Justin Bieber & Katy Perry’s Misleading ‘Proactiv’ Ad Banned in UK

The Proactiv ads featuring Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have been banned for being misleading in the UK, reports The Guardian. Watch Justin’s proactiv commercial.

Apparently the product used in the US is different from that in the UK, which raised questions about whether or not this was false advertising.

Read a statement from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA):

“We considered the overall impression of the ads was that the celebrities were continued and regular users of Proactiv and noted the same endorsement claims were included on the U.S. Proactiv website.

“We noted the signed statements, which related to only five of the seven testimonials, said the celebrities had each used the UK formulation of the product for a period of only several weeks, between one and three years before the ads appeared.

“We noted the ads were targeted at a UK audience and that the UK Proactiv products had a different active ingredient to the U.S. version. In that context, we therefore considered the claims of continued use had not been substantiated. We concluded that the ads were misleading. The ads must not appear again in their current form.”

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