Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Photoshoot 2012, Video!

Justin Bieber met up with photographer Mark Seliger in Malibu to shoot his new Rolling Stone cover, on newsstands Friday, July 20th. In this behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, Justin enjoys the California sun and goofs around with Seliger.

It’s Bieber’s second time on the cover of Rolling Stone – he first graced the cover in 2011.

Watch the video shoot,

  • Justin Bieber

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    • IHeartJerry

      and my mom’s name is jerry

    • gabby

      wow justin bieber wouldn’t say First!!!

      • @BieberChick

        No he wouldn’t.

  • Belieber

    your not the real Justin Bieber

    • @BieberChick

      Nope.they rnt.

  • sastika belieber forever and ever

    Ow justin I Love u so much. Plz come to Nepal. its a beautiful place. u’d lyk the place wid highest peak Mt Everest.love you foreva…..

  • JaylaBieber

    Died at 0:26. *_*

  • Harris Toyles


    When will we see the actual photos?

  • Alisha

    Soo cute. Oh god! I wanna meet him. Luv ya justin.

  • Alisha

    Soo cute. Oh god! I wanna meet him. Luv ya justin. :-)

  • Jsha bieber

    Justin plz come to india we all indian beliebers waitin for u .

  • essie j

    i was dreaming at 0:42 the melody so cute ;)

  • #1bieberfan

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  • Mace

    Not July 20th yet…

  • amyyusrina


  • kaymay

    wow idc if im the first or last person as long i can keep up with justin and try to support him in every step of the way

  • proud belieber

    oh my goooooooooooooosh :O he’s so hottttttttttt :'(

  • Bear

    Lol haha Justin Bieber come visit Heilbron…its a cool place:) with lot of things..n itz very big

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Sexyyy! I was about to choke on my chocolate bar on 0:26! I was like, “Oh My Sexy Bieber!(OMSB)” He’s just a hottie! I personally think no other celebrity can be has hot, or as big as him. But, that’s my opinion, so seriously don’t be babies and start hating on me. Bleh X(

      P.S I used to be #BieberForever, but name change. :)

  • Love Katie 14


  • bleep

    i love u justin bieber!! ure so funn. and hot and talented with playing that guitar. cute.

  • Paola

    Is the magazine already out because i wanna get it

  • ambra

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  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

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  • Jennifer

    Omg he is so hot can’t wait to see him in concert so happy:)


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