Video! Justin & Selena Leaving Birthday Dinner Celebrations

Justin and Selena leaving Il Cielo restaurant in Beverly Hills after celebrating Selena’s 20th birthday, July 22. Watch the video!

  • belieber till death

    first… :) i love u justin !!!

    • bieber beauty


    • tabitha.morales

      WHATEVER Hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zoia


    • JB lover


  • Mrs.Bieber

    they look so cute together

    • Raven

      Got 2 be kidding me

      • belieber 4 ever

        Were just stating our opinion

      • haylie

        Ok look not trying to be rude but selena need to back off i mean she think she got it all just cuz she popular but she probably. Like so many other guys other than Justin bieber and i mean yes she’s pretty but she can be a cheater just like everybody else

  • Jeanne belieber

    we support jele forever…….we love u jelena…….:-)

    • tammy

      i love sex

      • Juliet

        Who Doesn’t cx

    • tammy

      bute headeartzdcrtfivgyboh

  • Algebra sucks

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the subject but this mentally handicapped girl just literally barged into my house wearing nothing but underwear and a tshirt she can barely talk, my parents just called the police and she is seriously freaking me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways I hope u had fun Selena.

    • jbbbbbb

      wow wtf strange

    • anakonda

      sounds like “egg“ from malcolm in the middle :)

    • belieber 4 ever

      OMG that’s freaky

  • Sally

    Poor Justin.. :( He is probably suffocating from all that fat from Selena! :(

    • Ally

      Selena is not fat

      • Sally

        Ok……… She’s chubby

      • Reah

        Selena has gained some weight.

      • Juliet

        That B*tch Is Huge cx

      • belieber

        juliet ur huge

    • Georgia

      seriously guys…who cares if shes fat, chubby, or gained some weight…she is beatuful the way she is… u type of people make people become an anorexic and bulimic, so stfu!!

      • jbbbbbb

        stfu up selena just has chubby checks to hating because you want her man and her VERY SKINNY figuree

      • jbbbbbb

        and also she is a 20 year old women with that body you should be jealous’

      • Sugar Cookie

        i agree with Georgia!

      • Juliet

        Your Triping Girl…You Must Be Blind She Is Ugly a’f sooo You Stfu

      • haylie

        Ok look not trying to be rude but selena need to back off i mean she think she got it all just cuz she popular but she probably. Like so many other guys other than Justin bieber and i mean yes she’s pretty but she can be a cheater just like everybody else

    • KayyBieber

      LOOOOOOOL thats rude! And very untrue. jealous much?? Cant believe she is 20! its weird that she is actually a woman now

      • Georgia

        size, and age dosent matter..when u r in love u r in love…u should be happy that justin isn’t dating a 30 year old

    • jaja

      she was just passing over his lap to get to the other seat. if she went around papparazzi culd have knocked her over or somethin.

      • Kyndle Bieber

        OK. Shut up u guys!!! I mean can’t u just be their fans? I mean their fans are happy for them!! But apparently you’re not. Can u please just stop hating on them for 5 seconds. People like you guys get on my nerves.

      • Likethemboth

        So true and justin probably like it that’s why he didn’t just scoot over

    • Mckenna

      Shut up!

      • tabitha.morales

        hey she’s right piece of trash

    • Mckayla

      sally….. you are just jealous. she is extremely beautiful just the way she is. . not everyones skinny. its not their fault. your not miss perfect.

      • Raven

        Selena is not beauty

    • Raven

      Lol dat is so funny still lol <3

    • belieber 4 ever

      She’s not fat

  • sastika loves jelena

    Justin and Selena are made for each other. Love u both.

    • Chanel

      Yes they are. So cute and a loving couple ever. Hope they last a lifetime.

    • Chanel

      Yes, they are. Justin and Selena are meant for each other. Justin and Selena are so perfect for eAch other. Selena is the most romantic GF ever. Justin and Selena. Are so good together.

      • Raven

        Justin is perfect I don’t know about selena

    • belieber 4 ever

      True, cute couple

  • Dess

    she’s always hiding her face from the camera so sad:(

    • Ally

      I know Right!

    • To all the haters Stfu

      Because te flash are probably to bright

      • kaila bieber

        she don’t like the lights :)

      • anakonda

        haha yeah she don’t like the lights – my fav song!

  • Its pinche Rosalina

    I feel super sorry for justin knowing he just got crushed by miss piggie dressed as miley cyrus! Selena is ruining mileys dress! She making it bigger with her fat ass body! I dont think her parents should have named her after Selena Quintanilla Perez! She will never be as good as her! Selena is a mexican living legend and slutena aint shit! They should have gaven her the name “Slutena” cause she is a slut! The olny person closest to Selena is Jennifef Lopez. Jennifer is better than slutena! They even tried to find the new Selena and slutena came in and had her sing! Her REAL voice will never be as good as Selena! Its auto tuned selenas isnt!

    • Its pinche Rosalina

      Slutena makes my second place latina singer look bad! With her name and how she sings! Ugh just ugh!!

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      Rosalina’s Words of Wisdom!!

      She does make poor Selena Quintanilla Perez look bad! She dont deserve the name Selena! Nd ikr she looks like miss piggy in mileys dress. She prob got her clothes from Mileys Closet, Miss. Piggys Closet, nd Taylor Swifts Closet Mall! She ruins their clothes! Even miss piggy in person is skinnier than her!

      • jsha bieber

        Hahaha i like ur comment.

      • Jsha bieber


    • Hfx
      • nicole

        please stfu and get away. you are really rude. she might not be the best singer but she tries. do you know how hard it is to go in a studio and write a song and then be critisized by it? It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world. Her parents named her what they wanted to name her. ‘Slutlena’? come on, now. what she had with Taylor and Nick was like a highschool thing. what she has with Justin is young love, and you can see it. You are a really cruel person. She’s trying her hardest to make songs, act, have a person life etc., but then there’s people like you who just destroys it all and make her upset. and then when you look at it all…. who has million of dollars and millions of fans? whose living out their dream? She is. She’s not ‘slutlena’ in any way. because she dated two people who were very known at the time? What you’re doing is cyberbullying. if someone did that to you its the end of the world. If you did it to a celeb its ok. get over yourself. people can say ‘well she’s a millionare she needs to grow up.’ no. it doesn’t matter. she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong, and she’s not. It doesn’t matter if she is a millionaire, or a regular young adult. What you say hurts. think before you type. now, thanks for wasting your time typing about selena. But, your opinion is not needed. thank you, goodbye.

    • Mckayla

      You are horrible. You don’t know how much she tries to be good because all of the haters. Selena is only 20, Jennifer is like 491/2. Big differance. You just want her man and her skinny body. Selena you are beautiful. No one should be able to break you down. Be strong.

    • belieber 4 ever

      STFU! Selena is not fat and her parents named her after Selena Quintanilla, they shouldn’t name her Slutena. If you liked Justin you would have respect for Selena cause she’s appart of his family etc. GTFO of here.. U are seriously not wanted here. Slut!

    • tabitha.morales

      selena gomez is hot she awesome

      • Amelia

        Justin and Selena is nice because they are a good couple together
        By Amelia love you jb and sg

    • Bieber Gymnast

      I agree with Rosalina, Selena is such a fatass, i feel so sorry for Justin, being crushed by her fatass. I threw a party when I figured out that they were over. I was like ” Yes! She is finally off of him! Everywhere they go, there she is! And it’s just so overwhelming!” Selena needs to go wrap her ass around somebody else.

      • Lynaza

        You know what… i am sick of hearing people say such horriable things about selena. Selena is such a great person and very talented, shes very lucky to have a guy like justin. Let the girl live her life and dreams. All u haters are just jelous cuz justin is with selena. All u haters break justin down and make him feel bad and think to him self why dose his own fans do that. if ur a true fan u would support justin no matter what. and if u never liked selena any way ok then dont, just dont say it or type it. I have a crush on justin and i bet a lot of u do but do i go around and say bad things about justins girlfriend, NO, i am there for justin even if he dose have a girlfriend. PS….. all u haters out there are wasting time out ur day to go on sites and hate.

  • TrueBelieber56

    umm i guess justin likes it from the behind? LOL jk.but LOVE u justin & selena.u guys r cute & meant 4 each other. :)

  • Semi lovable bieliber

    Made for each other jelena rocks ;-);-);-)

    • chanel

      yes. they do. they are the most cutest couple ever. they are the most sweetest couple ever.

  • taleisha

    Daaaaamnnn. What the hell ? Ya’ll is some Major Dumbass Haters. . Forreal Doeee. YA’ll don’t make any sense. Chomies Selena’s not a slut and shes not fat. Ya’ll Need too get ya’ll eyes checked and look cause all i see is a average 20 year old beautiful girl living her life with justin . Loveeee Jelena and Belieber Foreverr. I’ma Lover Not a Fighter.

    • ??????

      even though you h8ers eyes r chunkie you culd still see. stop acting like u blind> lol i got that from leroy on youtube.

      • diandra

        hey sexy i an alexa i am 16 and single and ready to mingle ok so calll me not now so tha stupit people dont call by by hehe ans selena i stupid and not pretty but i am all the people that is reading is stupid exept justin bieber byu by he he

  • alice

    nice but…..

    • taleisha

      But ?

      • jsha bieber

        But…….. wtf**k she doin ?

      • belieber 4 ever

        @Jsha. She’s crossing over Justin to get on the other side.

  • Alisha

    Eww! whats wrong with her, its looks so stupid, why she always try to hide her self from cameras?

    • jsha bieber

      Bcuz she is fake n ugly she knows it, thats why she hides her self from media. ;)

      • nicole

        she is not fake nor ugly. let’s see your face, please. it erks me to no end when people like you thinks its okay to say that about ANYONE. she is NOT ugly. and you know she’s not, you’re just trying to make yourself feel better. please show me your face, so I can compare. I bet you have NO room to talk. keep rude comments to yourself, because they really do hurt people you’re a cyber bully. And that is against the law.

      • belieber 4 ever

        She’s not fake and ugly

      • Bieber Gymnast

        Jsha shes not fake and ugly. She’s a slut, she’s a bitch, she’s a fatass, and I guess u could throw fake and ugly in there too. And she’s a Miley cyrus wannabe. She will never be as great as miley Cyrus!

  • jsha bieber

    What the hell she doin ?

    • To all the haters Stfu

      Didn’t I just the haters to stfu

      • To all the haters Stfu

        Tell the haters to stfu

  • jsha bieber

    She is the worst singer in the world . A little 5years old girl can sing way better :) than her . I hate her wizard of waverly place becuz she always did overacting in it . STFU

    • nicole

      haha no. PLEASE GO AWAY. it makes me laugh how your last name is Bieber, like you’re actually going to marry him. if she was such a bad actor she would not have made loads of cash every epioside. If she was a bad actor can you explain to me why she got paid loads of money? Why she hae millions of fans? She’s not the worst singer. Your exggerating, and I’m not liking it. It is very rare to see a five year old sing better than an adult. Please show me the five year old. thank you and goodbye. stop hating on selena, because you’ll never be her, never look like her, never have millions, or never marry bieber. :)

    • belieber 4 ever

      Shut you! Why do you always have to put down Selena in every comment? That’s rude and you shouldn’t do that

  • jsha bieber

    Follow me on twitter @jshabieber for a follow back.

  • Kia Biebz

    People says Selly hide her face from camera..from my point of view..she isn’t’s her hair..she didn’t tie her hair so it’s falling over her face.. :) Jelena<3

  • JaylaBieber

    I swear the people running JBZ just want to see a good fight every now and then. This isn’t even news. Neither was them going to dinner.

  • Desss


  • samara

    I dont hate selena but im not a fan of hers ethier. But guys u shouldnt be talking about her like that, some of things u guys are saying are really hurtful. U wouldnt like it if someone called u a slut or fat or ugly. I think selena is a very beautiful girl. Im not really into her music that much but she is pretty talented. But i will say this she can act better than she can sing lol thats just my opinion:)

    • ??????

      i agree samara. i aint a fan and i aint a h8er either i just like some of her songs and i dont think they should be saying such things about her they r not nice.

  • zhanise

    i hatee selena

  • rakaroll

    did anyone notice that when the car leaves, selena is lying on Justin? :D

    • samara


    • LENA

      yeah so

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    super super cute

  • Keke

    Shes sitting on Jerry!

  • @JarielizBieber


  • Jelenasupporter
  • kathy

    Haters need to be quiet And stop wasting ur time if u dont like selena then stop talking about her u Guys are just hating because u think juston will be yours if they break up but he wont i love jelena oh And rosalina shut up And get a life so haters get a life And stop revolving around hers Thx!!!!!!!

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Haters gunna hate, dumba**.

  • BelieveNJB

    On what planet is Selena fat???? Like seriously she is very healthy looking . How can some of yall compare her to Miley Cyrus they are extremely two different kind of people . Like serious stop the HATE!!!!!!!!

  • Ninja Girl

    Lol. It’s not Selena’s fault that she had to look away from the paparazzi. Maybe she thinks it flashes too much in her eyes.. and how is it that she’s fat?? She’s a normal weight. And, I love her pink highlights!!!