Justin Bieber’s Kissing Scene on “As Long As You Love Me”

Justin Bieber making out with a cute girl while filming his new music video “ALAYLM” in downtown LA. Photo: X17online

30+ Pictures inside!

30+ Pictures inside!

      • i do hope that selena gomez , does brake up with justin bieber just by early next year 2013 she can do way better than justin bieber my self , love david conway

    • Relax guys! It’s just acting, jeez u guys behave like if the world Is ending, wait until he starts playing roles In movies, ur gonna see way more kissing,with a lot more compassion. It’s just acting.

      • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway i just what to apologzine just for my bad behavoir lately on the on,line internet web site,s and and many more web site,s as well , and just about justin and selena gomez ,as well and to walt disney production company i just feel bad to and to the disney infonet web site , just do,nt hate me to long please please put me back on , internet please , love david b conway

    • Selena wasn’t even flirting with Alfredo. He has a wife and a baby. They’re like bro and sis and this for a music vid don’t get pissed

  1. Who is this girl i can’t believe that Justin Bieber is did that mistake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can someone say Jealous???
    Cuz that’s what I am! :P
    I’d rather him kiss her than see him kissing Selena lol when I see that it breaks my heart.. When I see this I’m like OOH JUSTIN! GO BOY! I have no idea why, it’s just a different feeling than when I see him and Selena

  3. i know what you mean its coz he is dating selena… whe ni see pictures or him about them to i get upset, but if he is happy we are happy!!!!,cant help who we fall in love with can wem justin is in love with selena, i dont like her but am happy for them heheh,am just surporting my idol!! ILOVEYOUJUSTINBIEBER!<3

  4. they had to pay her to be in the video right? do u guys think they know that there is 24.ooo.ooo girls out there that would do it for free? xD

  5. why justin why you do the the girl is not your gf and i know the if you love so much selena gomez you no need to kiss othr girl ok bye i <3 you jb you ares o hot i ok
    i know the im not like selena gomez put you not need to kiss other girl na di what to kiss me ok like the gril in miami florida ok i love you jb

    • well yeah ik that but still he doesnt have 2 do tht cuz thts not selena gomez but thts hes job kizz a othr girl u get wat i mean yeah he has 2 he needs money nd even tho hes rich

    • I’m saying!! He isn’t doing this out of randomness..if people would read the FINE print they would see it’s for a music video shoot.

  6. this is so hot!
    the girl is hot too
    and i dont get jealous when he’s with random girls ;)
    it kinda makes me wish we got to see the kiss in Baby! we just had the picture with jasmine!

  7. I hope Selena’s ok with this I herd there already treading on thin ice I’d hate for things to get worse and for them to break up! Selena makes him so happy and wen he’s happy I’m happy!

  8. I dnt like seeing this at all, I mean he has a girlfriend I dnt think he should be kissing other girls, even if it is just for a music video, I’m sure Selena doesn’t enjoy watching things like this… I know I don’t! But I still luv u Justin and I always will but just be careful.

    • Oh and you think that justin would be happy if he saw her with alfredo ?
      Oh hell no she must give him some S.P.A.C.E even thou i hate selena

    • Well Selena is an actress and I know she’ll definitely kiss a hell of a lot of guys in her career. If she can kiss other guys, he can kiss other girls. Plus he is obviously smitten with her, he wouldn’t ever cheat on her
      Mimi xx

    • @Biebers Girl18 Bro Chill out Ok It’s called ACTING for God sakes He wouldn’t do that in Reality So CHILL And have some Fate in him.

    • Just calm down! It is his job! He is so good looking so Selena has to understand if she wants to support her boyfriend she needs to respect the fact he has to do it! Selena has kissed many boys in Wizards Of Waverly Place when she was dating Justin at the same time! Leave them alone! You have to understand too! If you say that he would never pick you! Stop getting involved in his love life OK it is fine to get involved with when he is almost going to jail! But who he kisses, when and where is not much of your business! You have seen mistletoe and baby and one time! So what is wrong with this!
      I still love YOU Justin though ;)

  9. the girl’s kind of up on him lol
    anywayss..you guys know believe isn’t doing THAT great sales wise right? so i remind you to do at least a bit of requesting. anywhere. on radio disney, openhouseparty, hot denver radio, w/e. do it for justin

    • He almost always kisses girls in his music videos so I’m pretty sure she won’t give two flying f/cks about it.

      • @Jayla Bieber Ikr These Girls need to give him some Space I Love Justin a lot But really they need to accept the fact it’s called ACTING.

  10. Zoom on this pics they are not kissing its look like that, this girl’s thumb is there they just act like this for this video. Even their lips weren’t touching. And in those 30 other pics there were selena was present he was not doing this at least in the front of his real life gf. But ZOOM this pic, they are not kissing each other.

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