1. I love Justin! But he needs to stop getting more tattoos. 6 is enough. We wouldn’t want him to have his whole arm covered in them because his image might get ruined. I know they mean something to him, but there are other ways to remind him of it than on himself.

      • What particular way does ge remind you of I’ll Wayne…. Sorry bro but that’s a bad comparison ….but I do agree I hope this is his last one for now

  2. Iam so happy its my 16th bday today n 1st time, iam celebratin my bday at JBZ.COM. My this bday is really special for me bcuz i got so many friends here. Love u all .

  3. Its not that bad. I mean i like it but he should stop inking himself now. This is like the 7th or 6th tattoo. I think 7 or 6 is enough. I just dont want him to end up with 3736643673838290191982834647 tattoos. But ill still love him. We love him for his music and thats all that matters.

  4. Happy birthday jsha, I love that tattoo jb, p.s I changed my name, it used to be ignore the hatErs.

  5. Justin ok how many tatoos is that now? Ik ppl r gonna be like I like him cause of his music but… guise let’s be honest we DO judge his image too. I think he needs to stop with the tattoos there are MANY other ways to symbolize all of his tattoos. Because reality is when he’s old and gross all the tattoos r gonna look like a huge blob. To the haters: it’s my opinion, no hate thanks!:)

  6. i think its cool tht he got a new tatoo its his body and he can whatever he wanta to itand i its for selena tht is so cute they are like the best couple but girls dont obsess over jb he dosent like it when u obsess over him

  7. I can see about 10 tattoos total, mayb 15 but any more than that, hmmmm might be a little too much, but I think his tats r sexy

  8. People just calm down he is getting small tatoos not huge ones. He is being responsible by getting small ones so its not going to effect him. Its his body let him do what he wants with it.

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