Justin Bieber Teams Up with Michael Madsen for Short Film “As Long As You Love Me”

Justin Bieber is getting ready to release his epic new music video for “As Long As You Love Me.”

The music video #ALAYLM — actually, it’s more of a short film. He tweeted that the video will not only feature Big Sean but also actor Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs”). 

On Monday, Justin tweeted that he would release a teaser on Wednesday ahead of the video’s premiere, which is slated for Friday or Monday. And that’s when he also dropped that little bit of casting news.

He asked beliebers:

“Should we show a minute snip of #ALAYLM short film on America’s got talent this wed then release the video friday or next monday? should we?”

“And yes Michael Madsen is in the #AsLongAsYouLoveMe short film.”

Are you excited?

  1. R u kidding me!!!! Justin bieber is sooooo stupid. How can u actually like him? Omg he is such a loser. Open up ur minds people!!!!!!

    • If you don’t like JustinBieber why did you go to this website? :P Haha. Make sure your right before you say those words! So what if u hate him, we Beliebers are not forcing you to love Justin so don’t talk like that! Actually he’s not that stupid! Of course all of us aren’t perfect,sometimes were also wrong but were not stupid!

  2. Dont you guys realize that the girl we heard about in the previous couple of articles that is in the video is going to be a part of something huge!?
    This is the biginning of something really exciting……the start of justins acting career. No other love interest in any of justins videos has experienced this. This is a short film! I heard that he is going to be bloody in the video…Justin probably ends up going through hell in the video…..and in the end it would be ok. They would both be fine dispite their troubles….. # as long as you love me…..! :D yay!!! ;)

  3. On Justin’s twitter he announced that tomorrow Wednesday july 25 he will release the first minute of the video on America’s Got Talent!!!!!! An the whole thing will be released on Friday or Monday:)!!! #CANTWAIT

  4. No preview was shown on agt. Soooo….now justin is frusturated and michael is pissed! Check justins twitter if you like…now we have to wait for the video to come out either on friday or monday….just to let you know…..it wasnt a prank at all….

  5. Yay! I already watched the sneek peek of ALAYLM it’s great! :D I’m so excited to watch the full music video of ALAYLM.. I’m sure that music video will be wonderful & successful :”>

  6. i cant wait until i see his video he should get wet in it that would be soooo SEXY!!!!! well he is already that he dont need water! LOL!!

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