

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