Fans Boycotts NBC over “As Long As You Love Me” Video

At about 9 a.m. Thursday, NBC decided to respond to the belieber’s anger, and tweeted an apology via the official “America’s Got Talent” Twitter account:

“Apologies #AGT fans & @justinbieber, technical problems for #AsLongAsYouLoveMe video premiere.”

Are you satisfied by NBC’s apology?
Beliebers have taken to Twitter to threaten NBC with boycotts and express anger over the network’s “America’s Got Talent” failing to play a clip from Justin’s long-awaited music video “As Long As You Love Me” during its Wednesday night episode.

“NBC, WHYYYYYYYY?!!! you better run…hmm doesn’t make any sense…just die!!”

“I’m never watching NBC ever again.”

“@justinbieber We are here to make you feel better always :3 Dont worry, everything will get better (: NBC will die ;)”

“Dear NBC and AGT, you’re now the most hated show on the planet, congratulations, sincerely Bieber & 25 million #pissedbeliebers.”

Prior to the episode, Justin tweeted to more than 25 million followers that NBC had “confirmed” that the video clip would be played Wednesday night during the broadcast of “America’s Got Talent”.

Justin Bieber also took to Twitter Wednesday night to express his disappointment with NBC:

“very frustrated. where was it? no joking here,”

“@nbcagt not cool. what happened?”

The official NBC Twitter account for “America’s Got Talent” had not responded to Justin’s inquiries by 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

    • NBC was supposed to play a clip of Justin’s music video for ALAYLM during America’s Got Talent and they didn’t.

      • yeah… but why the hell they didnt ?? ughhh …. hate NBC ! We Beliebers are not less than an army ! we gotta hate them in bundle !

  1. damn i was waiting sooooo long for it :( God damned nbc and agt we all hate u…we wish u’ll fail an epically :D

  2. I will never watch NBC again!!!!! I was really dissapointed!!! I really wanna see it but I can’t :((

  3. of course those jerks will regret it :) yes NBC and AGT SUCKKKKKKKK & it’s not even the whole video it’s only 1 minute bitches …. i’m so exited 4 next week i love you justin ;)

  4. I knew something was up when they didn’t mention it in the beginning of the show…. Pretty mad… But I think we all know it’s gonna be great!!! <3

  5. Yea it is! But Belieber’s you all need to CALM down! I know you all love Justin Bieber and I am not a hater at all (note the name) I love him as much as you do but take a chill pill! ALAYLM is gonna be amazing so stop complaining. Justin should be complaining not you! None of your business! He can speak for himself! SWAGGIE!

  6. i was wrouder what happen to it i was like where is the video and i got sad why did they played it i really wnted to see it too

  7. What the heck! This is so messed up! I am never tuning in to that channel EVER again! Justin and his team were so disappointed, not to mention, millions of fans! Thanks a lot NBC…Now you are gonna lose your viewers. But next time, when you say that you are gonna do something, DO IT!!!

  8. i found some of those twits funny and crazy some are threatening a billion dollar company. they don’t do the programing in there tv networks. and do they care about hateful twits no. they are billionaires they don’t care about a bunch of little girls or fangirls.if justin’s people want to show a video or a small portion of the video then show it on mtv or vh1 not a tv network like nbc,cbs,abc or fox or even cable stations.

    • Hey when it aim at his age yes it will have affect on Nbc all I got to say is good luck finding a judge to replace Osborne. did she see the firer on the wall. Who will want to be a Judge now With all this happening. So It maybe the end now of AGT. My Point is you need to tell people you are have a tech issue. You do not see the x factor or the voice contunes the show the tell [eople that their have a issue. You do not wait until the next day to said sorry. It’s make them look like compleate dopes. My newphew is still mad he was exicted for the olympic but now he has nothing to do with NBC he is mad. It will take a while to get him back., He glad the Justin is going to show the clip on his twitter page. I hate to sound Like this He’s always their for his fan. I havn’t heard if he expected the sorry.

  9. Oh Gosh, World War 3 I Knew It. Dun Dun Dunnn I Wonder What NBC is Thinking About This. But Think About It If We Don’t Watch Americas Got Talent All The People Who Wanna Show Their Talent Wouldn’t Be Able To Show Their Talents..On That Show But Then Again..Carry On :P


  10. Most of you beliebers annoy me so much for goodness sake nbc and agt had done a mistake they obviously hadst done it on purpose it was a MISTAKE okay ? and now most of you beliebers are like “oh i hate nbc im never gunna watch it again!” like fo real i don’t think they should be getting that much hate you should be happy they where actually gunna show up the mini preview and be great full,but i guess if justin makes a mistake you’re all like “everybody makes mistakes stop hating” yeah i admit i was looking really forward to it as much as you all was,but it doesn’t mean i should hate on them,for real some of you beliebers need to grow up, nuff said.

    • True…..have you heard about all of those belieber that were sending drake bell death threats because he made a comment about justin bieber on twitter…? That was definately crazy…i do enjoy reading crazy comments though…it interests me…….

    • Then why are you on his fan sight if they annoy you It realy doesn’t make sense to me. I mad because NBC did tell us that night they waiting until the next day. It make people feel used for a rating boast. My point I’m trying to get across is You have to tell people you are having tech issue. You can wait until the next day or sorry we were haviing tech issue. It make them look like a viewer hog. Yes they would of lost viewer but I think justin and his fan wouldn’t have been so mad. Maybe they are planing to make it up to him. It will be the right thing to do.

  11. Should i change my name back to jsha bieber cuz i thought if someone steal my name again then i have to change it again ?

  12. That’s not right. They did it on purpose. They never mentioned the clip in the beginning. They just wanted more views. I hate seeing Justin frustrated. Thanks alot NBC. Now you just lost Bieber & 25 million views! You’re the most hated show on the planet! If you were going to do it, then you should have DONE IT!!!


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