Justin Bieber’s European BELIEVE Tour Dates 2013!!

New dates have been added!!

FEBRUARY 19, 2013 Manchester, UK – @Arena
FEBRUARY 23, 2013 – Sheffield, UK – @Motorpoint
FEBRUARY 24, 2013 – Liverpool, UK – @Echo
FEBRUARY 27, 2013 – Birmingham, UK – @NIA
MARCH 02, 2013 – Nottingham, UK – @ARena
MARCH 04, 2013 – London, UK – @The 02
MARCH 11, 2013 – Lisbon, PT – @Atlantico
MARCH 14, 2013 – Bilbao, ES – @BEC
MARCH 16, 2013 – Barcelona, ES – @Palau St Jordi
MARCH 19, 2013 – Paris, FR – @Bercy
MARCH 22, 2013 – Zurich, CH – @Hallenstadion
MARCH 23, 2013 – Bologna, IT – @Unipol Arena
MARCH 25, 2013 – Lyon, FR – @Halle Tony Garnier
MARCH 26, 2013 – Stuttgart, DE – @Schleyerhalle
MARCH 28, 2013 – Munich, DE – @Olympiahalle
MARCH 30, 2013 – Vienna, AT – @Stadthalle
MARCH 31, 2013 – Berlin, DE -@02
APRIL 02, 2013 – Hamburg, DE – @02
APRIL 03, 2013 – Frankfurt, DE – @Festhalle
APRIL 05, 2013 – Dortmund, DE – @Westfallen
APRIL 06, 2013 – Cologne, DE – @Lanxess
APRIL 08, 2013 – Strasbourg, FR – @Zenith
APRIL 10, 2013 – Antwerp, BE – @Sportpaleis
APRIL 13, 2013 – Arnhem, NL – @Gelredome
APRIL 16, 2013 – Oslo, NO – @Telenor
APRIL 20, 2013 – Copenhagen, DK – @Parken
APRIL 22, 2013 – Stockholm, SE – @Globe

Full dates here!


    firstt!!!!!!! woooohooooooooooo

    • enescu adrian

      how to get to a show with justin bieber i would like very much please help me

    • LeeCee

      n*gga plsssss, your not. Ireland is 17th&18th of February bro! I HAVE TICKETS, WANNA SEE UM? Yeah, yeah, thought so. IRELAND IS FIRST OF THE EUROPEAN TOUR! ALL HAIL LEPRACHAUNS.

    • Jessica

      I luv justin bieber I hope he comes to winnipeg who has a best friend at school I do I’m 15 if don’t have one I know this wont but some people are lucky try to make justin your friend which prob won’t happend

  • olivia ellis


    • LeeCee

      n*gga plsssss, your not 2nd. Ireland is first and second! 17th&18th of February bro. Kaibye.

  • Liona

    I ask where is Poland ?!?

    • Hania

      Really good questin!! 25th MARCH!!! <333

  • jsha

    Jb :) plzzzzz come to india . Iam ur biggest fan wiating 4 u. :-D love u cutypie.

    • Ignore the haters

      Wow! U guys really comment fast, I mean, before when i went to the post I saw zero comments, while I wa typing my comment I saw one comment, by the time I finished my comment, I saw four comments. I honestly thought I was second, and btw, why did they remove the likes and dislike button.

      • jsha

        Lolll :-D . Yaaa really fast .

    • Poushali

      @jsha I think I’m the biggest INDIAN BELIEBER. And NO DOUBT about it!

    • Farhan Alam

      Jsha you are right
      Justin Bieber Plz Coming in India,I’am biggest Fan JB REALLY!

    • FarhanAlam

      Jsha you are right
      Justin Bieber Plz Coming in India,I’am biggest Fan JB REALLY!

  • Ignore the hatErs

    2nd nice Justin, I love u. #rockbelieve

  • Anja

    OMG !! See you in Norway AGAIN Justin :D

  • Mahendra Sharma

    justin u rock dude…. i just want to ask u is when are u going to come to india

  • briana

    oh myy i live in toronto canada i wish he cam ethere :(

    • Justin Bieber

      He is! Click see full dates and find it he is going on December 01st 2012¬¬¬!!!!

      • briana

        oook thcxs :)

      • briana

        im december 1st omg thxs justin imma tell my mom and justin if u touch my hand i will never wash it :)))) thts how much i love u and oo how much r the tickets at the rogers center on december 1st plzzzz and how can i purchase them …………. thxs jb i love u u osooo much

      • ilovejustinbieber

        omg justin my mom siad i cant go cuase of my grades but my grades areent bad she just wants A’S thts my dream come true if i go i rlly want i meet u before the day i die :((

      • Jodie

        are u coming to South Africa ? (please do)! :)

      • jona

        plz can someone send me an address where can i buy online the justin bieber ticket for the concert in deutschland in 3 aprill 2013?thanks alot

  • sabine

    OMGGGG APRIL 13!!!! :D

  • Lene Flataker

    He’s going to have TWO concerts in Oslo! 16th and 17th :)

  • xxelliexx

    OMG SOOOOO HAPPY :D hpefully getting my tickets to see him on the 27th feb tonight <3

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey what-up guys, I just wanna say I am so happy you are all so excited about Believe! I am too! I love you all and hope to see you there and talk to you soon!
    Justin p.s I am so sorry I don’t go to go on often! I go on like once every 2 months and I love you all!
    #Never Say Never!

    • ilovejb

      omg justin we love you too and never say never

    • Justin’s Fan #1

      Hi! Will you come to Iceland ? Youu have lots of fans there
      But if not i will come to Sweden but it cost sooooooooooo much i hate it :( :( I wanna so much come to your believe tour when my mom said “No,We don’t have that much money to buy tickets to Sweden and back to Iceland and buy tickets on the concert” I cry I really cry because my biggest dream is to see you :'(
      #Never Say Never! :'(

      • Justin’s Fan #1

        And I Love You Too <3 <3 Much in the world i don't know where i will be without you :')

    • zahraa moosa

      Hey Justin just want to let you know that i really appreciate you coming back to SA i have met you before in Cape Town and you told me that you wuld come back to visit… so thank you for coming back and i will be at your concert as well hoping to get a few more pics… cant wait to see you again, this time live and on stage….

      • vita

        i cant go 2 his conserts bekos i live in new zealand (it is a country most people including justin bieber havnt heard of)

    • amy barnhoorn

      Hey Justin, i am your BIGGEST FAN.

      omg i cant belive you are coming to south Africa!!!
      I love you so much

      LOVE AMY

    • amy barnhoorn


  • Saloni

    When did you come to India ? Plzzz come, there were so many fans waiting 4 u

    • Justin Bieber

      I try to go every where and I am so sorry to disappoint you! I will go on my 2013-2014 tour! I love all those Belieber’s out there!

      #Never Say Never!

  • -SwaggieQueen-

    Don’t worry Beliebers! More dates will be added:)

  • Belieber4Lifee

    Yay! Justin is coming to the UK <3 <3 <3

    • Rehma Tanwear

      But when will he come 2 Glasgow?

  • Monika

    Justin I love u. I am from Slovakia and I go to Vienna!!! I am very very very happy I do not know what I say. People: Never say never!!!!

  • Olivia Bieber

    yessssssss cant wait til 24th february defo gettin tickets

  • Irish Belieber

    Where’s Ireland? D:

  • Nadine

    i`m really Shocked… they want 200 Euro for a ticket here in Germany :( No way :( Disapointed

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • JB_Back2Ireland

    is it true that Dublin (Ireland) is on the 28th of april?? or are these the full dates? :(

  • Julieta Mongolia

    what about South America ECUADORR needds BELIEVE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paaadii&Cris

    Ecuadoorr need believe tourrrrr pleasee justin we love you soo muchh!

  • Ginii y roxyy

    wee need believe south america tourrrr NOWWWW why are we always the last one??!

  • Elle

    HE IS COMING TO DENMARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! :’D

  • jsha

    Jb When will u come to india???? :)

  • Justin Bieber lover

    Anyone who knows if the bieberfever fan club is a worldwide club? Will beliebers in Norway get first access to tickets and VIP for the believe concert in Norway? Please awnser !

  • Starla Anderson

    Hey Justin and I’m sorry that I can’t make it to your concert and I really wanted to go really bad and I love you so much

  • mia

    im going to one.i love u. from ur # 1 belieber

  • AdelisaBeiber!

    Hey, Justin! Are you coming to Sweden on 22 april 2013, to Stockholm at the Globe? :)
    I’am a beliver, i love you! ♥

    # Never Say Never! ♥

    • Justin Bieber

      it is belieber and you don’t even spell beliver like that! You are obviously like 5 years old!!

      • Milla

        I Justin I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you coming to Melbourne Australia? How old are you?