Justin Bieber Sued $9 Million for Damaging Woman’s Ears

Oregon woman claims she was hit with a “sound blast” at one of Justin’s concerts that left her with permanent ear damage, reports TMZ.com

According to the suit, Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to see Justin’s concert in Portland, Oregon on July 14, 2010.

Betts claims it was incredibly loud inside the arena … but Bieber made it MUCH MUCH WORSE when he climbed into a “heart-shaped aluminum/steel gondola” which was pulled out into the crowd. Watch video!

In the suit, Betts claims Justin Bieber “created a wave like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena. Then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion.”

Betts says the gondola acted as a “sound conductor creating a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears.”

As a result, Betts claims she now suffers from tinnitus … which causes a constant pulsing, whooshing shound that makes it hard to sleep. She also complains of other hearing-related damage.

She’s suing Bieber — along with Bieb’s record label, the concert promoter and the arena — and demanding $9.23 million in damages.


  2. That was in 2010 and now she’s coming out!! Seriously?? If her daughter was a true BELIEBER then she wouldn’t let her mom do this to Justin! And if they do get the money I bet that the mom will take her daughter to another concert of his and try sueing him again for no reason!! Ugh people r so stupid!

    • Nah. The next time, she’s going to claim Justin hit her car and she’s suffering from a severe brain injury. -_-’

      • She can try!! And anyways, this girl isn’t gonna win, Justin will and he won’t hav to pay anything bcuz he didn’t do anything to this stupid lady!

  3. oh my just taking advantage of his money. you’re in a concert what do you think is suppose to happen. everyone sing nice hyms, remember this ain’t church woman!

  4. And she’s just now bitching about this. It’s a concert it supposed to be loud.. she could have just left.

  5. And also I think she has done this for money……..she’s mad……………………NOT JUSTIN’s fault………

  6. Thats sooo stupid !! Its the ladys fault for going to the concert what do you expect its a cOncet its suppose to be loud!! She shouldnt be sueing justin bIeber bc she gOt ear damage!!! Thats not justin biebers fault !!! She should of gotten ear pluggs!! Thats just not right!! I think justin bieber should do something about this fight for it!! Bc it wasnt his fault!!

  7. seriously? its a freakin concert of cause there is going to screaming fan so really its not Justin biebers fault its hers and she could of brought ear plugs

  8. Wtf !! its a stupid reason for sue my jb. That was happened in 2010, now after two years later, it just ridiculous. Its not his fault.

  9. when can i see you?!! you just came to wangsa walk here in malaysia and go shopping with selena gomez!! and my place is near there!! why i am so unlucky!!

  10. Welcome to concerts hun. There gonna be loud. Get used to it. This is the stupidest story I had ever read about. Poor Justin, it wasn’t his fault..): not right….

  11. This is so stupid. Sue justin 9 million dollars cause he’s concert was to loud? um.. everyone of his concerts are loud and i dont see other complaining. That is just wrong and stupid to do this kinda stuff. Justin does not deserve this.

  12. No guys that is really bad like I would hate to be her I don’t know what I would do if I could hear and I could listen to Justin Bieber anymore, its bad but I don’t think its justin fault

  13. omg wtf carn’t believe it doesn’t she a concerts loud gosh and she must be a belieber if she was at the concert so why wuld u do tht to justin, if you like him!!!!!
    just stupid

    love justin #bileberforever xx

  14. Wow? Seriously. Its not her fault, she shouldnt of went to the concert everyone knows concerts are LOUD cause of all the supporting fans. He shoundlt be sued because she went to the concert herself and paid to go its not like she was not expecting this.. Get over it old lady! Obviously she dosent know how loud us beliebers can get. B-I-T-C-H!

  15. What. She might win (i pray she won’t). I mean look at the lady who sued Mcdonalds for the hot coffee. I mean this lady is a ganosh

  16. i know this may sound like im defending justin because im a belieber but women its not justins fault the girls were screaming they love him and im sure your daughter was screaming to so it was probalyher fault and 9 million dollars are you serious dont you think thats to much
    we all know you just want the money
    oh and

  17. i wouldn’t say that she’s stupid or a “bitch”. I don’t know what the law is, but she has the right to sue him. You can’t say that that’s what she gets for going to a concert. If someone was trampled to death in a concert, does that mean they can’t sue?

    But she should’ve expected things like loud noise and such in a CONCERT.

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