Justin Bieber Fan Dragged off Australia’s Got Talent’ stage: Video!

A 14-year-old Belieber rushed past security guards and into Bieber’s arms yesterday when he was being interviewed by “Australia’s Got Talent” host Grant Denyer after a taped performance on the talent show.

Watch the video!

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend


  • 3!!@BiEbEr

    I would soo do that!!!!!

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    We’re not Justin’s fans. We’re all a family.

    • Rachel

      Don’t be so stupid. When he was on that stage all he could see was $$$$$$$$$$$ in the crowd.

      • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

        If u hate Justin, why u on his site saying fake crap about him?? Plus, u know nothing about Justin. K? And if im stupid, why do I like Justin???

      • justinlover

        hey rachel how about you Don’t be so stupid when he was on that stage all he saw was how he was macking his fans smile and macking them happy. if it’s one thing he don’t really care about the money ok so back off. he love all his fans. and he is a good prenson.

  • Kidrauhl Fan

    thats funny. i would do that though.

  • JaylaBieber

    I don’t blame her. I would’ve did the same thing.

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    He was so kind to her. :) Some celebs would be like, “SECURITYYYY!!!” I love him. :)

  • Justinbiebsexy1

    whats was that thing throw on stage???

  • Saphire

    I would do the same freaking thing. Lol.

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    That was funny. I would do that too. But why the hell would she just walk up stage nd talk to him?? I think he thinks she’s weirdd.

    • JaylaBieber

      I found it funny how she just casually walked up on the stage and they started having a conversation.

      • Jennifer

        Yup I agree with U it was really funny I would of maybe done that to

      • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

        Ya! Talking to Justin would be awesome!
        *fan walks up stage.
        fan: Hi Justin!
        Justin: Hey.
        Fan: I love u. Did u know that??
        Justin: I guess.

  • 2crazy4bieber

    I love how the casually start talking… haha.

    • 2crazy4bieber


  • @JarielizBieber


  • Jennifer

    That was so crazy but I would certainly do that I would be so happy love him

  • KylaNeverSayNever

    THAT GIRL IS MY HERO! & he is the nicest guy ever!

  • E Bieber

    I probably wouldn’t go on stage cause I might get in trouble from secruity guards. I love I Justin

  • Semi lovable bieliber

    everyone wants that in her life want to huge jb !!

  • Leah Bieber Brooks Bates

    Omg I Would So So So Do That She Was So Brave I Love Him So Much he Is So Nice Omg He Makes Me Smile Everytime I See Him Or Hear His Song :p xxx

  • IHeartJerry

    Hahah and he was not taken by surprise at all he just hugged her hahaha he’s the best! love him!

  • Mrs Bieber

    Omg I Would So So So Do That She Was So Brave I Love Him So Much he Is So Nice Omg He Makes Me Smile Everytime I See Him Or Hear His Song :p xxx

  • wow

    good *)*

  • essie j

    he’s so nice :) i luv how he opened his arms 2 her ;) any belieber would do the same thing she did :) i’d do

  • Justin Bieber Loverr

    Omg look at the end of the video it looks like he is walking towards her or something and he walked past the guards and stuff. so cute luv u justin

  • sastika belieber forever and ever

    I think I’d not be able to go that much near!!! but I’d probably hug him though I’m emotional specially when someone of my heart means Justin. oww! that girl is so lucky. I will also be 14 in november.I wish Justin would be with me which I know most of the beliebers want . Love U

  • JessLovesBieber

    i absolutely love the fact that when she went on stage he didnt try to get Moshe to get her off or anything he just hugged her and talked to her and as she got dragged away (lol) he was holding her hand <3

  • OMB!

    I got tears…. <3

  • Desss

    no judging cause i know i woulda tried the same thing good for her going past secruity and everything

    • Desss

      and how they just casually have a conversation lol

  • emilybieberforever

    hahah i would have done the same thing! exspeshly because he was so nice to her! he huged her he didnt kick her off.

  • Melanie

    She’s lucky she could touch him! LOL

    • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

      Nah, it’s lucky if u get to touch Harry Styles.

      • Misses

        shut up about Harry styles my gawd! you’re so effin’ annoying. Harry this Harry that ugh!. This is justin’s website go to Harry style’s page.

      • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

        No! U can’t make me shut up about him! K?? I could say anything I want to say. It doesn’t have to be about Justin. You’re annoying just telling me to shut up! Also, stop trying to start a fight, child! I got better things to do than listen to ur complaining. I have a right to talk about anything I wanna talk about.

      • Belieber#1

        Whe dont fricking care about Harry Styles! Go on his fansite and talk about him not here! Why are you here if you like Harry Styles?

      • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

        Uhh, hello. Are you new here? I’m here cuz I’m also a belieber. What, a Belieber can’t be a Directioner also?? That’s pathetic. :(
        And for ur information, there is no Harry Styles site!!!

      • Jennifer

        Yup I agree with u Harry styles is just so dreamy who wouldn’t want to see his beautiful gorgeous eyes that he has and say I love u Harry and him saying I love u back.love u Harry styles<3 love , Jennifer

  • brittnaylester

    justin is so cute and sexy

  • Justin Bieber’s girlfriend

    He is the only hottest man on earth!


      look up japanese superstar kamenashi kazuya he is sooo hot but 26. check out his dramas. especially 1 pound gospel

  • TrueBelieber56

    that girl got guts i dont think i could that to him in fromt of everybbody