Justin Bieber Starring in ‘Baywatch’ Movie Remake?

A former “Baywatch” star, Jeremy Jackson, wants Justin to play his character in the big screen remake, reports TMZ.com

Jeremy (31), thinks Justin is the best man for the job and is even willing to train him in the art of lifeguarding for absolutely no cash … all he wants in return is the chance to drive Bieber’s tricked-out “Batmobile” Cadillac on the weekends.

Do you want to see Justin run slow motion down a beach wearing bright, red, swim trunks saving fans from drowning? and sharks? :)

Watch the video if you don’t know what’s BAYWATCH all about!! So sexy!! ;)

    Was it Justin got to drive P. Diddy’s white Lamborghini, getting frozen yoghurt with Sean Kingston or Justin got to drive Sean Kingston’s white Lamborghini, getting frozen yoghurt with P. Diddy? PLEASE ANSWER ME I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.

  2. sinve justin hass a phobia of sharks the director will not put him far or find a beach with no sharks like myrtle beach i think he will be great

  3. Yes of course i wanna see justin run slow motion down a beach wearing bright, red , swim trunks saving fans from drowning and sharks.

  4. Shirtless saving fans from sharks in swimming trunks……ITS ALL FINE WITH ME……I just have to watch the movie and I automatically….. DIE IN HIS DREAMING EYES AND HIS SEXY SIX PACK……AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. i want 2 see him or sure inthe movie :) but there r so many sluts wearing bikinis there :( but we will focus only on justin :)

  6. well its all okay with me. i love 2 see justin shirtless tht soooooo sexy. he is lake guy cuz he is sceard of shark. mabye i watch this movie

  7. He will look soooooooo hot! I just think Justin should do something original not a remake. Besides for how many weekends does Jeremy want to drive Justin’s batmobile? Other than that I agree with you guys.

  8. how would it feel if u hung out with me n my friends at my school called shelby county in shelbyville ky b/c me n my friends r very bored n want to b at least poppular for at least a few <3 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u could

  9. Oh man I want to see Justin without a shirt!!! He is like, the God of Sexyness. I wanna see him in that movie, TAKE THE JOB JUSTIN. <3

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