Justin Bieber Southeast Asia Press Conference at Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

Justin Bieber’s BELIEVE Southeast Asia press conference, meet and greet at Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

10+ pics inside.

Watch the video! He was being super-nice to fans. :)

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    FİRST :)

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      LOVE U JUSTİN :)

    • JaylaBieber

      You’re not gonna get a prize…

  • proud belieber

    he is always super freakin’ nice to us :D:D <3333

  • Adia

    i love u justin do a free concert in new york

    • palm trees

      XD lol

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    love u justin

  • Adia

    please look at my youtube channel luvmusicqueen

  • Mrs Bieber !

    I looove you justin please follow me on twitter @hafsaa_Xx

  • BiebersGirl18

    Justin u r the sweetest guy EVER!!!!!!!<3 pleeeeeaaassseee come do a free show in Los Angeles!!:)

  • Mrs.Bieber


  • Nicole

    He Is soo sweet to us Fan I love Him SOO Much :) love you Justin <3 you

  • palm trees

    URE SO CUTE JUSTIN btw ill see u in ure concert in october JUSTIN DREW BIEBER ……..JUST DREAM BELIVE :)

  • Biebz4ever!

    OMB!! ur sooooo cute and soooooo sweet!!!!! SWAG!!

  • Alisha

    Oh! Justin, we all beliebers luv u too. And plz come to india, its also in asia. :-)

  • june

    at OMEGA AUCTIONS in London in the UK coming up in september, Justin Beiber,s hair, will be auctioned off , a strand of justin,s hair (authentic) comes with a photo of justin, and a certificate of authenticity the strand of hair comes from Justin Beiber,s head, when his hair was cut recently, and more , so come along and bid for a real strand of hair from these famous celebrities, and people

  • @JarielizBieber

    oh my god !! those girls are lucky !! hehe

  • Najeeha Mokhtar

    Hey it was not held at the sunway hotel, it was at the traders hotel. I went for it!

  • Me

    Justin looks like a Girl

    • belieber

      NO HE DOESN’T!!!!
      HE IS THE BEST!!!!

  • shawty 93

    i was there..i huged him..still remember tht..<3

  • belieber