Justin Bieber Performing on Sunrise Live in Sydney, Australia

Justin Bieber performing live at Circular Quay for Sydney morning talk show, Sunrise Live in Sydney, Australia. July 18, 2012.

Sunrise gave away 2500 tickets to fans, more than 50,000 people applied for them.

Thirty police officers and more than 30 security guards were called in to keep the crowd under control.

20+ pics inside!

Watch Justin’s interview + performance on Sunrise,

  1. Justin I wish u have fun in Australia and I know that your not gonna come to Brisbane :) it’s ok I can’t see you face to face at least I can see you on TV but one day we will see each other face to face hope so, Justin have fun and enjoy bye :-)

  2. if u want 2 impress justin u have 2 look like beyonce ;) hahhah 2 bad i don’t look like her …..justin looks so gorgeous :)

  3. Pls update jb zone fast and pls dont update all together..nw i have to wait a long time to be updated bout’ JBiebs…we cant live without him right beliebers?!…i love you Justin and love you too beliebers..

    • JBZ will update calm down, bro.
      Anyways, he looks so awesome in that pic. Like a Beliebers like, “Why are you sexy?!” And Justin’s like, “Oh, you know because I’m Justin Bieber! *winks*” Lol.

      P.S Used to be #BieberForever, now name change.

  4. Hi justen I would like to start off with Im sorry when you first started out with usher I kept saying you are only as good as you are because you had usher singing with you . But how ever you have proven time after time that I would not know a thing about singers and know I am one of your biggest fans and I just believer in you and your career I hope the best for you . You are just one of these people that care about other people as much as your self and I just love it so keep on going I love you boy , ps you have proven time after time that you have grown up so much I would be onned to call you a man not a boy .thank once again anthony .

  5. i love you. jeremy my annoying adult that works with me is so annoying he takes the mickey out of me it is so old school and it is so unfair he would not like it if i took the mickey out of his favourite singer or group.

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